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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Powell & Mary ?

656. John Powell & 657. Mary ? {… VA}

~1644, John born in Wales, England. [Possibly s/o Nathaniel, and probably related to the other Powell families in VA – but the relationship is ill-defined. The main supporting evidence is proximity of family lands and legal transactions involving common sets of persons.]
11/14/1656, John was released from all debts by Maj John Hallowes, Essex Co, VA. [He was probably a bond servant.]
1668, John married Mary in Occupacia District, Old Rappahannock Co, VA. [Mary is sometimes identified as the sister of John’s 2nd wife Margarett – but this has been proven to be false through multiple deed records.]
John appears to have been a “cooper”.
1/5/1669, John mentioned in a deed of Rappahanock Co. (S) The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, P803.
5/11/1676, at 33 yrs of age, John was a witness to Thomas Pannell’s will.
11/23/1676, John witnessed Rice Jones’ will; and was named in the will as a Christian servant.
1685, Mary known to be living.
1689, Mary died.
1691, John married 2nd Margaret Coghill; d/o James.
11/14/1691, .. being the one half moiety of a certain tract of land taken up by James Coghill and Pattented by him, the said Coghill, in the year 1667, which sd Land was by the sd Coghill in his last Will and Testament bequeathed unto his two Daughters, Margaret and Mary; Now Know yee that we the said Jno: & Margaret, ye daughter of the sd James Coghill have hereby sold and assigned …
John married 3rd Jane Lucas.
1698, John died in Essex Co. [Jane married Thomas B. Burnett who was co-administrator of John’s estate. They managed the estate for some years.]

Children of John and Mary:

i. Robert Powell ( 328), born 1669 in VA.

ii. Henry Powell, born 1674 in VA.
1697, Henry was a witness in Essex Co.
Henry married Mary ?.
1735, Henry and his wife Mary lived in Caroline Co., VA.
Aft. 1740, Henry died.

iii. Elias Powell, born 1676 in VA.
Elias married Mary ?.
1736, Elias died in King George Co, VA.
Mary married 2nd William Butler.

iv. James Powell, born 1680 in VA.
James never married.

v. John Powell, born 1686 in VA.
John married Judith ?. [This John is often confused with others of the same name.]
6/16/1728, Thomas Burnett of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co.,& wife, Jane, sold 500 acres of the 1372 acres of John Powell’s land in Occupacia-Piscataway area; John Powell, Jr a witness.
1780, John died.
Elias Powell, Sr, born ?.
[He journied with his cousin Ambrose Powell and Dr. Walker as an explorer of TN.]

vi. Thomas “TP” Powell, born 1689 in VA.
1750, Thomas died in Brunswick Co., VA.

vii. Lucas Powell, born 1696.
1756, Lucas sold land in Brunswick Co, VA.

Bell 496 Doak-Wilson

496. John Doak & 497. Mary Wilson {Londonderry NH, Donegal PA}

John of Ballymena, County Atrium, Ireland.
John and his brother James immigrated to Londonderry, NH.
9/29/1720, “Sixty acres laid out to James and John Doak in the village of Nutfield, Rockingham Co NH. Recorded 1 Oct 1720.”
12/21/1724, John Doke, of the Twp of Donegal in the province of PA sells to James Doke for 30 pounds all his right, share, title, and interest in one-half lot in ye Township of Londonderry in ye province of New Hampshire in New England. (S) Rockingham Co. NH, DB15:144-45.
1/16/1743, “James Doack, of Londonderry in Province of New Hampshire in New England, yeoman, for 5 shillings...all right, title, interest, property claim, challenge, to James Cochran...to 30 acres in original lot laid out to my brother John Doak and to me...” Rockingham Co NH deeds 28:124-25.

Children of James and Elizabeth:

i. John Doak, born ?.
8/1746, Patrick Hays vs. Samuel Doak. Defendant brother of John Doak, 17th April 1746. (S) Chronicles …, P294.

8/1757, John Doack 640 acres in Rowan County in the Parish of St Luke on both sides of the head of great Allamance, joining both sides of ye Main fork of Allamance.
1759, Rowan co. tax list: John Doak and two taxables.
1760, John Doack, 640 acres in Rowan Co in the Parish of St Luke.
1761, Rowan co. tax list: John Doak and sons ‘Roberd and Jeames’.
1763, John Doak 582 acres in Rowan Co in the Parish of St Luke on both sides of Bleating branch, Waters of Alamance, joining Mebands Corner, Husbands Alias Armfiels line and Mathews line.
8/24/1764, John Doak and wife Mary  to John Alexander 320 acres on head of Great Alamance granted 1 Aug, 1760 by Granville.
1/12/1765, John Doak to Robert Doak 291 acres on Bleating branch of Almance River, part of said John Doak's place called Bleating House Land.
4/8/1765, John Doak Sr. to John Doak Jr. 291 acres on Bleating Creek adjacent Hermon Husbands.
(S) Granville District of NC, 1748-1763, V3, 1989. (S) Rowan Co. NC Deed Abstracts, V2, 1972.

ii. Thankful Doak, born 1708 in ?.
1724, Thankful married John Finley.
Aft. 1791 Thankful died; buried in Tinkling Spring Cem., Fisherville, Augusta Co., VA.

iii. David Doak ( 248), born 1710 in ?.

iv. Samuel Doak, born ? in ?.
Samuel married widow Jane [Mitchell] ?.
8/1746, Patrick Hays vs. Samuel Doak. Defendant brother of John Doak, 17th April 1746. (S) Chronicles …, P294.
~1745, Saml Doak father of John: (S) Peter R. Beverley vs. John Doake – Deposition of Thomas Mitchell, 14th October, 1805, aged 73, says: Samuel Doak lived on the land in dispute upwards of sixty years ago and John has lived on it ever since Sam’s Death.
11/22/1754, Saml. Doak and John Mitchell, guardians of the orphans of John Greer...settled accounts.
1771, Samuel died in Augusta Co., VA.
Rev. Samuel Doak [of TN fame].
10/10/1774, Samuel a soldier in his brother Robert’s militia company at the Battle of Point Pleasant against Shawnee and Mingo Indians.
1775, from a military warrant under the King of Great Britain’s proclamation, he had a survey made of his settlement on the waters of Reed Creek, then in Fincastle, now Wythe Co.
~1789, he moved to TN.
John Doak, born ?.
Robert Doak, born ?.
He selected a site and helped build Bethel Presbyterian Church near Greenville, VA. He was an elder in the church, Col. in the militia, member of the House of Burgesses, and high sheriff of the county. His home “Buffalo Hill” still stands.
Elizabeth Doak, born ?.
She married James McTeer.
They moved to TN.
Mary Doak, born ?.
She married Abner Weatherly.

v. Robert Doak, born ? in ?.
Robert married Jane/Letitia Breckenridge.
They lived in Rockingham Co, VA, near Mt. Crawford.

vi. Ann Doak, born ? in ?.
Ann married George Breckenridge; they lived near Fincastle, VA.

Bell 490 Phineas Hodgson

490. Phineas Hodgson {Cecil Co. MD}

~1701, Phineas born in MD, s/o 980. Robert Hodgson & 981. Sarah Borden.
Phineas listed as s/o Robert. (S) Colonial Families of Philadelphia, P1737.
1733, Phineas left 200 acres on the South side of Pleasant Garden in his father’s will [the rest went to his brother Joseph.]
12/9/1745, Joseph conveyed his interest in Peasant Garden to his brother Phineas.
1/11/1748, Phineas given £5 in his widowed mother’s will.
4/24/1751, Phineas given £1 in his brother Joseph’s will.
3/19/1752, “Finos” given 10 shillings in the will of his brother John.
1771, Phineas divided 400 acres from his father between his sons Robert, John and Abel.
Bef. 6/9/1772, Phineas died in Cecil Co., MD: deed from Robert Hodgson of Frederick Co. VA & Phineas Hodgson “late of Cecil Co” to John Mackey of Cecil Co. - wits: Josh. Gilpin, Amos Alexander.

Children of Phineas and ?:

i. Robert Hodgson, born ?.
1771, Robert conveyed 130 acres to his brother John.
(S) 1783 Cecil Co., MD Tax List: Robert Hodgson.

ii. Hannah Hodgson ( 245), born ~1725 in MD.

iii. John Hodgson, born ?.
1771, Robert conveyed 130 acres to his brother John.
1773, John sold the 130 acres from Robert to William Shearer.
1785, John died. (S) The Cyclopaedia of Am. Bio., P229.

iv. Abel Hodgson, born 1738.
Abel listed as s/o Phineas. (S) Colonial Families of Philadelphia, P1737.
1771, Abel received 130 acres of Pleasant Garden land from his family.
1773, Abel bought from his cousin Jonathan Hodgson of Phildelphia 250 acres know as “Hodgson’s Choice”.
Robert Hodgson, born ?.
1/3/1793 he married Sarah Alexander.
James Hodgson, born ?.
1798 he married Margaret Boyd, d/o Judge James Boyd.
[Child: Robert Henry Hodgson, born 10/31/1830, was host of the 9/7/1892 family reunion – the source of much of the family history.]
Mary Hodgson, born ?.
Elizabeth Hodgson, born ?.
Hannah Hodgson, born ?.

Moses Alexander & Mary Wallace

488. Moses Alexander & 489. Mary Wallace {Cecil Co. MD}

1690, Moses born in Ireland; s/o 976. James Alexander.
1700, Mary born in ?, d/o 979. Jane Wallace.
Bef. 1707, Moses moved with his father to MD.
8/15/1718, 8 deeds were recorded at Cecil Co. in DB–3, in which 903 additional acres were granted in the New Munster tract to Joseph Alexander and his son James; James Alexander and his son Moses; Davis Alexander, Arthur Alexander, Elias or Elijah Alexander, and Mary Alexander, widow of James Alexander, the farmer who had died in 1717.
James Alexander settled on what was known as Milford Hundred, in the New Munster tract. There he plied his trade as a weaver, with his two sons, the first, Moses and the 2nd, James Jr.
4/1/1735, a deed transferred the land from a Thomas Stevenson to the Alexanders mentioned, “and to James Alexander and his son Moses”.
4/8/1735, Moses signed a deed with his father; land on Christiana Run on the Easternmost line of New Munster Tract. Wits: David Alexander & John McCallmont .
1736, Mary named in the will of her mother.
“James Alexander, gentleman, of Milford Hundred, New Munster, releases to his son, Moses the remainder of the tract jointly purchased by them from Thomas Stevenson.” (S) Cecil Co., DB5, P235.
5/10/1741, Will of Alexander White of London, Britain, farmer of Chester Co. PA … Wits: James Steel, Moses Alexander, …
1758, Mary died; buried in Head of Christiana Church Cem. Her headstone reads “Mary Alexander, wife of ye Moses Alexander, dyed 25th of October, 1758, aged 58 years.”
5/7/1756, Moses witnessed a deed from Issac Alexander to David Alexander and his wife Susannah.
6/13/1758, Moses witnessed a deed from Issac Alexander to David Alexander and his wife Susannah. (S) Cecil Co., DB9, P23.
2/1/1762, Moses Alexander of Cecil County Maryland, Yeoman, to Priscilla White, daughter of the said Moses Alexander of the other part… for and in consideration of the love and good will he hath unto his Daughter granted All that part of my Plantation wheron the said Prisilla White dwelleth containing Ten Acres joining John Moors Land bounded on the south by my Fence extending Northward from my fence as far over the Run as will make the aforesaid Ten Acres thence East to the aforesaid Moore’s Line. /s/ Moses Alexander, /s/ Prisilla White. Wits Wm. Friers, Thos. Alexander and Geo. Catto. Recorded 22 Feb 1762 Cecil Co. MD Court. (S) Cecil Co., MD, DB9, P411.
2/2/1762, Moses wrote his will in Cecil Co., MD. See Family notes..
12/1/1762, Moses will probated in Cecil Co., MD. (S) WB31, P820.

