Tuesday, January 10, 2012

G25: 30422918 Essex

30422918. Hugh de Essex

1275, North Weald, Essex. Appointment of John de Cobeham … to take assise of mort dancestor arrainged by Hugh de Essex against Roger le Bygot, earl of Norfolk and marshal of England, and Alina his wife, … (S) 44th Annual Rept. Of the Deputy Keeper, 1883, P200.

1/4/1280, Acceptance of a demise and grant made to Hugh de Essex, of the manor of Toleshunte, held in chief by Roger le Bygod, earl of Norfolk and marshal of England and Alina his wife, daughter and heir of Philip Basset, deceased ; … (S) CPRs.

Family notes:

·         1/30/1250, Grant to Ingram de Merk, … wardship of the land and hiers of Hugh de Essex, with the marriage … (S) PRsHIII.

·         11/7/1256, writ for IPM of Hugh de Essex: Essex. Rewenhale … the king’s escheator … took … with other lands … into the king’s hands. (S) CIsPM.

Child of Hugh and ?:

i. Anne de Essex (15211459), born ~1285 in England.