Tuesday, January 31, 2012

G26: 39979088 Valoynes

39979088. Robert de Valoynes & 39979089. Agnes ?

~1135, Robert born in England, s/o 79958176. Roger de Valognes.

1141-42, Robert’s father died.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

By 1158, Robert’s older brother Peter died without male heirs.

1158-73, Ernald Lovel, one of the most regular witnesses of Turbe's charters, was granted the church of Honington by Robert de Valognes. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies XI, 1988, P130.

1159, Robert de Valognes, claimant, vs. Abbot Robert, over wood of Northaw. Robert, earl of Leicester, adjucated in favor of Robert over the abbot; which was later overturned through the involvement of Queen Eleanor and Pope Alexander. (S) English Lawsuits, Caenegem, 1991, P5.

1165, Robert de Calne held 6.5 knights’ fess of the barony of Robert de Valognes. (S) Battle Abbey Roll.

1166, Richard de Calum held 7.5 fees of Robert de Valognes (S) Colonial England, Holt, 1997, P255. [Robert held 35 fees.]

1170s, Robert de Valognes paid 200 silver marks for over 30 fees. (S) Restoration and Reform, White, 2000, P105.

Bef. 1177, The soke of Blanchappleton granted to Robert de Valognes. (S) 19th Century and After, V87, 1920, P1043.

1177, Robert de Valoines confirmed to the Canons of the Holy Trinity, Aldgate, a grant made by David de Cornhella. (S) Notes and Queries, Vs142-43, 1922, P345.

1181, Robert de Valognes, grandson of Peter, held property called Ruthehyda. (S) Victoria History of the County of Essex, Page, 1965, P103.

1184, Gift of Robert de Valognes. (S) English Episcopal Acta, Karn, 2006, P136.

1184, Robert, lord of Bennington, Hertfordshire, died.

(S) The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, Banks, 1807, P187.

Children of Robert and Agnes:

i. Peter de Valoynes, born ? in England.

Peter married Gundreda de Warren.

Children: Lora married Alexander de Balioll [brother if John, King of the Scots]; Christian married William de Mandevile [2nd Peter de Maine]; Elizabeth married David Comyne. (S) History and Antiquities of Hertfordshire, Chauncy, 1826, P60.

ii. Robert de Valoynes, born ? in England.

Robert married Hawise ?.

Robert male heir to his brother Peter.

By 1190, Robert died.

Child: Bef. 1202, Gunnora de Valoynes married 2nd Robert Fitz Walter.

iii. John de Valoines (19989544), born ~1170 in England.