Family notes:
• Will of Moses Alexander; In the name of God amen. The second day of February Anno Domini seventeen hundred and sixty-two. I Moses Alexander of Cecil County in the Province of Maryland being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory thanks be given to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this last will and testament. Principally and first of all I give my soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my executor and touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Imprimis (first) I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Nathaniel Alexander the sum of five shillings. Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Abraham Alexander the sum of five shillings. Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Priscilla White my large Bible. Item I give and bequeath unto well beloved son James Alexander the sum of five shillings. Item I give and bequeath, unto my well beloved son Zebulon Alexander the sum of five shillings. Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Moses Alexander the sum of five shillings. Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Mark Alexander the sum of five shillings. Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Mary White the sum of thirty pounds. Item give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Ruth Dizard the sum of five shillings. Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved granddaughter Hannah Dizard the sum of twenty pounds and in case she dies in her minority then it to be paid to her mother the above Priscilla White. Item in order to discharge all my just and legal debts funeral expenses and all the above legacies I give and bequeath unto my youngest son Dan Alexander all my estate real and personal and to heirs and assigns forever only on the condition he pays debts and legacies as above mentioned. Further and in case he neglects or refuse to discharge the same within twelve months after my decease I do hereby order authorize and empower my executors to sell and convey my land tenements and out of the money arising from such sale together with my moveable estate to pay and discharge all my just debts including a bond of sixty pounds with interest wherein I stand bound for my son Dan Alexander to Theophilus Alexander and Thomas Sharp which it is my will they should pay all my funeral charges and legacies and the remainder to be equally divided between my daughter Priscilla White my daughter Mary White, my son Dan Alexander and daughter Ruth Dizard and I do hereby constitute and appoint my trusty friend Theophilus Alexander and Amos Alexander my only and sole executors of my I will and testament and utterly revoking all former wills and testaments gifts and legacies whatsoever ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Children of Moses and Mary:

i. Nathaniel Alexander, born ? in MD.
1740, Cecil Co., MD; Nathaniel a member of the Militia Foot Company.
1750, Nathaniel settled in Anson Co., in the Rocky River area near his brother Moses. He was a petitioner to the governor for the formation of Mecklenburg Co., and was appointed to the first county court.
1752, Nathaniel purchased lot #19 in the west square of the town of Salisbury. (S) Rowan DB–5, P534.
Nathaniel lived on Rocky River in northern Cabarrus County, and “operated a mill at the spot where the traveling road from Salisbury to the Catawba Nation crossed the river” (S) Carolina Cradle, Ramsey, PP51-60.
1760, Nathaniel Alexander served as a Colonel of a Militia company in Mecklenburg Co, NC against the Cherokees.

ii. Abraham Alexander, born ? in MD.
Abraham was said to have been a signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

iii. James Alexander, born ? in MD.
James married Mary Steel; d/o James.
1740, Cecil Co., MD; James a member of the Militia Troopers.
James Alexander, born 1760 in MD.
He moved to Mecklenburg Co. with his father.
1800, he moved to Logan Co., KY; then to Roane Co., TN.

iv. Zebulon Alexander ( 244), born 1720 in MD.

v. Moses Alexander, born ? in MD.
Moses settled near his brother Nathaniel on Rocky River in Anson Co, NC.
1740, Cecil Co., MD; Moses a member of the Militia Foot Company.
In NC, Moses married Sarah Taylor.
1752, Moses, a blacksmith, purchased lot #11 in the west square of the town of Salisbury. (S) Rowan DB–5, P534.
Moses a Col. in the British Army.
1760, Moses a waggoner in the Cherokee campaign.
1762, Moses 1st High Sheriff of Mecklenburg Co.
6/25/1773 in Mecklenburg Co., Moses a memorial for 302 acres, Broad river, Brown’s creek.
Mary Alexander, born ~1745 in MD.
In NC, she married Robert Irwin, born ~1739 in PA, s/o William Irwin.
~1767, Robert a “bench elder” of the Steele Creek Church. (S) The History of Mecklenburg County: 1740 to 1900, by Alexander, 1902, P404.
5/20/1775, Robert one of the signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration.
4/4/1776, Robert a delegate to the Provincial Congress at Halifax; John Phifer, John McKnitt Alexander as colleagues.
1776, Robert: “he and William Alexander each commanded a regiment under the command of General Griffeth Rutherford in the expedition from Mecklenburg, Rowan, Lincoln, and other counties to subdue the Cherokee Indians who were committing murders and numerous depredations upon the frontier settlements”. (S) DAR.
3/24/1796, Mary died; buried at Steele Creek Pres. Church, Mecklenburg Co. [Robert remarried.]
Thomas Alexander, born 1753.
He married Jane Morrison.
He was a Major under Captain William Polk and General Pickens.
Nathaniel Alexander, born 3/5/1756 in Mecklenburg Co, NC.
1776, he graduated from Princeton College in NJ.
1802, he the new representative to the state legislature from Mecklenburg Co.
1804, he was elected to the U. S. Congress as representative at large in NC.
11/1805, he resigned from Congress to become Governor of North Carolina
3/7/1808, he died in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; buried at the Old Cemetery in Charlotte.

vi. Mark Alexander, born ? in MD.
Mark moved to Baltimore where he became a wealthy merchant.

vii. Daniel Alexander, born ? in MD.
In Mecklenburg Co., NC, Daniel married Prudence Johnston.
James Alexander, born 1742 in NC.
He married Rachel ?.
Stephan Alexander, born 1749 in NC.
He married Martha Wilson.
Hezekiah Alexander, born ~1750 in NC.
He married Elizabeth Johnson.

viii. Priscilla Alexander, born ? in New Munster, Cecil Co., MD.
Priscilla married John White. (S) Her father’s will.
Hannah White. (S) Her grandfather’s will

ix. Mary Alexander, born ? in MD.
Mary 1st married ? White.
Mary 2nd married Capt. James Cox; killed at the Battle of Brandywine during the Revolution.

x. Ruth Alexander, born ? in MD.
Ruth married John Dizard.

Bell 468 Lamb-Longshore

468. Thomas Lamb Sr & 469. Alice Longshore {Bucks Co. PA, Union Co. SC}

1720, Thomas born in Bucks Co., PA, s/o 936. Thomas Lamb I & 937. Mary Webster.
Bef. 1724 Thomas was orphaned. He apparently was raised by his mother’s relatives.
8/1/1724, 3-year old “grandson Thomas Lamb” is mentioned in the will of his grandfather Peter Webster ( 1874).
9/4/1726, Alice born in Bucks Co., PA, the d/o 938. Euclydus Longshore and 939. Alice Stackhouse.
6/16/1744, Thomas married Alice in Middletown Meeting House, Bucks Co., PA.
6/29/1754, Alice and children were received on certificate at the Fairfax Middletown Meeting, Loudon County, VA, from Middleton Meeting, Bucks County, PA.
11/8/1760, “Alice Lamb” mentioned in her father’s will.
1766, Thomas moved his family to SC. Thomas Lamb, Alice Longshore Lamb, and their 6 youngest children were granted a certificate to join Wateree Monthly Meeting, Kershaw Co., SC.
1789, Alice died in Union Co., SC.
1790, Thomas is living with his son Thomas Jr. in Union Co., SC. See No.234.
1/29/1791, “This indenture made 29 January 1791 between Thomas Lamb, Senr., and his oldest son Thomas Lamb, Junr., and his grandson, Robert Lamb, all of Union County in the State of South Carolina of the one part and Robert Merrick of Binth/Bristol(?), Borough and Township in Bucks County in the State of Pennsylvania of the other part. Three lots of land sutuate in Borough of Bristol aforesaid which were divised unto him the said Thomas Lamb, Senr, and the (??) of his body forever by the last Will and Testament of his Grandfather, Peter Webster, as in and by the will duly recorded in the Register's Office for the County of Bucks, Pennsylvania.” (S) Union Co., SC, DB27, P457. [This deed proves the relationship between this Thomas and Peter Webster ( 1874).]
1800, Thomas died in Union Co., SC.
8/6/1800, Thomas’ will probated: Union Co., Will Typescript (MSS WB-A, P-12; Estate Packet: Box 3, Pkg 5). Persons named: Lamb, William/Lamb, Longshore/Lamb, Alice/Lamb, Sarah/Lamb, Esther/Lamb, Marget/Lamb, John/Lamb, Phee/Young, Richard/Huckiba, Robert/Huckiba, Thomas/Young, Elizebeth. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, reel-27, F-157. ???
(S) Rover & Bedford Co., TN, P256.

Family notes:
• Between 1799 and 1830, the overwhelming majority of Quakers left South Carolina and Georgia for territory where they could rear their children free from the influence of slavery. The exodus began in 1799 when a few Friends left Georgia for the Miami Valley of Ohio. Part of the Longshore Lamb family settled in Williamson Co., TN; and part continued on to Caldwell Co., KY. Both of these locations lay along a western route taken by Quakers migrating from South Carolina and Georgia to Indiana and Ohio.
• Longshore Lamb, born 1780 in South Carolina, prominent in Williamson Co., TN, was not the son of Thomas Lamb and Alice; however, he was probably a grandson.

Children of Thomas and Alice:

i. Thomas Lamb Jr ( 234), born 1745 in PA.

ii. William Lamb, born ~1750 in PA.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. William. 1-0-1, living near his brother Thomas.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Union Co. William.

iii. Longshore Lamb, born bef. 1756.
Longshore served under Colonel Brandon during the Revolutionary War. [This was another reason the Quakers later disowned Longshore.]
1780, Longshore present at the fall of Charleston.
9/13/1788, Longshore Lamb, grant for 163 acres on Frenchman’s Creek in 96th Dist. (S) SCDA&H, S-213019, V-23, P-200.
1779, in Newberry Co., SC, Longshore married Sarah Sally ?.
10/30/1779, Longshore was disowned by the Bush River MM for marrying “outside” [not a Quaker.]
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. Longshore: 1-2-5. He lives near his neice Elizabeth117, and his brother John.
1796, Longshore served on jury duty in Union Co.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. Longshore: 31101,12010.
1804, Longshore witnessed a deed of sale for the property on Jimmy Creek of the Tiger River.
10/7/1807, Longshore sold his land on the Tyger River. The deed indicates he married Sally in 1779. [They lived on Enoree Creek.]
1/1/1808, Longshore Lamb and William Crow witnessed a Bill of Sale in SC.
(S) 1810 Census, KY, Caldwell Co. Longshore: 12100,12300.
9/3/1810, Sally Lamb, in Caldwell Co., signed a document renouncing dower rights to the property Longshore Lamb had sold in South Carolina in 1807. On the same date Longshore gave consent for Peggy to marry James Farmer.
10/8/1811, Longshore Lamb gave consent for Jane to marry Jesse Clayton.
8/22/1816 Longshore is mentioned in the will of Richard Chesney of Spartanburg Co. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093.
10/27/1816, Longshore Lamb gave garantee for Moses to marry “Lusinda” Smith.
(S) 1820 Census, KY, Caldwell Co. Longshore.
~1827, Longshore died in Caldwell Co.
~1844, Sarah died.
Longshore Lamb, born 1747-1755.
Sarah Sally Lamb, born 1757-1762.
Elizabeth Lamb, born 1780.
Levi Lamb, born 1782.
10/3/1803, Levi witnessed a deed in SC.
William Lamb, born 1784.
Bef. 1845 he died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Mary Polly Lamb, born 1786.
She married William Crow.
1811, they moved to Caldwell Co., TN.
Bef. 1845 she died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Jensey “Jane” Lamb, born 1788.
She married Jesse Clayton.
Bef. 1845 she died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Peggy Lamb, born 1790.
She married James Farmer.
Bef. 1845 she died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Martin Lamb, born 1792.
John Lamb, born 4/3/1793. (S) Gravestone.
8/1816, he married Polly Clayton.
7/7/1845, John brought a legal suit in Caldwell Co. where all his siblings are named.
Moses Lamb, born 1796.
10/28/1816, Moses married Lucinda Smith.

iv. Alice Lamb, born ~1757.

v. Sarah Lamb, born ~1759.

v. Esther Lamb, born ~1761.

iv. John Lamb, born ~1763.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. John lives near his neice Elizabeth117, and his brother Longshore.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Union Co. John:
12/12/1826, John died.

v. Margot Lamb, born ~1766 in Union Co., SC.

vi. Phoebe Lamb, born ~1768 in Union Co., SC.

Bell 460 Phillips-Lowe

460. William Phillips & 461. Margaret Lowe {Somerset Co. MD}

~1717, William born in MD; s/o 920. Richard Phillips.
~1724, Margaret born in MD; d/o 922. Ralph Lowe & 923. Rachel Hudson.
1/22/1744, William married 2nd Mary in Stepney Parrish, Somerset Co., MD.
7/1/1793, William died in Somerset Co., MD.

Children of William and Margaret:

i. Roger Phillips ( 230), born ~1742 in MD.

Children of William and Mary:

ii. Eleanor Phillips, born 6/20/1744 in Somerset Co., MD.

iii. Isaac Phillips, born 2/13/1751 in MD.
Isaac married Elizabeth ?.
2/19/1831 in Sussex Co., DE, Issac wrote his will, all children [many not listed below] named; son Joseph named executor and received plantation.
6/11/1831, Issac died.
Roger Phillips, born ?.
He married Rebeckah Bailey.
James H Phillips, born 9/16/1776.
8/29/1811, he married Nancy Calloway.
He 2nd married Rebecca Moore.
3/3/1849, he died.
Margaret Phillips, born ?.
She married William Cooper.

iv. Elizabeth Phillips, born 12/26/1753 in Somerset Co., MD.
Elizabeth married Charles Traider.

v. Rachel Phillips, born 10/10/1756 in Somerset Co., MD.

vi. William Phillips, born 1/10/1758 in Somerset Co., MD.
William married Mary Ann Dashiell.
1784 Granville Co., NC tax roll, William Phillips.
Handy Phillips, born ?.
Betsy Phillips, born ?.

vii. Elijah Phillips, born 5/21/1760 in Somerset Co., MD.
Elijah married Allie ?.
Elijah married 2nd Mary “Molly” Donohoe.
Children of Allie:
Whitney Phillips, born 1788 in DE.
Children of Mary:
William Phillips, born 1812 in DE.

viii. Mary Phillips, born 11/25/1762 in Somerset Co., MD.

ix. Elisha Phillips, born 6/1/1769 in Somerset Co., MD.

