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2498690 Verdun-Clare-Mortimer-Burgh-Amory

2498690. Lord Thebaud de Verdun & 2498691. Elizabeth de Clare & 5910379. Maud de Mortimer & 60842364. John de Burgh & 30422770. Roger de Amory

[–––Thebaud de Verdun & Maud de Mortimer –––]

9/8/1278, Theobald born in England, heir & s/o 4997380. Thebaud de Verdun & 4997381. Margery de Bohun.

1286, Maud [aka Matilda] born in England, d/o 2498716. Edmund de Mortimer & 2498717. Margaret de Fiennes.

6/24/1298, Theobald knighted at Northumberland.

7/22/1298, Theobald fought with Edward I in his Scotland campaign at the battle of Falkirk, the defeat of William Wallace [Braveheart].

1299, Theobald “the younger”, 2nd Lord Verdun, summoned to Parliament.

4/28/1302, “Edmund de MortuoMari” granted in free marriage his daughter Matilda to Theobald “the younger” with the castle and manor of Donmask in Ireland; held by Theobald “the elder” to grant in fee simple of 200 marks a year. (S) Calendar and Patent Rolls, 1989, Membrane 24.

5/8/1302, Theobald, remaining in England, nominated John de Killey as his attorney in Ireland.

7/29/1302 at Wigmore castle, Thebaud married Maud.

11/7/1302, The King summoned the militaty tenants of the Crown to be at Berwick-upon-Tweed on May 26th … Thomas, earl of Lancaster, … John de Ferrers, Hugh le Despencer, … Ralph Basset of Drayton, Theobald de Verdun, senior, Theobald de Verdun Junior, … (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V8, P25.

2/22/1307, Theobald “the younger” summoned to Parliament. [Last use of “The Younger”]

8/24/1309, Theobald succeeded his father.

3/4/1309-10/24/1314, Theobald summoned to Parliament.

4/1309, Theobald present at the Dunstable tournament in which 235 knights participated in retinues, and 70 independently.

11/8/1310, Theobald authorized to take possession of his lands in co. Meath and co. Dublin, paying £275. 10s.

Theobald appointed his brother Milo guardian of his estates when he attended parliament in England.

10/11/1311, Theobald de Verdun, staying in England, has letters nominating … (S) CPRs.

9/18/1312, Matilda died in complications of childbirth; buried at Croxton abbey.

4/30/1313, Theobald named a justice and a lieutenant of Ireland, and to maintain in the king’s service 20 men-at-arms, with a fee of 500 pounds granted to him. (S) CPRs.

1313, John le Petyt promised to restore cattle which he took from “a hibernicus of Theobald de Verdun”. (S) Colonisation and Conquest of Medieval Ireland, Smith, 1999, P82.

1314, Theobald [and other noblemen] summoned to parliament in England “about the affairs of Ireland”. The same year he was appointed Chief Governor of Ireland.

[–––John de Burgh & Elizabeth de Clare –––]

~1280, John de Burgo born in England, heir & 2nd s/o 121684728. Earl Richard de Burgh & 121684729. Margaret ?.

9/16/1295, Elizabeth born in Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales, d/o 4997382. Gilbert de Clare & 4997383. Joan of Acre.

1296, Elizabeth’s widowed mother assigned Bristol castle as her residence for her and her children. Leaving her children at Bristol Castle, under the care of persons appointed by the king, Joan retired to Wales.

5/12/1297, at Dublin, John Harald, in the court of Common Pleas, accused Ric. de Burgo, earl of Ulster, John de Burgo senior, and John de Burgo junior, in the death of Ric. Harald. (S) Calendar of the Justiciary Rolls, … of Ireland.

1304, John became the heir when his older brother Walter died.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

9/30/1308 at Waltham abbey, in the King’s presence, John de Burgh married to Elizabeth de Clare. [Apparently John returned to Ireland and Elizabeth, age 13, remained in England.]

1309-10, Final Concord Parties: John de Burgh and Elizabeth his wife; Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster. (S) UKNA. [The grants included lands and manors in Antrim, Connacht, and Munster.]

10/15/1309, Elizabeth left for Ireland. [Elizabeth’s sister Margaret, wife of Piers Gaveston, had just returned from Ireland.]

6/18/1313, John de Burgh murdered at Galway in Ireland.

Elizabeth returned to England by Edward II [the King controlled marriages of women with large land holdings.]

[–––Thebaud de Verdun & Elizabeth de Clare –––]

Theobald de Verdun “abducted” Elizabeth from Bristol castle. [Likely because of her land holdings in Ireland.]

