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G23: 5909748

5909748. Earl Hugh le Despencer & 5909749. Isabel de Beauchamp & 11819894. Sir Patrick de Chaworth

Search for Queen Isabella, Weir

1254, Patrick born in England, s/o 23639788. Sir Patrick de Chaworth & 23639789. Hawise de London.

Bef. 9/23/1258, Patrick’s father died.

3/1/1261, Hugh born in Rhyshall, England, s/o 11819496. Sir Hugh le Despenser & 11819497. Aline Basset.

~1265, Isabel born in England, d/o 11819498. William de Beauchamp & 11819499. Maud Fitz John.

8/4/1265, Hugh’s father died at the Battle of Evesham.

[––– Patrick & Isabel –––]

1265-66, Grant of a maritagium of the manor of Claycoton next to Lilbourne in Northamptonshire, by Warin de Bassingburn, to Sir Laurence de St Maur who married Warin’s niece Emma. Witnesses: Sir Pain de Chaworth, Sir John de Musegros, Sir Robert de Typetot, Sir Patrick de Chaworth, Sir John Russell, Sir Baldwin de Bassingburn, … (S) Women of the English Nobility and Gentry, Ward, 1995, P28.

12/4/1267, Grant to Patrick de Cadurcis of the fine due to the king for the service which the abbot of Shireburn ought to have done in the last summons of the army at Shrewsbury. (S) CPRs.

Patrick de Carducis, knt., lord of Kidwelley & Ogmore, Wales, and Kempsford, Gloucestershire, married Isabel.

1270, Patrick, his sibings, and ancestors named in a grant of his brother Payn to Blanchard abbey. (S) County Palatine of Durham, V1, Mackenzie, 1834, P253. [Omnibus etc. Paganus de Cadurcis filius & haeres Dnoe Hawisiae de London … dominorum Thomae de London, Patricii de Cadurcis et Willelmi et Mauricii de London, Warini de Bassingbourn, Dnae Evae de Tracey, Aleys et Gundre defunctorum … Item pro Dna Hawisia de London matre n'ra & pro nobis Pagano de Cadurcis, pro Dno Patricio & Hervico fratribus pr'is & pro Emma Eva & Agnete sororibus nostris …]

8/1270, Patrick, as a minor, joined his older brother Payn on crusade with Prince Edward.

11/10/1270, Patrick and the crusaders arrived in Tunis.

11/16/1272, Edward I became King of England while on crusade.

1273, Sir Roger de Leukanore rendering service of 1 knight to Patrick de Chaworth, one of the heirs of William Bruere. (S) Calendar IsPM, V2, Edward I.

By 8/2/1274, Patrick and the crusaders had returned to England.

Bef. 9/23/1274, Patrick’s mother died.

1/4/1279, Mandate … eight live doves to be delivered to Patrick de Cadurcis of the king’s gift … (S) CPRs.

1/25/1279, Letters for … Patrick de Cadurcis, going beyond seas on the king’s affairs, nominating … (S) CPRs.

1279, Patrick, age 25, heir to his older brother Payn.

9/24/1279, Patrick de Cadurcis came into chancery and acknowledged, for Robert de Muscegros, that he owes to Queen Eleanor, the king’s consort, 20 marks. (S) CCRs.

12/8/1280, Grant, at the instance of Patrick de Cadurcis, their lord, to the bailiffs and good men of kedwelly for murage for give years … (S) CPRs.

1281, Patrick Chaworth claims certain rights in Haveldon, in the hundred of Worth, county Wilts, which was given by a certain Warine, son of Gerald, to William de London, ancestor of Patrick. (S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, V3, 2009, P17.

1282, Patrick fought in Wales.

1283, Margery Clifford holding dower in her first husbands lands in Wiltshire, Patrick Chaworth having the revisionary rights.

Bef. 7/7/1283, Patrick died; his only daughter Maud inherited Kidwelly and Ogmore in Wales.

[––– Hugh & Isabel –––]

1271, Hugh’s mother Aline married 2nd Roger Bigod, 7th Earl of Norfolk, Marshall of England.

Bef. 4/11/1281, Aline died.

5/28/1281, Grant to William de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick, of the marriage of Hugh le Despenser, tenant in chief. (S) CPRs.

5/28/1281, Order to cause Hugh le Despenser to have … the lands of Hugh le Despenser, deceased, which were taken into the king’s hands by reason of the death of Alina la Despenser, the ransom whereof the late king in the form of the Dictum of Kenilleworth gave to Philip Basset, who bequesthed it to Alina his daughter, who bequeathed it to Hugh le Despenser, her son and heir and executor of her will. (S) CCRs.