Bell 456 Bullock

456. John Bullock Jr & 457. Catherine ? {St. Mary’s Co. MD}

~1693, John born in St. Mary’s Co., MD; s/o 912. John Bullock & 913. Mary Oakley.
1718, John married Catherine in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
1733, (S) MD Early Census Index, Talbot Co., Bullenbrook Hundred Township – John Bullock.
8/7/1734, the will of “Robert Bullock” was probated. John Bullock Jr and William Bullock were listed as next of kin.
10/15/1736, John’s wrote his will in St. Mary’s Co., MD. (S) See Family notes.
John died, Catherine named executrix and left the family plantation.
11/16/1736, after John’s death, Mary swore before the court to the truth of the will: “Sealed , signed, pronouce and declared for the last Will and Testament of John Bullock in the presence of John Bond, Simon Reeder and Owen O. Brady. John Bond and Owen Brady two of the subscribing witness to the foregoing will being duly and solemnly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, say that they saw the Tester John Bullock sign the foregoing will and hears him publish and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament. At the time he was to the best of their apprehension of sound mind and memory, and that they subsribed their respective names to Will in the presence of testor at his request and they saw Simon Reeder sign at the same time, as witness to Will in presence of the said testator. The deceased widow has made her Execution and attends to the Will sworn to before me, Tho. Airquith, Deputy County Clerk of St. Mary’s Co. Maryland.”

Family notes:
• John’s will: In the name of God Amen, this of October 15, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and thirty-six, I John Bullock of St. Mary’s County in the province of Maryland, being sick and weak but of sound and perfect mind and memory, Thanks to God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertain state of this transitory life and it is appointed to all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. First I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God, Maker and Redeeemer, nothing doubtin but by the Grace of Jesus Christ, to have redemptions of all my sins. I give and bequeath my body to the earth to be buried in Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors thereafter named and as touching such wordly estate as it pleases God to bewtow upon me. Item: I give unto my son John Bullock the plantation my father purchased of Lionel Oakley to him and his heirs forever, but in case my son John died without heirs of his body lawfully begotten, it shall fall to my four boys, George, James, William and Richard to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever. Item. It is my desire that my daughter Margaret Griffin, be contented with what she has already had. Item. I give and bequeath unto my Darling beloved wife Catherine Bullock, that plantation whereon my father did dwell, during his natural life and then to be equally divided between my four sons, George Bullock, James Bullock, William Bullock and Richard Bullock, them and theirs forever. Item. I leave to my son John Bullock one brood sow. Item. I leave to my daughter Margaret Griffin one brooding sow. Item. I give and bequeath, unto my wife Katherine all of my movable Estate whatsoever, whom I ordain and appoint Executrix of this my last Will and Testament of my hand and seal the day and year.

Children of John and Catherine:

i. John Bullock III, born ~1716 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
10/15/1736, John left the “Oakley” plantation in his father’s will.
4/20/1739, John received payments from John Bond. (S) Maryland Probate Rcds, Prerogative Ct. Abstracts, 1737–1744, St Mary’s Co.
9/17/1773, John wrote his will.
Bef. 10/4/1774, John died in St. Mary’s Co. (S) Will probated.
Children: [from will]
James Bullock, born ~1745 in MD.
10/22/1777 James wrote his will naming the “Oakley” plantation which he had inherited from his father.
By 4/3/1778 James had died. (S) Will probated.
John Bullock, born ?.
Josa Bullock, born ?.
Mary Bullock, born ?.

ii. George Bullock, born ~1721 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
10/15/1736, George left ¼ of the family plantation [on the death of his mother] in his father’s will.
George married Catherine ?.
7/8/1797, George wrote his will in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
Bef. 6/11/1799, George died in St. Mary’s Co., MD. [Will probated.]
Children: [Named in his will.]
George Bullock, born ? in MD.
1794, he was a member of St. Mary’s Co. militia.
6/11/1799, George presented his father’s will for probate.
James Bullock, born ? in MD.
8/27/1700 in St. Mary’s Co., he married Elizabeth French.
He apparently moved on to NC where he appears in numerous tax rolls.
Catherine Bullock, born ? in MD.
She never married.
1/17/1803 she wrote her will in St. Mary’s Co.
Bef. 3/8/1803, she died. [Will probated.]

iii. James Bullock ( 228), born ~1723 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.

iv. William Bullock, born ~1725 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
10/15/1736, William left ¼ of the family plantation [on the death of his mother] in his father’s will.

v. Margaret Bullock, born ~1727 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
Margaret married ? Griffin.
10/15/1736, Margaret left one brooding sow her father’s will.

vi. Richard Bullock, born ~1729 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
10/15/1736, Richard left ¼ of the family plantation [on the death of his mother] in his father’s will.

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Cox 502 Thomas Robinson

502. Rev Thomas Robinson [Ireland, PA]

Thomas was a Minister.
1/2/1738, Thomas, unmarried, attended a Meeting in Dublin, Ireland.
Thomas immigrated to PA.
6/31/1739, Thomas attended a Monthly Meeting in Phildelphia, PA. [Not identified as unmarried.]
(S) Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682-1750, Albert Cook Myers, 1902.

Children of Thomas and ?:

i. Elizabeth Robinson, ( 251), born ~1735 in PA.

Cox 500 John Charlton

500. John Charlton [Ireland]

~1695 John born in Ireland.
John married ? Harvey.
They lived in Co. Derry, Ireland.
Bef. 1745 John died leaving only one heir.

Child of John and ?:

i. John Charlton Jr, ( 250), born 1729 in Co. Derry, Ireland.

Jean Fayard dit LaLancette & Marie Françoise Fisseau

492. Jean Fayard dit LaLancette & 493. Marie Françoise Fisseau [LA, MS]

1720, Jean born in New Orleans, LA, s/o 984. Jean Faillard dit Lancette.
1/1728, Marie born in New Orleans, LA, d/o 986. Nicholas Fisseau & 987. Marianne LaGarenne.
~1738, Jean a soldier. (S) First Families of LA by Conrad.
Bef. 1744, they married. [Marriage records for the 1740’s are no longer extant, possibly having been destroyed by the great New Orleans French Quarter fire of 1788.]
1744, The white population of New Orleans as recorded in French documents was 800, not including 200 soldiers and the women and children. The black population did not exceed 300. A few of the houses were brick, most were wooden buildings. Almost all the colonists were married. There were 25 inhabitants of considerable wealth. (S) History of Louisiana, Charles Gayarre, 1852.
9/7/1744, “On September 7, 1744, I, the undersigned Capuchin priest, Curate of the parish of St Francis of Natchitoches, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Marie Anne, born of the legitimate marriage of Jean Fayard, soldier in the regiment of the marine detachment, and Francoise LaGarrene [born Fisseau]. Godparents are Jean Maderne, resident of this post, and Marie LaCroix, who signed on the day, month and year as above.” /s/ Father Barnabe, Capuchin, /s/ Jean Fayard. (S) Parish of St Francis, Natchitoches, LA.
1745, Jean Faillard dit LaLancette a soldier in LA. (S) The Vaudreuil Papers, by Bill Barron.
1746, Jean stationed in Natchitoches.
9/9/1746, “On 9 September 1746, I, a Capuchin Apostolic Missionary Priest, Curate of the parish of St Francis of the Natchitoches Post, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Marie Louise, the legitimate daughter of Jean Fallyar Lalancette and Francoise Phisot, her father and mother. Godparents are Jean Louis Tresar, called Provencal, and marie Francoise Bourbon who signed with me the day and year above.” /s/ Father Esutache, Pastor. (S) Parish of St Francis, Natchitoches, LA.
5/21/1748 they lived in New Orleans and brought suit for Marie against her father’s estate. 5/21/1748 law suit: “Jean Fayard dit LaLancette humbly requests in the name of his wife, Françoise Fisseau, for a division of succession, saying that at the death of Nicholas Fisseau, he left two daughters, one of whom the suppliant married. Fisseau had left a house built on posts in the ground [stilts] on 2/3 of the land, a slave man, a slave woman and a slave child as seen through an inventory. It is stated that Marianne La Garenne, the durviving widow and mother of the two girls, had already sold 1/3 of the property, and fearing that through her husband’s request [Pierre de Lorme], with whom she had contracted a second marriage, she would divert the little that remained from her children. This considered, Sirs, if you please, will permit the plaintiff, Fayard, to have cited at the first day of the next session of the Council, Pierre de Lorme, in his name as husband give up the share which accrues to the two daughters, one of whom is his wife, the other his sister-in-law. In this way justice would be done.” (S) LA State Museum, Petition to Superior Council by Jean Fayard dit La Lancette for Division of Succession, May 21, 1748. [Permission to cite her step-father against all family property was given the same day, and Pierre de Lorme was served with papers the next day.]
6/1/1748, the law suit was finalized in the Superior Council of LA. (S) Family notes.
12/22/1749, “On December 22, 1749, I have baptized Pierre, son of Jean Fayard and Francoise Fisseau of legitimate marrigage. Godparents are Pierre Sonnier and Marie Laclef, who signed with me the day and year above.” /s/ Father Romuald, Missionary. (S) SLC, BB2, P171.
9/13/1750, Marie Francoise the godmother to her neice Marie Louise Ladner, d/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, BB2, P199a3.
2/20/1752, “On February 20, 1752, I, the Capuchin Superior of the mission, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Jean, the legitimate son of LaLancette and Francoise Fisseau. Godparents are Jean Baptiste Prudhomme and Jeanne Montcard who have signed with me the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Dagobert. (S) SLC, BB2, P246.
5/29/1755, “On May 29, 1755, I, a Capuchin missionary priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church Andre, the legitimate son of Jean LaLancette and Francoise Fissiau. Godparents are Andre Duroche and Jeanne LaFontaine. In faith of which I have signed the day and year above.” /s/ Father Sebastien. (S) SLC, BB3, P43, A447.
3/29/1758, “On March 29, 1758, I, a Capuchin missionary apostolic priest, have supplied the ceremonies of baptism to Louis Fayard, born January 29, 1758, of the legitimate marriage of Jean Fayard and Francoise Fissot, his father and mother. The child had as godparents Louis Bernard and Marie Francoise Gauthier, who declared they could not sign. In faith of which I have signed the day and year above.” /s/ Father Pierre. (S) SLC, BB3, P93.
7/20/1760, “On July 20, 1760, I, the undersigned Capuchin missionary priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Pierre, born June 20 of this year, of the legitimate marriage of Jean Fachard called LaLancette and Francoise Fisseau, his father and mother. Godparents are Pierre Louis Patinette and Marie Jeanne Castel, who have made their ordinary marks because they did not know how to sign. In faith of which I have signed the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Eustache. (S) SLC, B4, P35.
6/24/1763, “On June 24, 1763, I, the undersigned Capuchin apostolic priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Felicite, born August 24, 1762, of the legitimate marriage of Jean LaLancette and Francoise Ficeau, her parents. The godfather was Mr. Donato Bello, navigator; the godmother Demoiselle Susanne Moreau who have signed with me the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Eustache. (S) SLC, BB5, P19.
By 1781 they [probably] moved to Deer Island off the coast of Biloxi. (S) Family notes – son Louis’ wedding.
Bef. 4/28/1784 the family moved to Biloxi, MS. (S) No. 40 Entry for this date.
Bef. 5/2/1801, Jean deceased. (S) No. 90 Family notes – wedding of Pierre.
5/2/1801, Marie gave her consent for her son Pierre to marry. (S) No. 90 Family notes – wedding of Pierre.
(S) Fayard Family, Brother Jerome Lepre, MS State Archives. (S) First Families of Louisiana, by Glenn R. Conrad.
Family notes:
• Jean was literate – he signed most of his documents.
• (S) 6/1/1748, Saturday, 9 AM, Superior Council of LA, LA State Museum: “It is not necessary to give a lengthy account to such a demand because the plaintiff (Fayard) has never wanted any more than what is due to his wife, Francoise Fisseau, and that the lengthy requests of May 21, 1748, be responded to. The accountant [Pierre de Lorme] will have the honor to explain it to the Court that the things left by the deceased Nicolas Fisseau included two adult negroes and one young child, an old house on stilts on two-thirds of a piece of land. The house was void of furniture; that the negro in the service of Mr. Chenier had the misfortune of drowning in the lake, for which the accountant had received the sum of 1,300 pounds for damages, which included 800 pounds due to the Company, for which discharge is available; the company also kept 125 pounds for the return ticket of Fisseau from France and 375 pounds which was given to the widow, which she used for herself and her daughters to pay for a lengthy illness endured. … When the young negro boy went to see his mother, who was in the service of one named Piosa, he drowned in a well. The slave woman left a boy of twelve and three small girls, one of six years, one of three and one of eighteen months. It was stated in the contract of marriage between Nicolas Fisseau, the deceased, and Marianne La Garenne, that she had brought a dowry of 300 pounds, half of which was community property, the other half would be hers by right; that the same contract stipulated that 100 pounds would go to the survivor; that according to custom a widow in mourning would be given 100 pounds, something she hoped for. The accountant said that he had paid 20 pounds for the funeral expenses & 10 pounds for pallbearers; that he had also paid a debt of the deceased Fisseau in the amount of 50 pounds. It is also noted that the house had fallen into ruin and that the accountant had built a new house, even though his funds were not sufficient, requiring him to borrow 157.10 pounds from Mr. Dubreuil, according to the attached record. Before the division can take place there must be raised … It is to be noted that the wife of the accountant, during her widowhood, sold to a Mr. LaFontaine twenty-five feet of property. And, since the accountant wishes to avoid all causes of dispute, he asks that the Court put up for auction-sale all of the effects mentioned above to be sold to the highest bidder, in order to raise the 587.10 pounds. … .” [Decision of the Council the same day – Decision #12]. … the Council orders that movables of the succession are to be sold, returns are to be divided, after raising what comes to the widow. The lot and house are to be sold judicially, to the profit of the heirs. The succession is to bear the costs. (S) Fayard Family, Brother Jerome Lepre, PP8-9.
• “On June 1, 1781, after presenting themselves to the judge vicar of the province of New Orleans and pastor of the parish of St Louis, Luis Fayard and Martha Gargare by matrimonial contract and the publication of the three banns on the appointed days, according to the prescriptions of the Council of Trent and with no canonical impediments give each other by mutual consent; that is, Louis Fayard, native of Deer Island legitimate son of Pedro Fayard and Francisca Brousseau, his parents, and Martha Gargare, legitimate daughter of Miguel Gargare and Martha Ocqui her parents, give their mutual consent in spoken words to this true and legitimate marriage, in presence of the witnesses, Carlos Ladnier, Daniel Santo, Santiago Dupre, Juan Bautista Olivier, on the 15th day of the same month and year above sign their signatures.” /s/ Father Cyrillo de Barcelona. (S) SLC, MB1, P106, A203.
• The family descendents deeded to the City of Biloxi the land on which the city cemetery is located. “This identure made and entered into this 27th day of November A.D. 1844 between Jacques Fayard and Gertrude his wife, John Fayard and Martha Fayard, his wife, Genevieve Fayard, wife of Ursin Fayard deceased, heirs at law of the late Louis Fayard deceased, of the first part, and William J. Sargent, President of the Board of County Police of Harrison County, State of Mississippi of the second part (witnesseth that whereas during the Iife of the said Louis Fayard deceased, he did give and grant a piece or parcel of land as hereinafter described for the purpose of a burying ground in the village of Biloxi, in said county, and whereas there is a doubt whether he ever made and effected a good title to the same) so the parties of the first part do for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to and in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, grant, bargain and sell unto the said William J. Sargent, President of the Board of County Police of Harrison County, State of Mississippi and to his successors in office forever, the following described premises to-wit: A piece or parcel of land lying and being in the western part of the Village of Biloxi in the county aforesaid, having one arpent front on the seashore or Gulf of Mexico by four arpents in depth from the top of the bank, bounded on the East by the property of Chapman, on the South by the seashore aforementioned, on the West by the property of the late Louis Fayard’s estate to have and to hold unto him, the said William J. Sargent, President as aforesaid, to his successors in office forever, in trust however that the said described premises shall be used and appropriated as a place of burial for the dead and to no other purpose whatever. In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our named and set our seals on the day and year aforesaid. /s/ Jacques Fayard, /s/ Gertrude Fayard, /s/ John Fayard, /s/ Alexis Fayard, /s/ Martha Fayard, /s/ Genevieve Fayard. (S) DB3, PP36-7.

