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G26: 39979492 Etienne II Comte d'Auxonne

39979492. Etienne II Comte d'Auxonne & 39979493. Judith de Lorraine

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.
~1130, Etienne born in France, s/o 79958984. Guillaume de Macon & 79958985. Adelaide-Pontia.
~1144, Judith born in France, d/o 756501362.Matthias I, duke of Lorainne & 756501363. Bertha von Hohenstaufen.
6/14/1147, ‘Wilelmus Masticonensis comes et Burgundie’, donated ‘abbatiam de Balma’ to Cluny, confirmed by, ‘Poncia comitissa uxore mea et filiis meis Stephano et Gerardo.’
3/9/1152, Frederick ‘Barbarossa’ crowned King of Germany. [Brother of Judith’s mother.]
9/27/1155, Etienne succeeded his father as Comte d'Auxonne on the death of his father.
10/28/1157, Comes Stephanus ... et fratrem meum comitem Gerardum, settled disputes with Charlieu abbey, with the consent of: ‘matris nostræ ... comitis Willelmi patris nostri et avi nostri domini Theobaldi de Treva’.
By 1170, Stephen married Judith.
1170, ‘Matthæus Lotharingorum dux et marchio’ donated ‘ductu aquæ molendini … Farros-Moulin’ to Saint-Dié, in the presence of ‘uxore mea Bertha et filiis meis Matthæo et Judith comitissa Burgundiæ.’
10/3/1172, Stephanus comes Burgundie, donated property to Cîteaux with the consent of: uxoris mee Joete et filii mei Stephani.
1173, ‘Stephanus comes Burgundie et dominus de Treve’, donated land ‘apud Ledonium’ to Tart abbey, with the consent of: ‘Judith comitissa uxore mea’.
8/1173, Etienne, count of Burgundy and lord of Trier, died; his brother Girard and his son making gifts for his soul.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Sword, Miter, and Cloister: Nobility and the Church in Burgundy; Bouchard, 2009, P275.
Family notes:
·         Stephen Tete-Hardi of Burgundy (159917968), father of Guillaume de Macon, died on crusade in 1102.
·         1120, Guillaume de Macon (79958984), s/o Stephen Tete-Hardi, seized Macon.
·         1127, Guillaume de Macon, father of Etienne II, became Comte d’Auxonne.
·         1147, Guillaume de Macon attended the crusade with King Louis VII.
·         1148, ‘Raynaldus Burgundiæ comes’ donated property to Besançon cathedral, with the consent of ‘fratris nostri Guillermi comitis et … collateralis nostræ Agathæ Lotharingiæ ducis filiæ.’
·         9/27/1155, Guillaume de Macon died.
·         Adelaide-Pontia the heiress of Trier, d/o Lord Theobold of Trier & Adelaide ?.
·         Etienne witnessed many documents of his maternal uncle Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Child of Etienne and Judith:
i. Etienne III (19989746), born ~1170 in France.