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28 Mailloux-Kirouaque

28. Aubain Mailloux & 29. Malvina Kirouaque

12/15/1849, Aubin born in Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada, s/o 56. Aubin Mailloux & 57. Euphemie Simard.

9/1853, Melvina born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 58. Antoine Kerouac dit Breton & 59. Marie Morin.

1861, (S) 1861 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, Henriville. Aubain, age 11, lives with his parents.

1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville Co., St. Sebastien. Aubain lives with his family.

1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Malvina, age 18; lives with her family.

Aubain married Malvina in Saint-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec.

1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville Co., St. Sebastien. Aubin age 31 a cultivateur; Malvina age 28, Osmah age 8, Olidas age 6, Rosanna age 4, Arcade age 2, Helena age 5/12. He lives not far from his widowed mother and siblings.

4/10/1891, (S) Canadian Census, Quebec, Missisquoi, St Armand West. The first 10 children are listed in the census. Aubin is a farmer.

1895, they immigrated to the US.

1899, “Obin Mailloux” lives at 1227 Dwelley. (S) Fall River City Dir.

Aubin died.

6/4/1900, (S) 1900 Census, MA, Bristol co., Fall River. A widow, Melvina lives on Dwelley St. She has had 12 children, 10 still living. Oledios, Rosanna, Helena, Ernest, and Annie all work at a cotton mill. The 4 youngest are in school.

1905, “Malvina widow house 394 East Main.” (S) Fall River City Dir.

4/26/1910, (S) 1910 Census, MA, Bristol Co., Fall River. Ernest, Arthur, Simeon, Joseph, Eleanor [same age as “Arcand”], Annie, Marilda all live with their mother Melvina. Ernest is listed as the head of the family. They live on East Main St.

1915, “Malvina widow Aubin h 67 Peckham.” (S) Fall River City Dir.

1918, “Malvina widow Aubin bds 949 Globe.” (S) Fall River City Dir.

1919, 1920, “Malvina widow Aubin b 209 Manchester.” (S) Fall River City Dir.

1921, 1923, “Malvina widow Aubin b 512 County.” (S) Fall River City Dir.

1924, “Malvina widow Aubin res 512 County.” (S) Fall River City Dir.

Bef. 1925, Malvina died. (S) Last entry in City Directory.

Children of Aubin and Malvina:

i. Asma Mailloux, born 1873 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Joseph Olidias Mailloux, born 10/1874 in Quebec, Canada.
Joseph married Rosanna Bruneau.

iii. Rosanna Mailloux, born 5/1877 in Quebec, Canada.
Rose Anne married Wilfrid Patenaude.
Dora Patenaude, born 1902.
Loretta Patenaude, born 1907.

iv. Arcand Mailloux, born 11/1879 in Quebec, Canada.

v. Helena Mailloux, born 12/1880 in Quebec, Canada.

vi. Ernest Mailloux, born 12/1884 in Quebec, Canada.
Ernest married Eva Cote.

vii. Annie Mailloux, born 10/1886 in Quebec, Canada.
Annie married Octave Gagne.

viii. Arthur Mailloux, born 10/1887 in Quebec, Canada.
Arthur married Marie Louise Masse.
Arthur married Dorilda Chretien.
Arthur married Rose Truchon.

ix. Simeon Mailloux, born 2/1889 in Quebec, Canada.

x. Joseph Mailloux (14), born 7/1/1890 in St. Armand Station, Quebec, Canada.

xi. Merilda T Mailloux, born 5/1892 in Canada.
5/10/1920, Merilda married Albert Millotte born 1888 in Canada.

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