2/4/1316, Elizabeth married 2nd to Theobald, Lord Verdun. [They were fined by the king for marrying without his permission.]

7/27/1316, Theobald died in Alton castle, Staffordshire; buried at Croxton abbey. [The last of this line.] Elizabeth was pregnant at the time. Elizabeth retired to Amesbury abbey where her daughter Isabella was born.

8/8/1316, Sir Gilbert de Clare the elder, sometime earl of Gloucester and Hertford, espoused Lady Joan daughter of the late King Edward, of whom he begat Gilbert the late earl, Eleanor the wife of Hugh le Despenser the younger, Margaret late the wife of Peter de Gavaston, and Elizabeth late the wife of John de Burgo; and thus the said Eleanor, Margaret, and Elizabeth are sisters and heirs of the said earl, and the said Elizabeth is 17 and more. (S) CIsPM.

1/1317, King Edward II sent Elizabeth a ring worth £10.

Aft. 3/1317, Elizabeth with her cousin Isabel of Lancaster, d/o Henry, and her maternal aunt Mary, both nuns at Amesbury, went on pilgrimage to Canterbury together.

1317, Elizabeth, widow of Theobald, assigned “2 hides in Ashow” as part of her dower [passed down from his great grandmother Rohese de Verdun who held it in 1242.]

[–––Roger de Amory & Elizabeth de Clare –––]

By 1285, Roger born in England, younger s/o §Sir Robert d'Amory, Knt., of Bucknell & Woodperry, Oxfordshire & Juliana ?.

Aft. 7/12/1285, Roger’s father died, his older brother Richard the heir. [His mother still living.]

5/22/1306, Roger, 1 of 267 knighted by King Edward I in London at Westminster abbey.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

10/1308, Roger witnessed a grant in Northamptonshire to Bartholomew de Badlesmere, a retainer of the earl of Gloucester.

7/1309, Roger, with about 20 others, besieged Thomas de la Hyde, Sheriff of Cornwall.

8/1313, Roger’s older brother Richard granted him the manor of Bletchingdon.

6/24/1314, Roger de Amory, a knight in service to King Edward II, fought at the battle of Bannockburn in the retinue of Elizabeth’s brother, Earl Gilbert de Clare.

By 1315, Hugh de Audley with Roger Damory and William Montacute highly influential with the king.

1315, Roger appointed the Constble of Knaresborough castle by Edward II.

1/8/1316, Appointment … of Roger Dammory to be surveyor and superior keeper of the king’s venison … late of Henry de Percy, deceased, … in the custody of Eleanor, late the wife of the said Henry de Percy, … he shall inform he said Eleanor … (S) CPRs.

1316, Roger one of the Marcher barons suppressing a Welsh uprising with Henry, Earl of Lancaster [who led the opposition to Piers Gaveston, the Despensers, and anyone else who had influence with the King.]

1316, King Edward II and Roger de Amory visited pregnant Elizabeth at Amesbury. [Apparently to arrange the marriage of Elizabeth to Roger, a favorite of the King.]

1/15/1317, Grant, for life, to Roger Dammory, that he may maintain himself more fittingly in the king’s service, of 200 marks a year, … (S) CPRs.

1317, Roger’s castles of Knaresborough in Yorkshire and Alton in Staffordshire captured by Lancaster.

Elizabeth married 3rd Roger; date of a grant to the married couple.

5/3/1317, Grant to Roger Damory and Elizabeth de Burgo, his wife, the king’s kinswoman, … the manor of Sandhalle, co. York, … promised to him for his good service against the Scots at Stryvelyn [Bannockburn], and also on account of his marriage with the said Elizabeth.

5/22/1317, Whereas the king lately took the homage of Hugh le Despenser the younger, who married Eleanor the eldest sister and one of the heirs of Gilbert de Clare, late earl of Gloucester and Hertford, of Hugh de Augele the younger, who married Margaret, another of the sisters and co-heiresses … and of Roger Damory, who married Elizabeth, the third sister and co-heiress, … (S) CPRs.

11/1317, Elizabeth inherited the title of Lady of Clare with the decease of her brother Earl Gilbert, along with a third of his estates as coheir. [Gilbert’s wife was her 1st husband’s sister.]

11/20/1317, Roger 1st summoned to parliament. Roger was highly influential with King Edward II; part of the alliance called the “Middle Party”.

11/24/1317, at a secret meeting in London, Roger made an indenture with Pembroke and Bartholomew Badlesmere of “mutual restraint”.

12/1317, Roger attended Christmas festivities with King Edward II at Westminster.

2/3/1318, Grant during pleasure to Roger Damory of the custody of the castle of Corf. By writ of secret seal. (S) CPRs.