Children of Jean and Marie:

i. Marie Ann Fayard, born 9/7/1744 in Natchitoces, LA.
~1767, Marie married Francois Bourgeois, s/o Marie Josefa Tarare165.
3/12/1764, a soldier with half pay of 6 livers per month, Francois was sent to the “Bureau de Invalides”. (S) Louisiana Troops.
~1777, Revolutionary War, Francois served under Spanish General Governor Galvez. A fusilier of the 3rd Co. (S) Brother Jerome Lepre, “Sons of the American Revolution”, MCH&GS Journal, V18, #2, 6/1982, P75.
Originally in New Orleans, the family settled near Bay St. Louis, MS.
~1781, Francois died, probably in battle.
Marie married 2nd Etienne Peroge. (S) SLC, MB1, P113.
5/5/1801 Marie gave written consent to the wedding of her daughter Catherine.
Louis Francois Bourgeois, born 3/10/1767 in N.O., LA. (S) SLC, B6, P5.
Catherine Bourgeois, born 7/9/1768 in N.O., LA. (S) SLC, B6, P33.
5/5/1801 in Biloxi, MS she married Louis Auguste Lafontaine. (S) MAA, MB1, P93.

ii. Marie Louise Fayard dit LaLancette, baptized 9/6/1746 in Natchitoces, LA.
Marie 1st married Francois Carco. (S) L.O., P21.
2/10/1801, Marie formally married Jean Baudreau III178ii in New Orleans, LA.
5/2/1801 she married Jean Baptiste Ladner Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, MB2, P136, A54.
Children of Francois:

Francoise Carco. [Parents named in her marriage record.]
Children of Jean: see Jean.

iii. Pierre Fayard, baptized 12/22/1749 in New Orleans, LA.
Pierre married Marie Louise Christian Ladner, d/o Jean160i.
Laurent Fayard, born ~1788.
He married Uranie LaFontaine, born ~1786, died 5/1875. (S) OLG, P132.
~1827 he died. Deed of “Widow Faryard”, 12/2/1828. (S) L.O., P917.

iv. Jean Baptiste Fayard ( 246), baptized 2/20/1752 in New Orleans, LA.

v. Andre Fayard, baptized 5/29/1755 in New Orleans, LA.

vi. Louis Fayard, born 1/29/1758 in New Orleans, LA.
1781, Louis was living on Deer Island. (S) Family notes – Louis’ wedding.
6/1/1781 Louis married Martha Gargare, d/o Marie Paquet174i. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 4/28/1784 Louis received a land grant in Biloxi, MS of 640.01 acres in S26,T7,R9W (S) 4/25/1812 “Louis Fasiar” Grant #143, General Land Office, Washington. On 4/28/1784 Jacques Ladner40 and Nicholas jointly request land grants from the Governor of Mobile, “bounded on the east by the mouth of of the Old Fort, on the west by Louis Fayar and in the south by the Sea; … (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P8.
1793, Louis Fasiar is living in Biloxi. (S) American State Papers, V3, P33–34. [In Biloxi: Land claim of Louis, approximately bounded on the west by White Ave., and on the east by Porter Ave. (S) L.O., P523.]
5/2/1801, in Biloxi, MS, Louis was the proxy parent at the wedding Santiago40. (S) No. 40 Family notes.
1804, Jean and his brother Louis accompanied Pierre Misonet while he surveyed the Gulfport-Biloxi coastal area. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P19.
11/27/1844, the heirs of Louis for $1 cleared all rights to land donated by Louis to be the city cemetery in Biloxi. (S) MS, HarrCo., DB3, PP36-7.
Pierre Fayard. (S) SLC, BB1, P291. Aka “Louis”.
He married Louise Nicaise, d/o Jean194iv.
They lived in the Bay St. Louis area.
Judith Fayard. (S) SLC, BB1, P352.
She married widower Andre Durocher. (S) CIC, MB1, P91.
They lived in New Orleans.
Jacques Fayard. (S) SLC, BB2, P86.
He 1st married his 1st cousin Cecile Fayard246v.
He 2nd married his 1st cousin Gertrude Ryan, d/o Marie Anne Gargare, sister of his mother.
4/12/1844 Jacques testified to the identify of Jacques Ladner40. (S) MCH&GS, V33, #3, P93.
Alexis Fayard. (S) SLC, BB2, P406.
He married his 1st cousin Martha Ryan, d/o Marie Anne Gargare, sister of his mother.
Ursin Fayard. (S) SLC, BB3, P?.
He married his 1st cousin Genevieve Ryan, d/o Marie Anne Gargare, sister of his mother.
Jean Baptiste Fayard. (S) SLC, BB3, P173.

vii. Pierre Fayard II, born 6/20/1760 in New Orleans, LA.
5/2/1801 in Biloxi, MS Pierre married Suzanne Carquot90iv. (S) No. 90 Family notes.
[For more info & children – See Suzanne.]

viii. Felicite Fayard, born 8/24/1762 in New Orleans, LA.
6/24/1763 Felicite was baptized.
Felicity married Jean Baptiste Favre.
They lived in New Orleans and then Bay St. Louis.

ix. Francoise Fayard.
(S) SLC, BB6, P15.
[This record is partially obliterated, so this may not be a daughter.]

Jean Joseph Dauphin & Marieanne Bernadin

454. Jean Joseph Dauphin & 455. Marieanne Bernadin [Swi, Fra, LA]

~1705, Joseph born in Charleville, Reims, France; s/o 908. Jean Francois Dauphin & 909. Jeanne Gerandalle. (S) SLC, B1, P56.
~1707, Marieanne born in Bern, Switzerland, d/o 910. Jean Bernadin & 911. Adrienne Martin. (S) 1727 Marriage Record.
1720, Marie Meunier born in New Orleans, LA; d/o Nicolas Meunier.
11/19/1725, Joseph married 1st Elizabeth Birguenmayer, d/o Gaspart & Marie Barbe. (S) SLC, M1, P92. [The record states that Gaspart died in the crossing from France.] Her uncle Jean Roger attended.
1/1/1726 Census of Louisiana at Cannes Brulees: Joseph Dauphin, wife. [He is listed next to his father and indentified as “son”.]
1/6/1727, Elizabeth died in N.O. [probably in childbirth.] (S) Arch. Of N.O. Sacr. Rcds, V1, P 22.
2/17/1727, Joseph 2nd married Marieanne Bernadin. Pierre Bernadin, Jeanne’s brother, attended the wedding. (S) SLC, M1, P122.
7/1/1727 Census of N.O. “along the river”: Joseph Dauphin, wife. [His father is listed next to him.]
1731 Census of N.O. “along the river”: Dauphin “sons” [Dauphin “Senior” listed next to him.]
11/20/1731 in N.O., Jean attended his father’s wedding.
12/3/1731 in N.O., Marie Jean, daughter of Marieanne baptized. [The record indicates they live “upstream of the river”.]
1/1732 Census of N.O., the home of “Dauphin” [proprietor] on Rue de Burbon is occupied by Widow Laforge. The “Dauphin” home on Rue Royalle is unoccupied.
2/16/1732 in N.O., Marieanne died. (S) SLC, B1, P74.
5/29/1732 in N.O., Joseph married Marie Meunier. (S) SLC, B1, P56.
1732, [They apparently sold their land and moved to N.O.] Mr. Carrier purchased land on the east bank along the river from “the Dauphin family, father and son.”. Mr. Benac purchased land from Dauphin and Pugeau.
11/26/1745, daughter Silvestre baptized. (S) SLC, B1, P55.
10/12/1746, daughter Marie baptized. (S) SLC, B2,P81.
4/8/1749, daughter Francoise baptized. (S) SLC, B2, P149.
5/28/1750, son Pierre baptized in N.O. (S) SLC, B2, P185.
Bef. 4/22/1756, Joseph died; widow Marie at grandaughter Marieanne Verdun’s baptism.

Children of Joseph and Marieanne:

i. Marie Jean Dauphin ( 227), born 12/3/1731 in N.O.

