Wednesday, October 5, 2011

G25: 19989528

19989528. Earl Gilbert de Clare & 19989529. Isabella Marshall

~1182, Gilbert born in England, s/o 39979056. Richard de Clare & 39979057. Amicia, Countess of Gloucester.

10/9/1200, Isabella born at Pembroke castle, England, d/o 94559174. William Marshall & 94559175. Isabel de Clare.

6/1202, Gilbert entrusted with the lands of Harfleur and Mostrevilliers.

1210-11, Gilbert granted Welsh lordships by King John and fortified the castle of Buelth.

11/9/1215, at Runnymede, Gilbert, 1 of only 25 Barons selected by the rest [his father was also selected], to enforce the Magna Carta. (S) An Historical Essay on the Magna Charta of King John, Thompson, 1829, PP301–3.

12/16/1215, Gilbert excommunicated by the Pope.

10/18/1216, King John died.

10/28/1216 at Gloucester, Henry, 9 years old, crowned King Henry III.

5/19/1217, Gilbert, championing Louis the Dauphin as heir to the crown over Henry III; fighting at Lincoln under the Baronial banner; taken prisoner by his future father-in-law William Marshall.

10/9/1217, Gilbert married Isabella.

11/1217, With the death of his father, Gilbert recognized as Earl of Hertford.

1/1218, John de Brewes and his brothers released as hostages after intercession by their uncle, Gilbert de Clare.

1219, Gilbert recognized as Earl of Gloucester in right of his maternal descent through his mother and an aunt.

4/8/1219, Phillip of Hertford and Beatrice, his wife, give the king 40s. for summoning Gilbert earl of Gloucester before the justices at Westminster. (S) FRsHIII.

4/25/1220, Gilbert earl of Gloucester has made fine with the king by 100 m., …, for having custody of the lands and heirs of Walter de Treyly, with the marriage of the heirs. (S) FRsHIII.

1220, In a letter to King Henry III, Hugh de Vivon explained his reasons for not returning Bristol castle to Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, including the fact that his loyalty to Henry himself and to his father John had cost him his own “rich and fertile lands” at home across the seas.

7/1222, Gilbert ordered by the King to stop attacking Dinaunt Powys castle in Wales.

5/2/1224, Order to cause G. earl of Gloucester to have five tuns of the 40 tuns of wine that he lately took to the king’s use in the vill of Bristol at the same market price. (S) FRsHIII.

11/1224, Gilbert, earl of Gloucester, held the market at Great Bardfield, Essex. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1225, Gilbert present when Henry III confirmed the Magna Carta.

10/29/1226, G. de Clare, earl of Gloucester, has made fine with the king by 2000 m. for marrying his first-born daughter to Baldwin, son of Baldwin de Redvers, son of William de Redvers, earl of Devon, and for having 200 librates of land in simple custody, without the castle, from the land formerly of the aforesaid W. earl of Devon until the aforesaid Baldwin comes of age. (S) FRsHIII.

1227, Gilbert supported Richard, Earl of Cornwall, the King’s brother, in a dispute with Henry III over the forest laws and misgovernment by Hubert de Burgh.

1228, Gilbert led an army against the Welsh and captured Morgan Gam, who was released the next year.

1228, Gilbert discovered iron, lead and silver mines in Wales.

4/30/1230, from Portsmouth, King Henry, with the help of Mauclerc, Count of Brittany, invaded Brittany in hopes of recovering Normandy. They established their camp at Nantes, and captured a small castle.

10/25/1230, Gilbert died at Penros, Brittany, France; his body conveyed by way of Plymouth and Cranbourn to Tewkesbury; buried before the high altar 11/10/1230.

3/30/1231, Isabella married 2nd Richard of Cornwall, brother of Henry III. [4 children, none surviving.]

1/17/1239, Isabella, countess of Gloucester, Hertford, Cornwall and Poitiers, died in childbirth at Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire. She ordered her heart be sent to her brother, the abbot of Tewkesbury, to be buried with her 1st husband. Her body was buried at Beaulieu Abbey. (S) The History of Tewkesbury, Bennett, 1830, P173.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P194.

Family notes:

·         11/6/1231, H. de Burgh, earl of Kent and justiciar of England , has made fine with the king by 7000 m. for having custody of the lands formerly of G. de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, until the earl’s heirs come of age, with the custody and marriage of the same heirs. (S) FRsHIII.

Children of Gilbert and Isabella: [3 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Richard de Clare (9994764), born 8/4/1222 in England.