6/28/1283, John summoned to Shrewsbury by writ from Rhuddlan to the king to hold a colloquium to ordain what should be done with David, brother of Llewellyn, formerly prince of Wales. (S) The Titular Barony of Clavering, 1891, P16.

1285-86, Hugh married Isabel.

1286, Hugh fined 2000 marks for marrying without a royal license.

5/27/1286, Letters for Hugh le Despenser, going beyond seas, nominating Thomas de London … (S) CPRs.

8/20/1289, Pardon to Hugh le Despenser of 100 marks out of 300 due from him for corn and other goods sold … (S) CPRs.

10/13/1289, Hugh going beyond the seas with Roger le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk. (S) CPRs.

6/15/1294, Protection with clause volumus, for one year, Hugh le Despenser, going as the king’s envoy. (S) CPRs.

1295, Hugh created a baron by writ of summons to Parliament. He was one of the few barons to remain loyal to Edward II during the controversy regarding Piers Gaveston.

12/12/1295, Letters for Hugh le Despenser, going beyond seas on the king’s service, nominating … (S) CPRs.

1/1/1296, Ratification of a transfer by William de Valencia, earl of Pembroch, the king’s uncle, to Hugh le Despenser, of the king’s grant to him of the marriage of the heirs of Philip Burnel, tenant in chief. (S) CPRs.

8/22/1296 at Berwick upon Tweed, Scotland, The noble men the Lords John earl of Warenne, Roger earl of Norfolk, William earl of Warwick, Patrick earl of Dunbar and March, and Gilbert earl of Angus, Lords John de Hastings, John Wake, Hugh le Despenser, …, barons, witnesses, having been specially called in person … came to the full parliament of the lord king of England … [to revocate any previous agreements between Scotland and King Philip IV of France.]

3/21/1297, Power to Hugh le Despenser to go personally to the said assembly [of archbishops, bishops, prelates and others of the clergy at Mid-Lent in London], with those of the king’s council whom he shall summon, and proclaim the said prohibition [from ordaining or doing anything to the king’s prejudice]. (S) CPRs.

8/28/1297, … Hugh le Despenser, tenant in chief, going beyond the seas with the king on his service, … (S) CPRs. [Edward left England with 500 ships to attack France and assert his rights.]

1298, Maud le Barber in London court testified that Saer le Barber had said Sir Hugh “kept more robbers with him than any man in England.”

5/31/1298, Confirmation of a demise for seven years by Ralph de Meenhermer, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, and Joan his consort, the king’s daughter, to Hugh le Despenser of the manors of Rowell and Navesby, co. Northampton, … (S) CPRs.

6/1298, Isabel’s father died.

7/22/1298, Hugh at the battle of Falkirk and the defeat of William Wallace.

3/14/1300, Restitution to Ralph son of Ralph Basset of Drayton, … in consideration of 1,000 marks, which Guy, earl of Warwick, Hugh le Despenser, Hugh de Curtenay, … have acknowledged themselves in the Chancery to owe to Edmund, earl of Cornwall … (S) CPRs.

3/28/1300, “Royal letters patent: inspeximus and confirmation of Magna Carta … Witnesses: … Hugh le Despenser, …” (S) UKNA.

9/24/1300, Protection with clause volumus, for one year, for Hugh le Despenser, going to the court of Rome on the king’s pecial affairs. (S) CPRs.

1/1/1301, Letters for Hugh le Despenser, gone to the court of Rome on the king’s affairs, … (S) CPRs.

4/1301, Isabel’s mother died.

11/7/1302, The King summoned the militaty tenants of the Crown to be at Berwick-upon-Tweed on May 26th … Thomas, earl of Lancaster, … John de Ferrers, Hugh le Despencer, … Ralph Basset of Drayton, Theobald de Verdun, senior, Theobald de Verdun Junior, … (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V8, P25.

11/1305, Hugh sent by the king to Pope Clement V to secure Edward’s release from the oaths he had taken to observe the charters in 1297.

Bef. 5/30/1306, Isabel died.

6/14/1306, Grant to Hugh le Despenser, son of Hugh le Despenser, between whom and Eleanor daughter of Gilbert, sometime earl of Gloucester and Hertford, the king’s neice, a marriage is contracted, with the king’s and the said Hugh’s assent, the said Hugh promising before the king to give them 200£ a year in land, for life, … (S) CPRs.

2/25/1307 at Westminster, Hugh a carrier of the royal robes at the coronation of King Edward II. (S) Weir, P33.

1308, Hugh was the only baron to side with the King in the quarrel about Piers de Gavaston.

5/23/1308, Grant to Hugh le Despenser of 2,544£ 6s 8d … in discharge of that sum due to him … (S) CPRs.