Children of Joseph and Marie:

ii. Anne Dauphin, born ?.
Ann married Adam Verdun.
Marieanne Verdun, born 4/20/1756 in LA. (S) SLC, B3, P57.
Marie Verdun, born 4/28/1758 in LA. (S) SLC, B3, P95.
Jean Baptiste Verdun, born 3/1/1764 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P44.
Jean Baptiste Verdun II, born 2/4/1767 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P157.
Jean Pierre Verdun, born 5/3/1769 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P77.
Alexandre Verdun, born 7/20/1770 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P89.

iii. Marie Josephe Dauphin, born ?.
2/1756 Marie married Jean Baptiste Senet.
1770, they lived on the Senet indigo and rice plantation near Centerville, LA.
11/27/1779, Jean died in LA.
1796, Marie died in LA.
Rose Senet, born 3/14/1762 in LA. (S) SLC, B4, P97.
Jean Baptiste Senet, born 12/26/1763 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P42.
Victorie Senet, born 2/2/1766 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P128.
Honore Senet, born 2/11/1768 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P22.
Eugene Senet, born 6/30/1770 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P84.

iv. Silvestre Dauphin, born 11/26/1745 in N.O.
2/27/1764, Silvie married Joseph Durand. [Her father is indicated as deceased.] (S) SLC, B5, P174.
Constance Durand, born 9/24/1765 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P132.

v. Marie Dauphin, born 10/12/1746 in N.O..

vi. Francoise Dauphin, born 1/3/1749 in N.O.
8/1764, Francoise married Basile Sendot. [Her father is indicated as deceased.] (S) SLC, B5, P180.

vii. Jean Pierre Dauphin, born 5/28/1750 in N.O.
3/1/1768, Jean sponsor of his neice Honore Senet.
Auguste Dauphin, born 10/22/1775 in LA. (S) SLC, B7, P125.

Cox 452 Francois Moreau

452. Francois Moreau [Fra or Can]

~ 1680, Francois born.
5/25/1700 Census at Biloxi : Francois a « cabin boy ».
1727 Census of New Orleans: Francois Moreau, wife, living on Rue St Pierre.
1731, “Moreau” a property owner in New Orleans. [In various census records other persons are listed as living with “Moreau”.]
1/1732, “Moreau” a property owner in New Orleans. [land acquired by a grant.]
Bef. 1760, Francois died.

Children of Francois and ?:

i. Joseph Moreau ( 226) born ~1710 in Biloxi, MS.

ii. Anne Moraux, born ?.
3/31/1749, Anne godmother to her nephew Francois, s/o Joseph. (S) SLC, B2, P148.

Cox 390 Valanciennes-Girard

390. Andre Miou dit Valanciennes & 391. Marie Angelique Girard [Fra, LA]

1699, Marie born in France.
~1699, Andre born in France.
1/1721, Marie Angelique arrived in New France (Biloxi) from La Salpetrier, France aboard the French cargo ship Baleine. (S) The Brides of La Baleine.
6/27/1721 Angelique Girard married (1st) Zacharie Rorbae “at Old Biloxi”. (S) SLC,M1. P34.Andre was a soldier in DeLesser’s Company. (S) GCC, P50.
Andre worked as a steward for Monsieur (Charles) De LaLande, owner of the St Louis Plantation.
3/27/1735, “On 27 March 1735, I, the undersigned Recollect Priest, substitute for Father Mathias, have baptized a boy born on 5 March 1735 of Andre Miou dit Valanciennes, Econome for Mr. Lalande, Warehouseman for the King, and Angelique Girard, his parents. Godparents were Charles de Lalande, Warehouseman, and Martha Chauvin, wife of Mr. Devin, Engineer for the King, of this Post, who gave him the name of Charles, who have signed on the day and year above.” /s/ Father Victorin, Cure. (S) SRAoM, #742.
1745, Andre and Marie were residents of Mobile when their daughter Marie Catherine was married. (S) Love’s Legacy, P245.
1750-1757, Andre is a “Patron for the King” – a Captain of small boats in Mobile.
8/21/1757 Andre died in Mobile, AL. He was buried in the Hospital Cem. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P36.

Family notes:
• Valenciennes, France is first mentioned in 693 in a legal document written by Clovis II. In the 9th century the region was overrun by the Normans. In the 14th century, the Tower of Dodenne was built. In the 15th century, the County of Hainault, of which Valenciennes is part, was re-attached to Burgundy. In 1524, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V arrived at Valenciennes. With its manufacturer of wool and fine linens the city was able to become economically independent. By 1580 the town, a Calvinist stronghold, was conquered by Alexander Farnese and Protestantism was eradicated. In 1678 by the Treaty of Nijmegen, the French took control of Valenciennes and the surrounding southern part of of the county. This would be about the time Andre was born.

Children of Andre and Marie:

i. Marie Catherine Miout ( 195), born ~1730.

ii. Jean Angelique Miout, born 4/5/1731.

iii. Charles Miou, born 3/5/1735. (S) Family notes.
3/27/1735 Charles baptized. (S) See this date.
Charles never married.
1764, Charles took the oath of allegiance to King George III.
1767–1768 Charles attended the wedding of his niece Marie Nicaise97.
1/1/1786, the Spanish census lists Charles Mioux, age 52 (no spouse), living in his house with his freed slave Isabella, a mulatto.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula, Carlos Mioux, single 53, free mulatto Genevieve.
The Last Will and Testament of Charles Mioux left one-half of his Belle Fontaine plantation to his nieces and nephews (children of his sister, Marie Catherine Mioux who married Jean Baptiste Nicaise) and one-half to Marianne Jacob Amon, widow of Jacques Jacob.
Bef. 8/1793 Charles died; the nieces and nephews sold their portion of the inherited plantation back to Marianne Amon.

Cox 374 Tarare-Delsine

374. Joseph Tarare & 375. Therese Delsine [Fra]

~1680 Joseph born in France.
~1690 Catherine born in France.
~1706, Therese married ?.
~1714 in Grausin diocese Cambrai France, Joseph married widow Therese Delsine.

Children of Joseph and Therese:

i. Marie Josefa Tarare ( 187), born ~ 1715 in Grausin diocese Cambrai France.

II. Anne Joachim Tarras, born ?.
10/15/1731 in New Orleans, LA; Anne godmother to her nephew Nicolas.

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Bell 448 Conrad Stem

448. Conrad Stem & 449. Maria Catharina ?

12/9/1744, Conrad of New Providence County, Yeoman, wrote his will: Wife Maria Catharina. Children: Frederick, Conrad, Balthar, Catharina, Magdalena, Salame. Executors: William Shepherd. Maria Catharina Stam.

Children of Conrad and Maria:

i. Frederick Stem, born ? in PA.

ii. Conrad Stem, born ? in PA.

iii. Baltzer Stem ( 224), born ~1720 in PA.

iv. Catharina Stem, born ? in PA.

v. Magdlaena Stem, born ? in PA.

vi. Salame Stem, born ? in PA.

Bell 360 Kimbrough-Graves

360. Thomas Kimbrough Sr & 361. Eleanor Graves 

1707 Thomas born in New Kent Co., VA, the s/o 720. John Kimbrough II & 721. Elizabeth Bradley.
~1724 Eleanor born in Spotsylvania Co., VA, the d/o 722. Thomas Graves & 723 Anne ?. (S) Thomas’ will names his wife’s deceased father as Thomas Graves.
~1730 in VA, Thomas married Eleanor.
1762, they lived in Orange Co., VA.
11/22/1764, they sold their land and moved to Country Line Creek, Glouchester Distr., Orange Co., NC. “Indenture between Thomas Kimbrow of Orange County and Elionor, his wife, and John Sutton of Spotsylvania County … for divers causes … and 45 £ … sell land whereon now liveth … 400 acres on that Branch of Pamunkey called Madison’s Mill Run … bounded … Wolf Trap branch … /s/ Thomas Kimbrow and Elioner Kimbrow.
[Most early records from Orange Co., NC were destroyed during the time of the Revolution. They were buried in the ground by a county official and could not be salvaged. Their daughter Sarah’s husband is recorded there in 1774 – it came be assumed they were also there.]
9/29/1776, Caswell Co., NC, estate sale of Joel Nowel: sales to Thomas Kimbrough Sen. [Son-in-law Henry Turner is also listed.]
9/20/1777, Orange Co., NC, Thomas’ will was written. [This area became part of Caswell Co. at the end of 1777]. Wife Elleanah; sons John, Wm, Robert, Thomas; daus. Suckey Nowel, Sarah Brown, Mary Bryant, Betty Bruce, Nancy Turner, Frankey Carman; son Graves. Sons to get all part from est. of wife’s deceased father, Thomas Graves. Exec’s sons John and Wm. 17 Slaves distributed to family members. [See Family notes.]
12/1777, Thomas’ will probated in Caswell Co., NC. (S) December Court, WB-A.
1782, “Eleanor Graves” a legatee in the will of her mother Ann.
1786 tax list: Eleanor had 6 black “polls”.

Family notes:
• Alternate name spelling: “Kimbro”.
• In the name of God amen. I Thomas Kimbrow of Caswell County and State of North Carolina being Sick and Weak in Body, but of sound mind memory and understanding, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following First of all I recommend my Soul to God who gave it, trusting that the same will receive happiness in the World to come through the merits of our Help & Redeemer Jesus Christ; and my Body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors; And as to my Worldly Estate with which it has pleased Almight God to __ me in this Life I dispose of the same in the following manner to wit; Imprimis, I lend to my beloved Wife Elleanah during her natural Life my Plantation whereon I now live together with the following Negroes to wit, Sam, George, Cato, Suey & Phebe; also all my Household Furniture, Working Tools, one horse called Sorril, and mare called Bonney, and mare call’d Fly, Eight Cows & Calves, four Ewes & Lambs, three Sows & piggs and Port out of my Stock to support her and the abovementioned Negroes one Year; and after the decease of my said Wife I will that the Plantation and Land belonging thereto abovementioned be sold by my Executors hereafter named or the Surviver of them and the money arising from such Sale to be equally divided between my Sons John, William, Robert, Thomas & my Daughter Suckey Nowel, to them their heirs and Asigns forever. And it is likewise my Will, after the Decease of my said Wife, that the Negroes hereby lent to my Wife and their increase if any (except one Child hereafter Will’d to my Son Robert & his Children) together with all the Furniture working tools & Stock which may then remain belonging to my Estate, be equally divided between my Sons John, William, Thomas, Robert and my Daughter Suckey Nowel; to them their Heirs and assigns forever; But in case my Son Thomas should die without any Heir lawfully begotten of his Body, then my Will is that all such Estate which is or may be devised to him in this Will, be equally divided amongst my several Children abovenamed, to them their heirs and assigns forever. I hereby empower my said Executors to sell the abovementioned Horse & Mares, & furnish others in their stead, if necessary or required by my said Wife. Item, I give to my son John one hundred & eight acres of Land be the same more or less, Beginning at a Beach on the North side of the South fork of Country line Creek, running thence E 114 poles to a black Oak, thence South 154 Poles to a poplar, thence W 114 poles to a white Oak, thence North 154 Poles to the beginning: also one Negroe Boy called Britain to him, his Heirs & assignes forever. and it is my Will that he be paid the sum of Fifty three pounds six Shillings & eight pence Proclam. money out of my Estate which I justly owe him Item, I give unto my Son Thomas One hundred acres of Land be the same more or less Beginning at a Beach John Kimbrows Corner, running thence E 114 Poles to a black Oak, thence No 180 Poles to a black Oak, thence West to the first Branch, thence down the branch to the Creek, thence up the meanders of the Creek to the first Station; also one Negroe Girl called Jenney to him his Heirs and Asigns forever. Item I lend to my Son Robert during his natural Life one Negroe Woman called Lydda, and the first Child which may be born of any of the Negroes lent to my Wife, which may live to be Eighteen months old; and after the Decease of my said Son Robert, I Will the said two Negroes Lydda & the Child, together with their increase to be equally divided amongst my said Son Roberts Children. Item I Will that the Tract of Land whereon my Son Robert now lives may be saved at the Expense of my Estate & that my Executors furnish my said Son Robert with Money sufficient for that purpose whenever the Land Office shall be opened: and it is further my Will that the said Tract of Land be divided as follows to wit, that Twenty five acres adjoining my Son Thomases Land on the North side, be laid off & confirm’d to my said Son Thomas his Heirs & asigns forever. That the remaining part be divided by Michaels Branch, That the land on the South side, to belong to my Son Robert, and that on the North side, to belong to my Son Graves, to them their Heirs & assignes forever. Item, I give to my Daughter Sarah Brown one Negroe Boy called Ben & Ten pounds proclamation Money to her her Heirs & assigns forever. Item I give to my Daughter Mary Bryant one Negroe Boy called Joe, Five pounds proclamation Money and all the Stock, Household furniture [symbol] now in possession of her and Her husband for which I have a Bill of Sale. Item I give to my Daughter Betty Bruce one Negroe Girl called Daphney now in her possession, also the sum of Ten pounds proclamation Money to her her Heirs & assigns forever. Item I give to my Daughter Nanney Turner one Negroe Boy called Sam and Ten pounds proclamation Money, to her her Heirs and Assigns forever. Item I give to my Daughter Suckey Nowel one Negroe Girl called Rachael & Ten pounds Proclamation Money, to her, her Heirs & Assigns forever. Item I lend to my Daughter Frankey Carmon during her natural life, one Negroe Girl called Agg which She has now in possession and one Negroe Boy called Davey and after her Decease I will that the said Negroe Girl Agg & her increase (if any) and the said Negroe Boy Davey be equally divided amongst the Children of my said Daughter Frankey Carmon, to them, their Heirs & Assigns forever. Item I give for the support & maintenance of my Son Graves one Negroe Boy called Daniel and one hundred Pounds proc. Money to be placed in the hands of my Son John, which said Negroe & Money, (after the Decease of my son Graves), I Will to my said Son John his Heirs & Assigns forever. Item I give to my Sons John, William & Thomas all that Estate due to me for my Wifes Legacy or portion, from the Estate of my said Wifes deceas’d Father Thomas Graves, to be equally divided betwixt them. Item I will that the remainder part of my Negroes and Stock which is not given & devised in this Will, be sold by my Executors and the Money arising from such Sale be applied towards paying off the several Legacies and other purposes given by this Will. And lastly I do Nominate, constitute & appoint my Sons John and William, whole & Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking, and making void all other and former Will and Wills by me heretofore made, In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & affixed my Seal this 20th day of Sept 1777. /s/ Thomas (X) Kimbrow Signed, Sealed, published, pronounced & declared by the Testator to be & contain his last Will & Testament, in the presence of us who in his presence & in the presence of each other hath subscribed our names as Witnesses. William Gooch (X) Jesse Benton (X) December Court 1777. The Execution of the within Will was proved by the oaths of William Gooch and Jesse Benton the Subscribing witnesses thereto and order to be recorded.