3/15/1318, Roger accompanied King Edward to his his stepmother’s funeral at Greyfriars Church.

3/20/1318, Sale to Roger Damory, in consideration of 200£ … of the marriages of Margery and Isabella, the daughters of Theobald de Verdun, tenant in chief. (S) CPRs.

6/1318, Roger the primary convincer of King Edward II to provide safe conduct for Lancaster.

8/12/1319, King Edward II with the consent of the prelates, earls, barons and nobles in the Parliament at York, granted to Roger Damory and Elizabeth his wife, the king's neice, the manor of 'Sandhall', Yorkshire, … and the manor of 'Halghton', Oxfordshire, … Also the manor of Vauxhall ('Fauxhall'), Surrey, … also grants Roger an annual payment of 100 marks, … (S) UKNA.

9/7/1319, Roger with 82 men in support of King Edward at the siege of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scotland.

6/1320, Roger accompanied King Edward II to France when he went to do homage for his French lands. (S) CPRs.

By 3/1321, Roger, removed from his influence on the King by the Despensers, allied himself with the Marcher lords.

7-8/1321, Roger stayed at New Temple in London during the parliament.

8/20/1321, Pardon to Roger Damory, … of any actions by reason of anything done against Hugh le Despenser, the son, and Hugh le Despenser, the father, … (S) CPRs.

Roger joined the forces of Earl Thomas of Lancaster in the Despenser War.

12/6/1321, Writ of aid for Oliver de Ingham and Robert Lewer appointed to seize into the king’s hands all the lands and goods of Roger Dammory, Hugh Daudele, the younger, … Henry le Tyes, … John Mautravers, the younger, … and Bartholomew de Badelesmere in the counties of Oxford, Berks, Wilts and Gloucester. (S) CPRs.

3/10/1322, Roger wounded when Lancaster’s forces were attacked by King Edward II at the river Trent. Roger was returned to Tutbury castle as the main Lancastrian forces retreated.

3/13/1322, Lord Geoffrey le Scrope, judge of pleas of the King’s army held at Tutbury; where he pronounced sentence on Roger de Amory.

Roger died of his wounds while prisoner at Tutbury castle; buried at St. Mary’s, Ware, Hertfordshire.

Elizabeth captured at her castle of Usk; imprisoned at Barking abbey with her children.

[––– Elizabeth de Clare –––]

Elizabeth, “la dame de Bourg”, released by King Edward II and her lands restored.

12/1322, Elizabeth spent Christmas with King Edward II at York.

4/5/1323, Commission … to array footmen to the king at Newcastle upon Tyne to go against the Scots, Elizabeth de Burgo, lady of the land of Gower, for 200. (S) CPRs.

1324, Edward II coerced Elizabeth into giving his favorite Hugh le Despenser [her brother-in-law.] the lordship of Usk [worth £770 yearly] for a lessor lordship of Gower [worth £300 yearly], both in Wales. [This united the powerful Welsh Marcher lords against Hugh.]

5/1326, Elizabeth, aware of the imminent invasion of Queen Isabella, wrote a secret indictment of King Edward and Hugh le Despenser concerning her lands forfeited.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

2/1327, Elizabeth had the lordship of Usk restored by Queen Isabella. (S) A Collection of Scare and Valuable Tracts, V2, Scott, 1812, P69.

12/1327, Elizabeth attended King Edward II’s funeral, leaving her daughters in the care of Isabel, Lady Hastings [sister of executed Hugh le Despenser.]

2/18/1328, Commission … to be present at and supervise the taking of the extents of the lands of Theobald de Verdon, deceased, … excepting those assigned in dower to Elizabeth, the wife of Theobald, having been taken again into the king’s hands by reason of error in a partition previously made in the time of the late king. (S) CPRs.

9/9/1330, Elizabeth de Burgo staying in England has letters … (S) CPRs.

1331-36, a “Roger Damory” lived in Elizabeth’s household.

10/15/1331, promise to pay Elizabeth de Burgo, the king’s kinswoman, sometime wife of Roger Damary, 1,500£ … (S) CPRs.

10/21/1333, Licence for Elizabeth de Burgo, the king’s kinswoman, to enfeoff … with remainder to Henry de Ferariis and Isabella, his wife, in fee tail … (S) CPRs.

6/15/1334, Pardon to the king’s kinswoman Elizabeth de Burgo, late the wife of Roger Damory, … of 12,000£ … showing these recognisances were made by compulsion. (S) CPRs.

