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G26: 39979280 Veteri Ponte-Moreville

39979280. William de Veteri Ponte & 39979281. Maud de Morville.

~1145, William born in Scotland, s/o 79958560. William de Verteri-Ponte & 79958561. Emma de St. Hillary.
~1145, Maud born in Scotland, d/o 319832116. Hugh de Moreville & 319832117. Beatrice de Beauchamp.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
12/9/1165, William the Lion, age 22, succeeded King Malcom IV of Scotland.
1170, William’s father died.
12/29/1170, Hugh de Morville, brother of Maud, one of the assassins of Thomas Becket.
1172, William de Veteri-ponte held two knights’ fees [in Normandy] “et ad servitium suum xi mil. et quartam partem”. [Fulco de Veteriponte also held 2 fees.] (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii Normanniae, V1, Soc. of Antiquaires of London, 1840, P-CIXXII.
4/1174, William de Vieuxpont son of Emma.
1173-74, Hugh de Morville, Maud’s brother, participated in a rebellion aginst King Henry by three of the king’s sons.
1174, Hugh de Morville going to the Holy land in exile for 14 years as directed by the pope. Maud was given custody of Hugh’s lands.
1175-77, William de Veteri Ponte [with many others] commanded by King William to render to Jocelin, bishop of Glasgow all his dues [dated after his consecration.
1174-78, Pope Alexander III dealing with the church of Bolton had a grant by Richard, bishop of St. Andrews, and William de Veteri Ponte. (S) Syllabus of Scottish Cartularies, Holyrood, 1840.
By 1178, King William to William de Vieuxpont; he has granted and by this charter established the land of Bolton, Carrinden and Langton.
Bef. 1177, Wm. de Veteri Ponte with his wife, Maude's, consent made a grant of 4 bovates of land to the brothers of the Hospital of St. Peter of York.
5/10/1184, William de Vieuxpont named in a letter of Pope Lucius III to Gerard, abbot of Dryburgh, and the brethren there, taking the church of Dryburgh into his protection.
Aft. 1184, William de Vieuxpont has given and granted, by the concession of his wife, Matilda, a certain sheiling in Lammermuir which pertained to Horndean to Kelso Abbey.
9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.
1195-98, King William to Kelso Abbey; has granted the donation which William de Vieuxpont made of church of Langton, saving service to king if owed to him from William.
5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.
1199, William de Vieuxpont, lord of the vill of Hardinstone, co. Northamptonshire, impleaded by Emma, widow of John Fitz Dor, for her dower.
1201, A charter of King William witnessed by Alan son of Roland, William de Vipont and Ivo de Vipont.
6/15/1202, King John by writ at Aurival, caused William de Vieuxpont to have the land which had belonged to Robert de Vieuxpont, his brother, in Normandy. (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii, V2, P-CCIXV.
By 1203, Maud’s brother Hugh had died.
Willemus de veteri ponte primogenitus filiorum Willemi de ueteri ponte eorum scilicet quos habuit de … … primogenitus of Emme de sancto Hillario … [William de Vieuxpont, first of the sons of William de Vieuxpont, which he had with Lady Emma of St Hillary, by the consent of his wife, his given, granted and by this his present charter established to Kelso Abbey, the church of Langton. … just as his father before him made, with the land which his father assigned to the same church, …, which include the land of the lord, the toft of Ralph, the toft of Gilbert, and the toft of Henry, the late persona. Additionally, … a certain parcel of land in Langton which is called 'Colemannesflat'. … confirmed the church of Horndean and sheilings in Lammermuir which are called 'Diueringdounes' as the charters of his grandfather and father testify and confirm.]
Bef. 5/6/1203, William died in England. [His son William in a dispute over his requested burial in Scotland at Kelso.]
(S) People of medieval Scotland.
Family notes:
·         William de Verteri-Ponte of Langton, in the reign of William the Lion, had a shield of “three lions rampant”; but was later “mascles three, two, and one”; of the “de Quinci” family. (S) The House of Cockburn, Cockburn-Hood, 1888, P355.
·         11/4/1203, Charter of King William confirming to Holyrood Abbey the land of Ogilface granted by William de Veteri Ponte, within its boundaries and with all its appurtenances, in free, pure and perpetual alms.
·         Multiple relatives [possibley 3] named William de Vertei Ponte held lands in England, Scotland, and France; and named their offspring with names William and Robert. The shields and seals indicate familial relationships.

Children of William and Matilda:
i. William de Vipont; born ? in England.

1203, William de Vipont in a dispute with the abbey of Kelso over the burial of De Vipont’s father in the church yard. (S) The Ruined Abbeys of Britain, V1, 1882, P135.

ii. Robert de Veteri Ponte (19989640), born ~1170 in England.
iii. Ivo de Verteri Ponte, born ? in England.

5/17/1209, King John confirmed to Ivo de Vieuxpont lands Which William de Vieuxpont, father of the said Ivo, held in Tyndale, … by the service of one knight fee. (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii, V2, 1844, P-CCIXV.
Ivo a counselor of King John.
1215, Ivo made a grant of  the advowson of the church of Aldenston and the Chapel at Gerardegile to the Canons at Hexham Abbey.
Ivo made a grant for the “safety of my soul and for the souls of Hugh de Morvill and William de Veteriponte my father and Matilda de Veteriponte my mother and Robert my brother and Isabel de Lancestre my wife and all my ancestors.”
3/12/1217, Ivo in rebellion, his lands in Northamptonshire given to his brother Robert de Vieuxpont.
Ivo fled to France.
1227, Ives de Vieux-Pont, seigneur de Cuverville, France.
1233, Ives de Vieux-pont, lord of Courville, France.
1239, Ivo died.