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G23: 4997464

4997464. Baron Hugh de Mortimer & 4997465. Agatha de Ferrers

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1212-1217, Hugh born in England, heir & s/o 9994928. Robert de Mortimer & 9994929. Margery de Say.

1219, Hugh heir to his father.

12/4/1219, Hugh de Mortimer has mainperned before H. de Burgh, justiciar, that he will satisfy the king for all debts he owes … (S) FRsHIII.

12/26/1219, William Crassus, the first-born, has made fine with the king by £100 for having the daughter and heiress of Thomas of London as his wife and the following are his pledges for the fine: Earl W. Marshal for 50 m. … Fulk fitz Warin for 10 m. Walter of Clifford for 10 m. … William de Stuteville for 10 m. … Hugh de Mortimer for 10 m. Roger of Clifford for 10 m. (S) FRsHIII.

7/3/1221, Order to cause that demand he makes by summons of the Exchequer from Hugh de Mortimer for 510 m. and two sparrowhawks of the fine which he made with King John, the king’s father, for having seisin of all lands formerly of Roger de Mortimer, his father, to be placed in respite … (S) FRsHIII.

1230, Hugh’s mother died; his stepfather retained custody of her lands “by courtesy of England”. Henry de Trubleville was named guardian for Hugh.

~1234, Agatha born in England, d/o 9994752. Earl William de Ferrers & 486752647. Sybilla Marshall.

4/1243, Hugh [unsuccessfully] sued his stepfather over his mother’s lands.

1243-4, Hugh made a grant of Wychbold to his stepfather William de Scoteville [Stuteville].

6/28/1248, Margaret late Countess of Lincoln … recovered her dower out of the lands in Ireland of …, William de Vallibus and Alienor his wife, John de Moun and Joan his wife, Agatha de Ferrers in the king´s custody, … (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland, V1, 1875.

5/26/1250, A charter records the restoration of property, granted to Margaret Countess of Lincoln, to …, William de Vallibus and Alienor [de Ferrers] his wife, John de Moun and Joan [de Ferrers] his wife, Agatha de Ferrers in the king´s custody, …. (S) Calendar of Documents of Ireland, V1, 1875.

Hugh married Agatha. “De Sibilla, Comitissa de Ferreys,: … Agatha de Mortimer, uxor Domini Hugonis de Mortimer.” (S) Annales Hibernie ab anno Christi 1162 usque ad annum 1370, P314.

9/12/1254, Hugh granted free warren of his lands in Amberden, Essex, Hamme, Worcester, and Racheford, Herefordshire. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

5/20/1259, at the IPM on the death of his stepfather, William de Scoteville, Hugh, “of full age” took livery of the lands of his mother upon the payment of £100, including the manors of Wychbold and Cotheridge, Worcestershire.

1260, Hugh authorized to repair his home, Richard’s castle; and to support Roger, Lord Mortimer of Wigmore and Captain-General of the area; primarily against Llewelyn.

2/9/1263, Hugh given letters of protection until Midsummer or during the Welsh war, which extended to his knights and free tenants. (S) CPRs.

6/1264, Hugh, sided with the King against Simon de Montfort, forced to surrender Richard’s castle after the battle of Lewes.

8/4/1265, Hugh a royalist at the battle of Evesham, which ended the Baron’s Revolt. Because of his service the King granted him the priviledge of hunting in any of the King’s forests in Shropshire.

7/23/1266, License for life for Hugh de Mortuo Mari to hunt with his own dogs the hare, the fox, the badger and the cat through all the forests in the counties of Hereford, Worcester, Salop and Stafford, and to stretch his nets to take them whenever he will. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

8/28/1266, Simple protection for one year to Hugh de Mortuo Mari of Richard's Castle. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

10/26/1266 at Kenilworth, In recompense of a certain horse which the king’s beloved and faithful Hugh Mortimer lately lost in the king’s service in the siege of the castle of Kenilworth, the king has pardoned him and Agatha his wife, one of the heirs of the Earls Marshal, 40 m. in which the same Hugh and Agatha are held by the king at the Exchequer for the debts of the aforesaid marshals. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

11/16/1266, Hugh granted a weekly market and fair at Burford, Shropshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

9/29/1267, Commission to Roger de Sumery, Hugh de Mortuo Mari and Roger de Hopton, sheriff of Salop and Stafford, to do and complete all things contained in the form of the peace made between the king and his faithful Llewelin son of Griffin, prince of Wales. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

5/18/1269, Hugh de Mortuo Mari of Castle Richard gives a mark for having a writ of trespass … (S) CPRs.

3/13/1271, Because … homage and service of John de Turbervill for the manor of Cumbe, which was held of Walter, sometime earl Marshall, were assigned to Hugh de Mortuo Mari and Agatha his wife as her purparty of the inheritiance of the said earl ; the king commands the said John to do his homage … to the said Hugh and Agatha and to be intendant to them as his lord. (S) CPRs.

7/4/1271, James de Audley, justiciary of Ireland, … inspected letters of the Lord Edward … regarding … Roger de Leyburne, Alienor his wife, Hugh de Mortimer, and Agatha his wife, and their co-parceners of the county of Kildare, … (S) Cal. Of Documents Relating to Ireland, 1877, P154.

1272, Hugh, Sheriff of Shropshire.

1274, “Hugh de Mortuo Mari (Mortimer) of Richard's Castle: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire” died; his inquest showed he held 32 ½ knight’s fees of Burford; and son Robert was 22 and more years old. (S) UKNA.

9/1274, Plea before the K. between Agatha de Mortimer and Alienor de Vallibus, plaintiffs, and Agnes de Vescy, defendant, touching … in the inheritance of Sibil their mother, who was the wife of William de Ferrers. … Agatha and Alienor and one Matilda de Kyme, wife of Emeric de Rochechouart, … (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland.

4/1277, Agatha de Mortimer had a decree for the recovery of seisin of … land and rent in New Town near Geripons, which had fallen to her as daughter and one of the heirs of Sibil de Ferariis, sister and one of the heirs of Walter and Anselm Marshall, Earls of Pembroke.

3/4/1295, Debtor: Henry de Subury, of Salop. Creditor: Agatha Mortimer {de Mortuo Mari}. Amount £13. (S) UKNA.

1297-98, The manor of Great Inkberrow was held by Joan de Valence, Agatha de Mortimer and Milicent de Monhaut. [The last two were descended from Sibyl de Ferrers and Eva de Braose respectively, two of the sisters of Anselm Marshal]. (S) A History of the County of Worcester, V3, 1913.

6/6/1306, Agatha Taillard at her death held … seventh of the manor of Stuministre Marshall of the grant of Eleanor, late countess of Winchester, and that Joan de Vivona and Cecily de Bello Campo, Eleanor’s nieces, Aymer de Archiaco, her kinsman, and Sibyl wife of Guy de Rupe Cauardi, her niece, James de Bohun, deceased, and John de Mohun, her nephews, and Agatha de Mortuomari, her sister, are her next heirs and are of full age. (S) CCRs.

(S) A Genealogical History of Dormant …, Burke, P385. (S) Shropshire: Its Early History and Antiquities, Anderson, 1864.

Children of Hugh and Agatha:

i. Robert de Mortimer (2498732), born 1252 in England.

ii. Isabel de Mortimer, born ? in England.