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G26: 39979010 Meschines

39979010. Earl Hugh de Meschines & 39979011. Bertrade de Montfort

By 1139, Hugh de Kevelioc, born in Kevelioc, Monmouthshire, Wales, s/o 79958020. Ranulph de Meschines & 79958021. Maud Fitz Robert.

12/16/1153, Hugh’s father died [poisoned] and he became heir to his family’s estates on both sides of the channel.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1155, Bertrade born in Leicester, England, d/o 79958022. Simon de Montfort III & 79958023. Amicia de Beaumont.

7/1155, Hugone Comite Cestriae a witness to a charter of King Henry II to the abbot and monks of Shrewsbury. (S) Lancashire Pipe Rolls, Ferrar, 1902, P284.

4/20/1158, Precept to Hugh, Earl of Chester ; and Matilda, Countess of Chester, attested by Thomas the Chancellor. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P36.

~1162, Notification by Hugh, Comes Cestrie, … confirmation of Countess Matilda’s grant of Rapenduna church to the Canons of Calc … (S) Desc. Catalogue of Debryshire Charters, Bemrose, 1906, P243.

1163, Hug. Com. Cestriae witnessed two agreements of King Henry with the Count of Flanders. (S) Tracts Written in Controversy …, V1, 1869, P-LXXII.

1/1164,Constitutions of Clarendon … in the fourth year of the papacy of Alexander, in the tenth year of the most illustrious king of the English, Henry II., in the presence of that same king, … in the presence of the following: Robert count of I`eicester, Reginald count of Cornwall, Conan count of Bretagne, John count of Eu, Roger count of Clare, count Geoffrey of Mandeville, Hugo count of Chester [Hugh de Kevelioc], William count of Arundel, count Patrick, William count of Ferrara, …, and many other chiefs and nobles … (S) Yale Law School, The Avalon Project.

1166, Hugh de Kevelioc, earl of Chester, his feif a palatinate; and viscount de Avranches and Bayeux. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V1, 1880, P230.

1166, Hugh of Chester, held 198 knights’ fees in England and Wales. (S) War, Government and Aristocracy in the British Isles, Given-Wilson, 2008, P15. [Assessed on the aid of marrying the King’s daughter.]

1167, Hugh Cyveliok confirmed his father’s gift in frank almoign to the nuns of Grenfelt to the bishop of Lincoln.

1169, While living in Montfort, France, Hugh married Bertrade. [Bertrade a cousin of young King Henry, who “gave her away” at the wedding.] They lived in Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales.

1171, Hugh in Normandy.

1171, Hugh comfirmed the grants of his father to the abbey of St. Stephen’s in the diocese of Baueux.

1171, Hugh made a gift in frank marriage of his daughter Amicia to Ralph Mainwaring.

4/1173, Earl Hugh part of the revolt of Henry II’s sons.

7/13/1173, Hugh defeated at the Battle of Alnwick. (S) Historical Records of Bisley, Rudd, 1977, P10.

8/20/1173, Hugh was beseiged at the castle of Dol in Brittany.

8/26/1173, Hugh, and 80 other knights, surrendered to King Henry II.

Hugh initially imprisoned at Falaise with the earl and countess of Leicester [Robert de Beaumont & Petronilla de Grandmesnil.]

7/1174, Hugh and the earl of Leicester were returned to England.

8/1174, King Henry returned Hugh to Normandy and imprisoned him at Caen, and then again at Falaise.

9/30/1174, Through negotiations at Montlouis, King Henry II agreed to release all his prisoners except 4: the King of the Scots, the earl of Leicester, the earl of Chester [Hugh], and Ralph de Fougeres. (S) Henry II, Warren, 1973, P138.

10/1174, Hugh made peace with the king.

10/11/1174, Hugh a witness to the Peace of Falaise with William, king of Scotland.

1/15/1177, The king held a great council at Northampton: Robert, earl of Leicester, and Hugh, earl of Chester, are restored in blood honours. (S) Court Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P209.

3/16/1177, Hugh witnessed the Spanish award at a council held in London.

1177, Hugh served in King Henry’s Irish campaigns with William fitz Aldhelm.

6/30/1181, Hugh, 3rd Earl of Chester, died in Leek, Staffordshire; buried next to his father.

Grant in fee by Bretteya, Countess of Chester, to Ralph Carbunel of Halton, for his homage and service, of half a knight’s fee which he held of the countess. (S) Reports of Commissioners, House of Commons, 1874, P8.

7/12/1189, Bertrade died in Evreux, Eure, France.

(S) Encyclopedia Gritannica, V6, 1910, P107. (S) Rapport du Comite Consultatif, Stephen, 1891, P164.

Family notes:

·         7/4/1428, Inspeximus and confirmation … [a series of charters to the convent of St. Werbergn, Chester, giving the pedigree of this family starting with] … A charter of Ranulf Meschyn earl of Chester, a charter of Ranulf his son. … A charter of Hugh son of Ranulf, earl of Chester, … (S) CPRs.

Children of Hugh and Bertrade:

i. Maud de Blundeville (79958031), born ~1170 in England.

ii. Earl Ranulph de Blundeville, born 1172 in England.

1187, King Henry married Ranulph, earl of Chester and viscount of the Avranchin, to Constance of Brittany.

4/1194, Ranulph, Earl of Chester, and his brother-in-law David, Earl of Huntingdon, laid seige to the Castle of Nottingham. Joined by newly released from captivity King Richard, they stormed the castle to break the siege.

1196, Ranulph, 4th Earl of Chester, arrested his divorced wife Constance of Brittany, widow of Geoffrey Plantagenet and mother of Arthur of Brittany. He shut her up in the castle of St. James in Normandy.

Before he died, Ranulph gave the Earldom of Lincoln to his younger sister Hawise. (S) Collectanea Topographica Et Genealogica, Madden, 1843, P155.

10/28/1232, Ranulph died; his heart was buried at Wallingford Castle, his body was buried at St Werburg’s, Chester. Ranulph [aka Ralph] had no heirs.

iii. Agnes of Chester (19989505), born ~1175 in England.

iv. Hawise de Chester (39979063), born 1180 in England.

v. Mabel of Chester (973530515), born ~1185 in England.