Children of Benjamin and Judith:

i. Nancy Anne Kimbrough ( 183), born ~1739 in VA.

ii. Graves Kimbrough, born ~1740 in VA.
9/20/1777, Thomas’ will requests son John to take care of his brother Graves.
9/1781, estate division names Graves as an heir of his father Thomas.

iii. William Kimbrough, born ~1741 in VA.
William married Elizabeth Gooch.
9/20/1777, Thomas’ will leaves William an equal share of Eleanor’s legacy.
9/1781, estate division names William as an heir of his father Thomas.
1/14/1786,, Tax list of Caswell Co., Gloucester Dist., P1: William Kimbrough.

iv. Robert Kimbrough, born ~1742 in VA.
~1755 Robert married Elizabeth Yancey.
9/1781, estate division names Robert as an heir of his father Thomas.
6/1782 in Caswell Co., Robert named in the allotment of land of the widow of John Carman.
1/14/1786,, Tax list of Caswell Co., Gloucester Dist., P1: Thomas Kimbrough.

v. Susannah Kimbrough, born ~1743 in VA.
Susannah “Sucky” married Edward Nowell.
6/24/1795, deed Edward Noel of Caswell Co. to John Turner of same, for 50 £, 100 acres on south fork Country Line Creek, adjoining John Graves, Widow Enoch’s line.
9/1781, estate division names Edward [for Susannah] as an heir of her father Thomas.

vi. John Kimbrough ( 180), born ~1744.

vii. Mary Kimbrough, born ~1745 in VA.
Mary married John Bryant.
9/1781, estate division names John [for Mary] as an heir of her father Thomas.

viii. Sarah Kimbrough, born ~1746 in VA.
~1761, Sarah married Leonard Brown. (S) Based on daughter Eleanor’s pension application of 1844.
1762, Leonard & Sarah are in Orange Co., VA; he was a witness to the recording of 3 separate deeds.
1774, Leonard and John Graves named in a map description of the 3rd district of Orange Co. which became Caswell Co.
1777, Leonard on tax list for Caswell Co., St. David’s Distr.
9/1781, estate division names Leonard [for Sarah] as an heir of her father Thomas.
Eleanor Brown, born 1763.
1/15/1785, she married William Dorris.
Elizabeth “Betsy” Brown, born 1763.

ix. Betsy Kimbrough, born ~1747 in VA.
Betsy married Robert Bruce.
9/1781, estate division names Robert [for Betsy] as an heir of her father Thomas.

x. Frances Kimbrough, born ~1748 in VA.
Frances “Franky” married Caleb Carman.
1/16/1786, Caleb bondsman for James Pond and Elisabeth Stansbury.
10/7/1786, Caleb bondsman for Samuel Stansbury and Hannah Hix.
12/31/1792, Caleb bondsman for Caleb Wright and Betsey Thomas.
11/20/1803, Caleb sold land to James Boling, 129ac, Rattlesnake Cr adj Roberts.
William Carman, born ~1771.
Archibald Carman, born ~1774.
Elijah Carman, born ~1775.
Mary Carman, born ~1778.
8/2/1796 in Caswell Co., NC, she married Samuel Stafford.

xi. Thomas Kimbrough Jr, born ~1749 in VA.
1777 Caswell Co., NC, estate sale of Joel Nowel: sales to Thomas Kimbrough.
1/14/1786, Tax list of Caswell Co., Gloucester Dist., P1: Thomas Kimbrough. 1m 21-60, 2 m’s under 21, 1 f, 3 slaves.
3/29/1792, in Caswell Co., Thomas married Elizabeth Graves, bondsman James Yancey. [Elizabeth d/o John Herndon Graves.]
Bef. 5/4/1805, Thomas died.
10/5/1827 in Caswell Co., NC, Elizabeth signed her will.
Polly Kimbrough, born ?.
She married ? Chandler.
Duke Kimbrough, born ?.
Elijah Kimbrough, born ?.
Nancy Kimbrough, born ?.
She married ? Evans.
Azariah Kimbrough, born ?.

Bell 358 Jones-Bird

358. Capt. Richard Jones Jr & 359. Tabitha Bird {… VA}

~1675, Richard born in VA; s/o 716. Richard Jones.
~1675, Tabitha born in VA; d/o 718. Thomas Bird & 719. Mary ?.
1/21/1680, Tabitha left property in the will of her father.
Richard 1st married Sarah ?.
Tabitha 1st married John Young.
1704, Richard on the Prince Anne Co. rent roll with 200 acres.
11/5/1709, John and Tabitha sold 30 acres on Southern Run belonging to heis of Thomas “Burd”.
5/18/1715, John wrote his will.
4/4/1720, by which George Nicholson [Tabitha’s step-father] and Mary [Tabitha’s mother], his wife, tenants during the life of said Mary in certain lands, and John Lanier and Elizabeth, his wife, and John Young and Tabitha, his wife, tenants of the reversion of the fee simple after the death of said Mary, convey the said lands situated at the head of Upper Choppkes Creek in James City County to William Blaikley, merchant of James City.
John died.
1726, “To Richard Jones …”, South Side Bristol Parrish Dr. (S) Vestry Book.
Richard married Tabitha.
3/4/1728, deed from Elizabeth Lanier [Tabitha’sister] conveyed to Richard Jones and his wife Tabitha, daughter of Thomas Bird, who by his will dated January 21, 1680, devised land to his three daughters, Mary, now deceased, and Elizabeth and Tabitha, 300 acres on the South Branch of Upper Chippokes Creek, Surry Co., VA.
12/30/1729, a son was born to Richard Jones, baptized 5/2/1730. (S) A History of Bristol Parish, Slaughter, 1846, P131.
9/1732 in Surry Co., Richard & Tabitha gave their daughter Mary 130 acres; with reversion to Richard’s sisters Jean and Tabitha Jones.
5/2/1742, Francis & Sara Negro children belonging to Mrs. Tabitha Jones baptized. (S) Vestry Book.
7/4/1742, John A slave of Capt Richard Jones baptized. (S) Vestry Book.
~1759, Richard died in VA.
(S) The Vestry Book and Register of Bristol Parish VA. (S) AP&P.

Family notes:
• There are multiple “Richard Jones” in VA at this time. There is also another “Tabitha Jones” married to Thomas Jones. The records are likely of the same person, but may be a mixture.

Children of Richard and Sarah:

i. Peter Jones, born 11/17/1719 in Bristol Parish, VA.
1/8/1720, Peter baptized.

Children of Richard and Tabitha:

i. Mary Jones, born ? in VA.

ii. Ursula Jones ( 179), born ~1725 in VA.

Louis Vinçonnau & Catherine Douçin

358. Louis Vinçonnau & 359. Catherine Douçin [Fra, AL] 

By 1681, Louis born in Peringy en Aunix, France, s/o 716. Guillame Vinconnau & 717. Mathurin Pajeau. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, 10/1987, P78.
By 1685, Catherine born in Anais en Poitou, France, d/o 718. Pierre Doussin & 719. Marie Minet. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, 10/1987, P78.
8/1/1712, in LaRochelle, Parish of Notre Dame, France; Louis married Catherine. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 1719 Louis, a master tailor, arrived in LA from France.
3/17/1719, Catherine arranged for transportation with her daughter to LA. (S) Family notes.
3/21/1719, they set sail on the Dauphine, and in company with the ship St Louis, both of which carried colonists, prisoners [to become colonists], and soldiers.
6/26/1719 the ship arrived at Pensacola. The ship off loaded supplies and then sailed to New Orleans. The colonists were sent to Dauphin Island where they remained until July.
7/1/1720, Louis married Catherine after she arrived from France with daughter Marie.
Before 1723 Louis died.
6/13/1723 Catherine married 2nd widowed Joseph Simon de la Pointe, born 1632, a native of Quebec, who arrived with Bienville, as well as his good friend Jean Baptise Baudreau Dit Graveline350. He eventually owned most of what is now North Pascagoula, MS. The small building known as “The Old Fort” on the lake front was his carpenter shop. The family cemetery is next to it. He was believed to be an Admiral in the French Navy, and in 1717 was sent to build a fort on “Lake Catahoua”. Marie Vinconnau grew up as his step daughter and married Graveline’s son. (S) Love’s Legacy, P29. (S) SLC, M1, P65.
3/1/1734, Catherine and Joseph hosted the wedding of her daughter Marie in their home in Pascagoula. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
11/3/1736, Catherine was named the godmother for the baptism of her granddaughter Mary178i and present for the baptism of grandson Jean178ii. (S) Love’s Legacy, P123. (S) MAA, MB1, P16a.
12/4/1736, Catherine was the godmother in the baptism of Simon Pierre Millon in Pascagoula. “The godmother declared she did not know how to sign”. (S) MAA, MB–1, P17. [The godfather was her husband Joseph Simon de la Pointe.]
2/21/1747, Catherine “Doussaint” was present at the marriage of Francois Barbet & Jeanne Simon. (S) MAA, MB–1, P34.
2/7/1750, Catherine gifted 21 cows to her grandchildren by her daughter Marie. (S) No. 178 Family notes – separation agreement.
3/30/1752 Catherine died in Mobile, AL. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P30.
4/22/1752 in Mobile, Catherine’s property is divided amongst her children. (S) No. 178 Family notes – separation agreement.
(S) The New Orleans French 1720-1733, P94. (S) St. Louis Basilica, N.O., LA, Bureau of Archives., P28. (S) 2/1968 New Orleans Genesis, Vol.5, No. 19. (S) Creole Mobile, P43.

Family notes:
• “Doucin” also spelled “Doussin” (because the “c” is soft). The same is true for Vinconnau.
• “On August 1, 1712, after the bethrothal and the publication of the three banns made according to the laws of the Church and this diocese, and without there being found any impediment, to our knowledge, I, a priest, Vicar, the undersigned, have recived the mutual consent to the marriage of Louis Vinconneau, tailor, native of Perigny en Aunix, living in this town, parish of Notre Dame, son of Guillame Vinconneau, gardener, and Mathuring Pajeau, his father and mother on the one part, and Catherine Doussin, native of the parish of Anais en Poitou, also living in this town, and parish of Notre Dame, daughter of the deceased Pierre Doussin, master carpenter of big jobs, and Marie Minet, her father and mother, on the other part; following which I have joined them in marriage and given them the nuptial blessing according to the method of our holy mother the Church, in presence of Guillaume Vinconneau, father of the groom, Abel Vinconneau, uncle of the groom, Pierre Vinconneau, cousin of the groom, and John Cabot, friend of the groom, Pierre Maudet, friend of the bride, Anne Goeffre, friend of the bride, Jeanne Maudet, friend of the bride, Mr. Gerard Pineau, Procurator at the presidial seat of this town. The parties have signed and the others stated they could not.” /s/ Granier, Priest of Notre Dame; /s/ P Vinconneau, … (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, P78.
• “On September 13, 1715, I, the undersigned, have baptized Marie Catherine, born on September 11 of the present month, the legitimate d/o Louis Vinconneau, master tailor, and Catherine Doucin, his wife. Godparents are Francois Delame and Marie Chaillou. The father stated he could not write.” /s/ J Grambly, Priest of the Oratory. /s/ Suzanne Duchene. /s/ Francois Delame.
• 3/17/1719, “List of workers for the Company, private passengers, officers, soldiers, and prisoners sent from Lyon embarked on the ship Dauphine, commanded by M Briand de la Feuillee, and bound for Louisiana from La Rochelle: Private Passengers - The Toussaint Party: Catherine Toussaint, wife of Louis Vinsonneau who is already in Louisiana; Marie Vinsonneau, their child...”. (S) 1st Families of LA, V1, P38.
• “On March 30, 1752, I, a Capuchin Curate at Mobile, have buried in the parish cemetery the body of Catherine Doussin, wife of the deceased Joseph Simon Dit La Pointe, who died the same day as above after having received the sacraments of the church. In faith I have signed.” /s/ Father Pierre.

