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22 Callicott

22. William M Callicott & 23. Laura Louella ?

11/1857, William born in Callaway, MO, s/o 44. William Calicots & 45. Elizabeth Ann Callaway.
1876, Wm M Calicott lives in Township 46, Range 8, of Calloway Co., MO, age 18-21. 1876 Calloway Co. Census.
6/1878, Laura born in AR.
1895, William married Laura.
 6/9/1900, the family lives in Hillsboro, Bosque Co., TX; William a section hand with the RR; Laura has had 3 children, all living. (S) 1900 Census, and obituary of daughter Della.
1905, the family moved to Santa Anna, TX. (S) Obit. of daughter Vivian.
 1909, the family moved to Grandfield, OK. (S) Obit. of daughter Della.
5/9/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Tillman Co., Karr; Wm is a farmer; Laura has had 7 children, all living; they have been married 15 years; William’s parent born in MO; Laura’s parents born in TN.
 5/23/1913, William consented to the wedding of his daughter Della. (S) Application for marriage license.
 2/21/1917, Laura died. (S) Gravestone.
 1/15/1920, living in Karr, Tillman Co., OK; William M Calicutt, a widower, has 9 children at home. (S) 1920 Census.
10/20/1920, William died in OK.
Children of William and Laura:
 i. Della Leah Callicott, born 11/27/1895 in Hillsboro, TX. (S) Obit.
 5/23/1913, Della married Macie Lee “Bud” West, born 1892, died 10/1941. (S) Obit.
 1/3/1920, Della and Maciel live in Alfalfa, Tillman Co., OK. They have a “daughter” Leota, actually her little sister, who is 3 years 5 months old. (S) 1920 Census.
 1972, Della died. (S) Obit. [Family named in obituary: sisters Vivian of Walters, OK and Jessie of TX; brothers W. D.,  W. B., and E. O. of Lawton, OK; Perry of Denver, CO; and A. J. of CA.]
 ii. William Demion Callicott, born 12/24/1897 in TX.
 Demion married Hilda R. ?, born 8/15/1901 in IL, died 5/3/1979.
(S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Alfalfa. Demion’s younger brother Emmet lives with him.
 3/18/1984, W. D. a surviving brother of his sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
 4/8/1985, William died in Lawton, Comanche Co., OK.
 iii. Jessie Callicott, f, born 2/1900 in Hillsboro, TX.
 Jessie married Norb Zimmerman. (S) Obit of sister Della.
 1974 Jessie Zimmerman of Burkburnett, TX, named as a survivor of her brother Walter. (S) Obit.
 3/18/1984, Jessie a surviving sister of her sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
1994, They lived in Burkburnett, TX. (S) Obit of her brother Walter.
iv. Vivian Ogethel Callicott (11), born 1/21/1902 in TX.
v. Walter Burton “Boots” Callicott, born 7/3/1903 in Hillsboro, TX.
 1925, Walter moved to Comanche Co., OK. (S) Obit.
 2/24/1929 at Duncan, Walter married Thelma Simmons, born 1906 in TX, died 2/25/2008. (S) Gravestone.
(S) 1930 Census, OK, Comanche, Quanah.
 7/29/1974, Walter died in Questo N.M. of a heart attack while on a trip; buried in Lawton, Comanche Co., OK. [Family named in obit: Jessie, Vivian, W. D., Perry, A. J., and E. O.]
 vi. Woody O Callicott, born 1/24/1906 in Hillsboro, TX.
 Woody married Fannie ?, born 1906, died 1969.
 ~1940, Walter moved from Granfield OK, to Sulpher, OK.
 1/17/1955, Woody died.
 vii. Thomas L. Callicott, born 10/17/1908 in TX.
(S) 1930 Census, Thomas and younger brother A J room with Charles H Martain.
 WWII, Thomas served in the military as a PFC, 31st Field Artillery, BN 7, Infantry Division. (S) U. S. Veterans Affairs.
 12/3/1943, Thomas died; buried in National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI. (S) Gravestone.
viii. Perry C Callicott, born 11/28/1910 in TX.
Perry married Marie ?.
1974, Perry lived in Denver, Co. (S) Obit of brother Walter.
 5/24/1981, Perry died in Graford, Palo Pinto Co., TX; buried in Pickwick McAdams cemetery.
ix. A J Callicott, m, born 9/1912 in TX.
 1972, A J lived in CA. (S) Obit of sister Della.
1974, A J lived in CA. (S) Obit of brother Walter.
x. Emmet O Callicott, born 2/5/1914 in TX.
 3/18/1984, W. D. a surviving brother of his sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
9/21/1991, Emmet died in OK. (S) SSDI.
 xi. Leota Mae Callicott, born 7/28/1916 in TX. (S) U.S. Public Records.
1/3/1920, Leota is living with her oldest sister in Alfalfa, TX. (S) 1920 Census.
4/15/1930, Leota “Callicot”, age 13, and listed as “sister” to Della, lives with them in Carr Township, OK. (S) 1930 Census.
11/23/1934, “Leots M” Callicott married Lynn B Williams in Tillman, OK. (S) Application for marriage license.
3/18/1984, Leota Williams a surviving sister of her sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
7/13/2001, Leota lives in Oklaunion, Comanche Co., TX.
10/8/2002, Leota died in Oklaunion.

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