6/1309, loyal to Edward II, Hugh was “dismissed” from the King’s household by opposition barons.

2/8/1311, Hugh sold the rights to the lands and marriage of Otto de Bodrigan to Henry de Campo Arnulphi. (S) CPRs.

9/29/1311, Licence for Hugh le Despenser, the elder, to creneliate all his dwelling-houses and chambers throughout the realm. (S) CPRs.

10/9/1311, Sale by the king to Hugh le Despenser of the custody of the lands of Nicholas Poyntz, tenant in chief, together with knight’s fees … to hold during the minority of the heirs, together with their marriages. Hugh le Despenser to pay 500 marks. Vacated because surrendered and cancelled. (S) CPRs. [Reassigned 11/28/1312.]

6/14/1312, Re-appointment of Hugh le Despenser to the custody of the office of keeper of the forest beyond Trent, … (S) CPRs.

11/14/1312, Grant to Hugh le Despenser, … in the sum of 3,000 marks … of all custodies and marriages in the king’s hands … (S) CPRs.

5/3/1313, Protection for Hugh le Despenser, the elder, going beyond seas on the king’s service [with 17 others in his retinue including son Hugh. Hugh accompanied the King to Paris and then to Pontoise, France.] (S) CPRs.

6/24/1314, Hugh at the battle of Bannockburn. Hugh then accompanied the King to Dunbar, then by sea to Berwick.

12/4/1314, “… agreement between Sir Hugh le Despenser the father and John de St. Amand … that John shall take Margaret, Hugh’s daughter, to wife; …” (S) A Descriptive Catalog of Ancient Deeds.

11/23/1315, Licence for John de Crumbwelle and Idonia his wife to grant 11.5 knights’ fees … successive remainders … Hugh le Despenser the younger, Hugh le Despenser the elder, and to Edward son of Hugh le Despenser the younger … (S) CPRs.

6/1316, Hugh became King Edward II’s chief administrator.

1317, Hugh banished from England on the force of a coalition of barons.

1318, Edward II brought Hugh and his son back to the council. Hugh profited from his son’s rise in influence with Edward II and rose in power.

9/7/1319, Hugh [and his son] participated in the seige of Berwick on Tweed, Scotland.

5/1321, the “Marcher lords” [bordering on Wales] attacked the Despenser’s estates.

8/19/1321, Hugh’s corruption and unjust behaviour led to his being exiled again, along with his son. Hugh went to Flanders, and then to Bordeaux.

2/1322, Edward II recalled Hugh and his son to England.

5/10/1322, Hugh named Earl of Winchester; an action which enraged the Queen.

3/20/1322, Hugh a member of the group finding Thomas, Earl of Lancaster guilty of treason and sentenced to death.

5/30/1323, “Our Lord the King being at Bishopthorp near York … caused to be summoned before him at his council there … Edmund, Earl of Kent, his brother, … Hugh le Despenser, Earl of Winton, … Hugh le Despenser, junior, … William le Ros of Hamelake, … to deliberate upon a certain truce between the said king and Robert de Bruce …” (S) Monumenta de Insula Manniae, Oliver, 1860-62.

2/1324, in Parliament, Hugh accused Bishop Orleton of aiding in Roger Mortimer’s escape from the Tower.

1/1325, Hugh [in disagreement with his son] supported sending Queen Isabella to France on a peace mission.

9/27/1326, King Edward and both Despensers were in the Tower when they heard that the Queen had landed in England with a great army [which was incorrect – she only had 700 soldiers.]

1326, Invading from France, Queen Isabella and her lover, Roger Mortimer, led a rebellion against Edward II. Hugh was holding Bristol for the King. Hugh did not fight and threw himself on the mercy of the Queen.

10/27/1326, Hugh, tried by Baron William Trussell, hanged in Bristol, all of his honors forfeit.

(S) Queen Isabella, Weir, 2005. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P275.

Family notes:

·         1283 IPM in Wiltshire: Patrick de Cadurcis held … the manor of Staundon … the manor of Berewik, … barony of Kenemareford … 1284 IPM in Wiltshire: Patrick de Cadurcis held the maor of Hanedon … by service of half a knight’s fee, … extent of Inglesham … sum of all the sums, £56 5s 11.5d. (S) The Index Library, V37, 1908, P145.

Child of Patrick and Isabel:

i. Maud Chaworth (5909947), born 2/2/1282 in England.

Children of Hugh and Isabel:

i. Hugh le Despenser III (2954874), born ~1285 in England.

ii. Philip le Despenser (30421136), born ~1287 in England.

iii. Isabel le Despencer (11820441), born ~1290 in England.

iv. Margaret le Despenser (7604751), born ~1295 in England.