Child of Louis and Catherine:

i. Louis Claude Vinconnau, born ~1713 in La Rochelle, France.
Died as an infant.

ii. Marie Catherine Vinconnau ( 179), born 9/11/1715.
(S) Family notes.

Cox 354 Touche-Cebroy

354. Louis Touche & 355. Radegonde Cebroy [Fra] 

~ 1671 Louis born in France. (Probably Poitiers). (S) No. 176 Family notes.
~ 1671 Radegonde born in France. (Possibly Liernes). (S) No. 176 Family notes.
Bef. 1731, Louis died. (S) No. 176 Family notes.
Bef. 1731, Radegonde died. (S) No. 176 Family notes.

Child of Louis and Radegonde:

i. Marie Jeanne Touche ( 177), born 1709 in Poitiers, France.

Antoine Bouzage Jr & Louise Marionneau Ballet

352. Antoine Bouzage Jr & 353. Louise Marionneau Ballet [Fra] 

3/26/1676, Louise born in St. Paul Parish, Poitiers, France; d/o 706. Jacques Ballet & 707. Louise Marionneau. (S) No. 706 Family notes.
11/19/1676, Antoine born and baptized in St. Opportune Parish, Poitiers, France; s/o 704. Antoine Bouzage, Sr & 705. Francoise Touchard. (S) Dept. of Vienne, St. Opportune.
8/20/1703, Antoine married Louise in Poitiers, France. “Today, August 20, 1703, the nuptial blessing was given by me, the undersigned priest, to Antoine Bouzage of the parish of St. Etienne and Louise Ballet of the parish of St. Paul. The banns were published without opposition on July 22, 1703” ... /s/ Antoine Bouzage, /s/ Louise Ballet, /s/ Pierre Ballet, … (S) Poitiers, St. Savin, Reg. 182, P349.
6/9/1704, “On June 9, 1704, was baptized Louise Perrine, and the ceremonies of baptism were administered to Marianne, privately baptized in the home by the mother because of the danger of death, twin daughter of Antoine Bouzage, joiner, and Louise Ballet, his wife, born this day. Godparents for Louise Perinne are Jean Partenay, carpenter, and Perinne Bouzage; for Marianne Pierre Ballet and Marianne Vinault, wife of Pierre Ballet. The two godmothers said that they did not know how to sign.” /s/ T. Buignon, Cure. (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 44, P333.
12/4/1705, “On December 4, 1705, was baptized Jean, the son of Anthoinne Bouzage, joiner, and Louise Marionneau, his wife, born yesterday at nine o’clock in the evening. God parents are Mr. Jean Granier and Miss Anne Babin.” /s/ Guignon, Cure. (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 45, P17.
2/9/1706 Antoine attend the marriage of his sister Perrine. (S) No. 704 Family notes.
12/4/1707, “On December 4, 1707, was baptized Marie, the daughter of Anthoinne Bouzage, joiner, and Louise Marionneau, his wife, born yesterday. Godparents are Jean Chanpidor, master joiner, and Marie Ponuraceau, wife of Anthoine Godume, butcher. The godparents said they did not know how to sign.” /s/ T. Buignon, Cure. /s/ Anthoine Bouzage. (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 45, P52.
3/19/1709, “On March 19, 1709, was baptized Anthoine Joseph, the son of Anthoine Bouzage, joiner, and Louise Marionneau, his wife, born this day. Godparents are Pierre Chausiau and Marie Hilaire, who said that she could not sign.” /s/ G. Macnamara, Vicaire. /s/ Anthoine Bouzage. (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 45, P86.
3/16/1711, As a supplement to his income as a joiner, Antoine leased a vineyard form the Jacobin priests on 3/16/1711. This is the first document that shows his name as Antoine Bouzage de La Brosse. His son Jean would later carry La Brosse as a “dit” with his name. “Before the royal notaries at Poitiers, …a vineyard situated at the fief de la Garde, …transferred to Mr. Antoine Bouzage de Labrosse, joiner, living at Poitiers, parish of St. paul, here present and personally establish …and pay the said Fathers the perpetual rent of 100 sols a year …, in the morning of March 16, 1711. … (S) Municipal Archives of Poitiers.
9/10/1711, “On September 10, 1711, was born and on the 11th was baptized Marie Jeanne, the daughter of Antoine Bouzage and Louise Ballet. The godparents are Simon Dore de la Crenfaud and Mis Jeanne Voy.” /s/ Richard, Cure de St. Paul. /s/ Antoine Bouzage. (S) Poitiers, St. Paul, Reg. 183, P142.
2/5/1731, Antoine witnessed the wedding of son Jean. (S) No. 176 Family notes.
7/19/1734, they “assisted” at the marriage of their daughter Marianne. “On July 19, 1734, after three banns were published in both parishes, … married before our Holy Mother the Church, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, Gabriel Roussereau, master tailor, resident …, and Marianne Bouzage, daughter of Antoine Bouzage, joiner, and Louise Ballet, of this parish, who assisted at the said marriage. … In faith of which I sign on the day and year as above.” /s/ Bellin. /s/ Antoine Bouzage. /s/ Jean Bouzage. … (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 47, P151.
2/18/1737, they “assisted” at the marriage of their daughter Marie. “Today, February 18, 1737, after having published three banns in this parish at the parochial masses on three consecutive Sundays, and not having found any impediment, … I married Andre Blanchet, printer, s/o the deceased Andre Blanchet and the deceased Jeanne Marie Baudon, his father and mother of this parish, on the one part; and Marie Bouzage, widow of Francois Roussea, d/o Antoine Bouzage and Louise Ballet, her father and mother, also of this parish, who have assisted at the celebration and blessing of the said marriage of the contracting. For the groom, Pierre Cartouche Grallot, brother-in-law, for the bride Antoine Bouzage, her father, and Jean Bouzage, her brother, … and other parents and friends, undersigned.” /s/ J. Savin, Vicaire. /s/ Antoine Bouzage dit LaBrosse. /s/ Jean Bouzage. … (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 47, P196.
1/16/1743, Antoine “assisted in the walk to the grave” of Jeanne Touche, wife of his son Jean176.
12/12/1753 Antoine died in Poitiers, France. Buried in St. Etienne cemetery. (S) Poitiers, St. Etienne, Reg. 96, Folio 68vo.
(S) Bouzage Bosarge, 2...., 6.

Family notes:
• As a joiner, Antoine Jr. made a living in Poitiers. He was an artisan who worked with wood to make furniture or others things in architecture.
• “Before the undersigned royal notaries, … leases, rents, and lets out to Mr. Andre Blanchet, printer, and Miss Marie Bouzage, his wife, who gives authorization, living in Poitiers, parish of Notre Dame la Petite, present and accepting for seven entire years, to begin on the feast of next Christmas … a detached building, part of a larger one, situated next to the Rue des Cordeliers, parish of Notre Dame la Petite. In the same manner he will enjoy it with use of a well to draw water, … and will enjoy the house as a good father of a family, taking care of repairs as well as tenants they may keep. …The rent is the sum of 110 livres, divisible by half-year, … The lessor may permit Mr. Roy and his family to go to the common place for their necessities. … The lessees are permitted, if it seems good to them, to make the lodging more enjoyable … Done at Poitiers in the study before noon on August 17, 1743.” /s/ Andre Blanchet. /s/ Marie Bouzage. … (S) Lease from Souchay to Blanchet, Municipal Archives of Poitiers.

Children of Antoine and Louise:

i. Louise Perinne Bosarge, born 6/9/1704 in Poitiers, France. (twin).
(S) Family notes.
7/1/1704, 3 weeks later, Louise was buried. (S) Poitiers, Notre Dame La Petite, Reg. 44, P335.

ii. Marianne Bosarge, born 6/9/1704 in Poitiers, France. (twin).
(S) Family notes.
7/19/1734, Marianne married Gabriel Roussereau. (S) Family notes.

iii. Jean Baptiste Bosarge Dit La Brosse ( 176), born 12/3/1705 in Poitiers, France.

iv. Marie Bosarge, born 12/3/1707 in Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.
Marie married Francois Rousseau. (probably Gabriel’s brother who witnessed her next wedding).
2/5/1731, Marie attended the wedding of her brother Jean. (S) No. 176 Family notes.
2/26/1733, Marie was at the baptism of Joseph88. (S) No. 176 Family notes.
11/4/1736, Andre Blanchet (and likely Marie) was at the baptism of Marie Madeleine, d/o Jean176. (S) No. 176 Family notes. This is just 3 months before Andre and Marie were married.
2/18/1737, a widow, Marie married Andre Blanchet. (S) Family notes.
8/17/1743, Andre and Marie leased a building in Poitiers. (S) Family notes.

v. Antoine Joseph Bosarge, born 3/19/1709 in Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.

vi. Marie Jeanne Bosarge, born 9/10/1711 in Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.

Capt Jean Baptise Baudreau Dit Graveline I & Suzanne ? & Marie Suzanne Panyouasas

350&356. Capt Jean Baptise Baudreau Dit Graveline I & 351. Suzanne ?
& 357. Marie Suzanne Panyouasas [Can, Fra, MS]