1336, Henry de Ferrariis gave his mother-in-law, Elizabeth de Burgh, “one pipe of white wine”. (S) Medieval London Widows, 1300-1500, Sutton, P33.

3/4/1337, Elizabeth de Bourgh requests permission to give the castle of Tregrul, held of the King, to Thomas de Chedworthe and John de Hanfeld, and to their heirs and assigns, for them to grant it to her for term of life, with remainder to Henry de Ferrers and Isabel his wife and to the heirs of their bodies. (S) UKNA.

7/26/1337, Respite for life, to the king’s kinswoman, Elizabeth de Burgo, late the wife of Roger Dammory, of all debts, … (S) CPRs.

8/13/1337, Release to Elizabeth de Burgo, the king’s kinswoman, late the wife of Roger Dammory, … manor of Ilketleshale, co. Suffolk, … remainder to John Bardolf, Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of the said Roger and Elizabeth, in exchange for the manors of … which she holds for life with remainder to her said daughter in fee, … (S) CPRs.

1338, Elizabeth used a large portion of her remaining wealth to endow Clare College in Cambridge [founded in 1326.]

6/26/1338, Elizabeth de Burgo, late the wife of Roger Damory, as executrix of his will, … (S) CPRs.

1338-39, Elizabeth, living in London, had 206 salmon purchased for her household. (S) Medieval London Widows, Barron, 1994, P33. [Elizabeth bought 17 tons of wine in 1339-40.]

1339, Henry de Ferariis gave his mother-in-law, Elizabeth de Burgh, “one ton of Rhenish wine”.

4/26/1342, Exemplification at the request of Elizabeth de Burgo, the king’s kinswoman, … Liberties of the earl of Gloucester and Hertford …(S) CPRs.

8/17/1342, Elizabeth de Burgo, lady of Clare, staying in England, … (S) CPRs.

10/15/1342, … Elizabeth de Burgo, who has obtained the lordship of the said towns of Usk and Kaerlion, … (S) CPRs.

6/14/1345, Elizabeth de Burgo has made petition … she with John son of Richard de Burgo, sometime earl of Ulster, late her husband, was enfeoffed jointly … (S) CPRs.

1347, “Elizabeth de Burgh” to send 10 men-at-arms and 20 archers to the king at the siege of Calais. (S) Crecy and Calais, Wrottesley.

12/12/1351, Licence for 10£ to be paid to the king by Elizabeth de Burgo, for her and John Bardolf and Elizabeth, his wife, to grant for life to John de Lenne the manor of Ilketlesale, co. Suffolk, … (S) CPRs.

Aft. 1353, Elizabeth was using a seal: Clare impaling De Burgh in a border sprinkled with tears between roundels charged with Clare, Verdon and Damory. (S) A History of the County of Huntingdon, V2, 1932.

7/5/1353, Commission … to survey the hall of Clare in the university of Cambridge, founded by the king’s kinswoman Elizabeth de Burgo, … (S) CPRs.

9/25/1355, “Elizabeth de Burg, dame de Clare” wrote her will. Her body to be buried in Sisters Minories, beyond Aldgate, London. (S) Testamenta Vetusta: Being Illustrations from Wills, of Manners, Customs, Nicolas, 1826.

1357, Elizabeth is listed as a frequent visitor of Queen Isabella at Hertford castle.

1358, Elizabeth resided in London from May to September. (S) Medieval London Widows, Barron, 1994, P40.

1359, Elizabeth had 281 salmon purchased for her household. (S) Medieval London Widows, Barron, 1994, P33.

4/20/1360, Elizabeth de Burgo, [the king’s] kinswoman granted a market and fair at Buntingford, Hertfordshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

11/4/1360, Elizabeth died.

12/1/1360, Nicholas Damory, … executors of the will of Elizabeth de Burgo, staying in England, … (S) CPRs.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P851, P152.

Children of Thebaud and Maud:

i. Johanna de Verdun, born 8/9/1303 in Ireland.
4/28/1317, Joan, age 13, 1st married to John, s/o Lord William Montacute. [John died by August.]
2/28/1318, Joan, age 14, married to Thomas, s/o Lord Thomas de Furnival. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P852.
(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P852.
10/2/1334, Joan died.

ii. Elizabeth de Verdun (2498690ii), born 1306 in Ireland.

iii. Margery de Verdun (2955189), born 8/10/1310 in Alton, Staffordshire, England.

Child of John & Elizabeth:

i. William de Burgh (30421182), born 9/17/1312 in Ireland.

Child of Thebaud and Elizabeth:

i. Isabel de Verdun (1249345), born 3/21/1317 in England.

Child of Roger & Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth d’Amorie (15211385), born 5/1318 in England.