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G22: 2954850

2954850. Count William of Hainaut & 2954851. Jeanne de Valois

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1286, William born in Nord, France [Belgium], s/o 5909700. Count John II of Hainaut & 5909701. Philippa of Luxembourg.

1294, Jeanne born in Europe, d/o 5909702. Charles de Valois & 5909703. Margaret of Naples.

1299, William’s father united Holland, Zeeland, and Hainaut.

7/11/1302, William’s older brother John slain at the battle of Courtrai; brother Henri the hier apparent.

1303, William’s brother Henri died.

1304, William defeated at the battle of Duiveland by Guy of Namur [who conquered most of Zeeland and Holland. Successive battles that year recovered most territory.]

8/22/1304, William “the Good”, succeeding his father, became Count of Zeeland.

5/19/1305 at Chauny Aisne, France, William married Jeanne [sister of future King Philip VI of France, granddaughter of King Philip III of France.]

7/1315, King Edward II sent a letter to William asking for payment on the lands of his sister Elizabeth in dower in Holland, just as he would pay William’s sister, widow of the Earl of Norfolk, in England.

12/7/1318, Appointment of W. bishop of Exeter, and Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex and constable of England, … to treat with R. count of Flanders, and W. count of Hainault, Holland and Seland and lord of Friesland, for the settlement of disputes and the benefit of trade. (S) CPRs.

1323, William signed the peace of Paris at which the Count of Flanders renounced all claims on West Zeeland; William renounced all claims on Imperial Flanders.

1325-6, William was visited by Queen Isabella and Roger de Mortimer and provided support for their invasion of England. [William’s daughter Philippa would marry Isabella’s son, Edward III.]

7/1328, Jeanne had expenditures for 30 furs at a cost of 30£. 4s.

4/1331, Jeanne returned to Hainaut after spending 7 months in France.

4/25/1331, Jeanne received cloths of “green and crimson sandal” at at a cost of 50£. 15s.

1332, William summoned, but unable to attend because of illness, the knighting of Jean de France [future king Jean the Good.]

10/31/1333, William and some companions paid for 52 “ells of cloth” at The Hague.

1335, Jeanne received livery of cloth from Jean of Burgundy, Queen of France.

6/7/1337, William, “father-in-law” of Europe, III of Count of Avesnes, II of Count of Hainaut, IV of Count of Holland, III of Count of Zeeland, died of kidney failure in Valenciennes, France.

3/7/1342, Jeanne died in Fontenelle Yonne, France.

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Children of William and Jeanne:

i. William of Hainaut, born 1307 in Europe.
1331, William married Joanna, Duchess of Brabant.
William an ally of his brother-in-law King Edward III in his French wars.
1345, William killed in battle against the Frisians.

iii. Empress Margaret of Hainaut, born 6/24/1310 in Europe.
Margaret married Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
1356, Countess Margaret died.

iv. Queen Philippa of Hainault (1477425), born 6/22/1311 in France.

vi. Joanna of Hainaut, born 1315 in Europe.
Joanna married William V, Duke of Julich.
9/15/1369, Joanna died.

Child of William and a mistress:

vii. Elizabeth of Hainaut (7605701), born ~1315 in Europe.

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