5/18/1671, Jean born in Montréal, Québec, Canada; s/o 700. Urbain Baudreau Dit Graveline & 701. Mathurine Marguerite Julliett Dit Avignon.
5/18/1671, Jean baptized in Notre Dame, Montréal, Ile de Montréal. (S) No. 700 Family notes.
~1672 Suzanne born in born in France. (S) Old Mobile.
1681 Census of Montreal, “Baptiste”, 11 and living with his family. [This is the last record found of Jean in the Montreal/Quebec parish archives]
9/1697, Jean participated in the attacks on Hudson Bay with Pierre Le Moyne D’Iberville. Jean Baptiste as a young man courageously risked his life many times “...for the service of his Majesty, first in the expeditions in which he took part in Canada against the Iroquois, where he always distinguished himself, as well as in the journeys that were made there by sea to take Hudson’s Bay and ravage the coasts of Newfoundland ...”. (S) Bouzage Bosarge, P95. In the battle of Fort Nelson [Fort Bourbon by the French], D’Iberville’s ship the Pelican defeated 3 British ships in a battle during a gale-force storm. Pierre Le Moyne D’Iberville [founder of Mobile], Joseph Le Moyne de Serigny, and Bienville Le Moyne [founder of New Orleans] were all Canadian-born sons of Charles Le Moyne of Montreal; the birthplace of Jean Baptiste, son of the Lord Mayor of Montreal.
1/17/1699, Jean was present for the inventory of his father’s estate in Montreal, Canada.
1699, Jean was one of 60 Canadians that sailed from New Foundland to Rochefort, France with Joseph Le Moyne de Serigny, who became the Governor of Rochefort. By orders of Pontchatrain, the Canadians awaited the return of Pierre Le Moyne D’Iberville. If D’Iberville’s expedition was successful, the men would be ready for D’Iberville’s 2nd voyage to the new French colony of LA.
1699, Jean married 1st Suzanne ? in La Rochelle, France. Suzanne was a Protestant [as were many of the residents of the La Rochelle area] that took her religion seriously. (S) Old Mobile, P443.
10/1699, Jean left France with D’Iberville on the ship La Renommee from La Rochelle.
1/8/1700, Jean arrived by ship at the MS coast (Biloxi) where Fort Maurepas was established. Jean remained at Fort Maurepas until the capital was moved in 1702 to a site on the Mobile River, where he then lived at Fort Louis for a time.
5/25/1700 Census of Biloxi, Canadians – Jean Baptiste Graveline. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
1/1702, Jean moved with D’Iberville to establish Fort Louis up-river from current Mobile, AL. He was a Militia Captain. [Jean is considered one of 27 Founder’s of Old Mobile]. (S) Love’s legacy, P29. At this time there were only 240 Frenchmen and Canadians in lower LA. (S) Old Mobile, P113.
6/1702, Jean built a one-story [probably 2 room] house from young pine. A well-to-do Canadian, his home was one of the largest; about 50 ft long and 20 ft wide; with a covered gallery outside for use in the heat of summer. The mortar for the walls was composed of damp clay, sand and oyster shells. The majority of his allocated land was used for private gardening. (S) Old Mobile, PP88-90.
1705, Jean, no longer in the King’s service, and some other more ambitious residents were planning large plantations to be able to sell produce to Havanna, Vera Cruze, Pensacola, and the French King’s stores on Massacre Island. There main problem was a lack of slaves to supply the labor. (S) Old Mobile, P224. The French administrators had an anti-slave policy to try to win the support of, and peace among the local Indian tribes, from which slaves were being bought by the English.
~1706 Marie born in LA Terr., d/o 714. Pierre Panyouasas & 715. Marianne ?. (S) No. 714 Family notes.
8/1706, Jean and some business partners boarded the ship Aigle headed for Havana. At Havana they switched to the English-built ship Conventry, which arrived in La Rochelle, France a few months later. Jean and partners Derbanne, La Fresniere and La Source, were interested in starting a trade in beaver furs, but they needed a ship. Jean, at 36, possessed more resources than any other merchant in the colony. In France, Jean and his partners ran into problems with an already assigned beaver monopoly. Jean believed there would still be profitable trade in France for LA resources. (S) The Descendents, V2, #1, Spring 1981. (S) Old Mobile, P391-3.
10/1707, Jean sent word to his brothers Gabriel and Paul about the venture to sell resources in France through La Source, who was traveling to Montreal to get married. Jean was able to purchased the ship Marguerite, by which he returned to Mobile with supplies that they sold for a good profit. On the return trip Jean bought a bull and other cattle while stopped in Havana. (S) Old Mobile, P394. Jean is identified as having 4 slaves: 2 male Indians, 1 female Indian, and 1 black male. (S) Old Mobile, Appendices.
3/1/1708, all Canadians were dismissed from the French King’s service, and they moved from the fort. Jean, having previously been removed from the service, moved to Dauphin Island. Jean believed the island’s grasslands would be excellent for raising cattle [See CD Misc Graphics 350 map]. It is hard to read, but Graveline’s land is identified on the large-scale map to the right as the “square patch” above the “S”. This map of Dauphin Island is dated 4/4/1717 and resides in the Biblioteque National, Paris, France. The map on the left is the detail around the lagoon “L” in the map on the right, but dates from 1714 [See CD Misc Graphics 350 map]. Note that “L” is identified as “graveline” and “M” translated means “other house of graveline that serves as a church”. Note that in the drawing building “M” has a cross. (S) Graveline Society Publication of 2004, article “New Discovery” by Eloise Genest. Right-map: (S) Old Mobile, Illustrations.
Spring-1709, Jean loaded the Marguerite with a small cargo and returned to France. (S) Old Mobile, P394.
Fall-1709, the ship Marguerite returned from France with passengers Joseph Simon dit la Pointe and his family. They were to become very close friends of Jean; with Joseph eventually becoming the 2nd husband of Catherine Douçin359. Jean had also arranged for more cattle to be bought in Havana. Jean had not heard from his brother Gabriel, and because the Mobile colony was in dire straits, Jean sold the ship to Bienville for the colony’s use. He received 2000 livres for the Marguerite. (S) Old Mobile, P398. Jean’s wife Suzanne probably arrived on this same trip. Her first mention in the colony is when Jean is living on Massacre Island.
1/1710, Jean’s brother Gabriel arrived in Mobile.
Summer-1710, Jean’s and 15 other families were living on Dauphin Island. The buildings pictured were owned by Jean, but he lived near what is now called Graveline Bay where the grasslands were abundant and he could tend to his cattle. This house, described as “the finest private home in the colony”, was a 2-story building costing Jean over 2000 livres. (S) Old Mobile, P442. Suzanne began to instruct her servants in the Protestant faith. Even though this might have been a problem, the Jesuits and Cathloic priests were too busy fighting with each other over who should have control of the “missions” to make her faith an issue.
9/9/1710, a English pirate ship masquerading as a French brigantine anchored off Dauphin Island near Pelican Island. The next day the pirates took control of the island, gathered the residents in a few of the houses where they could be watched, and looted the island’s warehouse. The next day they burnt the buildings not holding residents [Jean’s house was spared along with several others not located near the lagoon]. A Canadian returning to the island came upon a lingering pirate and shot him. The other pirates heard the shot and thought a contingent from the fort was arriving so they returned to their ship and sailed father from the island. They came back the next day in an attempt to retrieve the bull and cattle. Jean and 3 other Canadians used guns that had escaped seizure and fought them off, firing and and then quickly moving to a different location and firing again to make the pirates believe they were a much larger force [remember these were men that had been in battles against the British and Indians]. Jean’s cattle had been saved, but almost everything else of value on the island had been seized or destroyed. (S) Old Mobile, P446-8.
10/1713, Suzanne died on Dauphin Island, AL. (S) 10/1713 letter of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. (S) Old Mobile, P442.
10/10/1716, Graveline, together with a group of his Canadian friends [including La Fresniere, Durbanne], formed a commercial company. Jean left Mobile and traveled to Spain’s new Kingdom of Leon, what is now East Texas, then called “Tejas”. It was a challenging journey into a territory which was sprinkled with missions, and friendly and unfriendly Indians. At one Point in Texas, the French enterprisers were attacked by 60 Indians, who took 33 of their mules along with the belongings of the men. (S) The Historical Journal of the French in Louisiana, USL History Series, PP100-5. (S) Exploration des affluents du Mississipi et découverte des montagnes Rocheuses (1679-1754), Chap. VI.
10/25/1717, Jean arrived back in Mobile. (S) Same as above.
1717, Jean married 2nd Marie Suzanne Panyouasas. [Apparently because she was “with child”.] If correct, it would not have been that unusual. Many instances of marriage of 12-13 year olds occur in this document, especially with French-Canadian ancestors who were trying to survive and populate new territories. Many of them had children by Native Americans [aka Metis.]
~ 1718, Jean moved to “Martin’s Bluff”, on the west side of the Pascagoula river in MS. With the help of Indian and Negro slaves, he farmed and raised cattle on his river plantation.
9/12/1724, Jean Baptiste (Baudreau) and his daughter (Magdeleine) were godparents to Jean B C Ladner160i. (S) SRAoM, #396. On the same day they were also the godparents to two Nego children “Jean Baptiste” and “Magdelaine”.
3/1725, M Gorty Census, habitants Pascagoula, Graveline, 2 children [Magdelaine & Jean]. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
1/1/1726 Census of the colony of Louisiana. At Pascagoula, Graveline, 2 children, 19 Negro slaves, 2 Indian slaves. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
8/26/1726, Jean’s daughter Magdelene was married in his house. (S) No. 174 Family notes.
7/3/1727, Jean formally married 2nd “Suzanne”, an Indian. 7/3/1727, “I a missionary Priest and Curate of Mobile in the course of my mission and within my jurisdiction on the river capiene having accorded and dispensed the three banns by the authority which I had received from my superior and vicar General the Bishop of Quebec, have received the mutual consent of John Baptiste Boudreaux of Graveline now a resident of Capiene, and of Suzanne, an Indian, in the presence of John B. Boudreaux Jr. son of the contracting parties, aged ten years, is legitimized by this marriage. There being no objection made I have given them the nuptial blessings, with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church. The following pesons witness the said marriage, Pierre Paquet, Etienne du Chenem Charles Egron, D.A. la Motte and Joseph Bourgror, Christian, who signed. P Benanld, of St. Lawrence, Louis Brasillier of Tourengence, who made their marks. In faith of which I have signed the day and year above mentioned.” /s/ F.F. Mathias – Curate, /s/ Boudreaux, /x/ The Indian Susanne, /s/ Pierre Paquet. (S) Graveline Society Publication of 2004, article “New Discovery” by Eloise Genest. (S) 1762 Certification of marriage: “I a Capuchin Priest, and Missionary Apostle, now Curate of Mobile, certify that the present is a true copy of the original, having been copied word for word from the record. In faith of which I have delivered it to serve the required will. Mobile 28th of January 1762.” /s/ F. Ferdinand, Curate.
3/1733, Carte de partie de la Louisiane …, by Baron De Crenay, March, 1733. Courtesy Archives Nationales, Section d’Outre Mer, DFC, Louisiane, 1A. Note Jean’s home with a cross on top [being used as a church] on the west side of the Pascagoula River [the then location of Pascagoula].
3/1/1734, Jean witnessed and signed at the wedding of his son Jean178 in Pascagoula. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
6/20/1735 at Fort Conde, Mobile, Jean witnessed the wedding of Guillaume Bousquera and Marie Anne Preau. Joseph Moreau226 was also present.
4/5/1736, Jean was the godfather to his granddaughter Marie Marthe174i.
12/3/1736, Jean was named the godfather for the baptism of his grandchildren Mary178i and Jean178ii. (S) Love’s Legacy, P123.
Aft. 1740, Jean married 3rd Martha LaVergne.
7/1744, Jean350 sailed down to Cuba to return his son, Jean Baptiste, to provincial Louisiana where he faced kidnapping charges as filed by consort Marie Henriette’s guardian.
4/25/1747, a petition was granted by Louboey, the commandant at Mobile, to award Marie Henriette a pension for support of Marie Henriette and the children, Julie and Pierre. The petition had been filed by Jean350, as the paternal grandfather of the children. Commandant Louboey remarked to the grandfather that “your charity is well placed regarding Henriette Huet...” (S) Records of the Superior Council of Louisiana.
1747, Jean’s wife Martha LaVergne died.
3/19/1748, Jean attended the guardianship hearing in New Orleans of his granddaughter Marthe. (S) No. 174 Family notes.
9/16/1750, A will was written by Jean Baptiste Baudreau dit Graveline in 1750, 80 years of age at the time: “This sixteenth day of September one thousand seven hundred and fifty Before the Royal notary of the province of LA dwelling in New Orleans ... generally residing at a place called “la Bellefontaine” at old Biloxi, ... he had said & declared to us that he is born in Montréal in Canada & that he is in this colony since the year one thousand Seven hundred, that the came to this Colony with Mr. Iberville & that he believes that out of a hundred who came with him he is the only living person; that having had carnal communication with a Squaw of the Indian Nation (a daughter of a great chief) he had a son who is about thirty of age at this present time which compelled him under this consideration to marry the Said Squaw (or Indian Woman) in presence of our Mother the Roman Catholic & Apostolic holy church as acting the part of a true Christian with the intention of doing a good par to his Son ? named John Baudreaux, but that the severe language and bad conduct which his Son has this day shown to him, he is under the necessity of disinheriting him, having even attempted his life many times by putting his fist upon his throat, threatening to kill him, & other menaces calling him an old Bugger & only seeking daily his destruction ... his unfortunate Son never comes to his house but to pillage him & threaten his life which compels him this day ... to abjure him as his Son ...looking upon him as a miserable wretch who does not deserve all the property that he has made for him sonce he came into the world no more than his wife who has ill treated him … he is well know unfortunately for him by the whole Colony, … (S) Bouzage Bosarge, P96. (S) National Archives, Washington D.C., Ref. Div. D, MS, Item126, V203, P473-4.
1750’s, Jean disinherited his son, and slowly became blind.
1/1762 Jean died in Pascagoula, MS.
(S) Bouzage Bosarge, PP95–100. (S) Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique, Univ. of Montreal.

Family notes:
• Because Jean has a younger brother with the same name born 19 years after him, there is a problem identifying which one is the correct one in documents after about 1705.
• Jean Baptiste Baudreau Dit Graveline I was an adventurer. The earliest of the ancestors to move from New France to the gulf. He reached Fort Maurepas (Biloxi, MS) on 1/8/1700 with a group representing D’Iberville’s second expedition to the area.
• In a letter to Maurepas in 1748, Governor Vaudreuil wrote of Graveline, “... he came here for the settlement of this colony, at which he has always worked steadily, both by the frequent voyages which he had made to France to contract for and conduct people here, and by the voyages he had made to Vera Cruz and Havana in order to open a commerce there and to have transported to this country the first purebred horned livestock seen here ... he was one of the most opulent and where by his generosity in assisting all those who asked it of him has merited the esteem and the protection of all decent men ...”. Governor Vaudreuil praised Jean saying that he had distinguished himself “...since he has been in Louisana in the difficult journeys that he had undertaken, both to manage certain Indian nations for us and to suppress the insolence of several others, having marched against them at the head of the militia, of which he is the oldest captain, whenever we have formed an army to fight them.”
• There is an archives historical marker near the Interstate 10 rest area.

Children of Jean and Suzanne:

i. Magdeleine Pany Baudreau Dit Graveline ( 175), born 1708¬–1711.

Children of Jean and Magdelene Pany [aka Marie Suzanne]:

ii. Jean Baptise Baudreau Dit Graveline II ( 178), born 1717.