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G26: 39979496 Lacy-Monmouth

39979496. Hugh de Lacy & 39979497. Rohese de Monmouth

Hugh born in Wales, s/o §Gilbert de Lacy of Ewyas, Wales.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
By 1155, Hugh married to Rohese.
1156, Theodoric de Say gave the advowson of Stokesay to the abbey of Hughmond, confirmed by Hugh de Laci as chief lord. (S) Historical Sketch of Stokesay Castle, Wright, 1906, P8.
10/1171, After the English Pope Adrian granted Ireland to King Henry, Henry landed at Waterford. Henry had a royal palace built in Dublin. [The English domination of Ireland began.]
1172 at Wexford, Henry granted Hugh de Lacey the kingdom of Meath [about 800,000 acres], for 50 knights’ fees, and left him as justiciar of Ireland and constable in Dublin.
4/17/1172, King Henry departed Ireland leaving Hugh as justiciar of Ireland, Robert fitz Bernard with custody of Waterford and Wexford, and the earl of Strigoil in possession of Leinster.
1172, Hugh de Lacy and William fitz Adelm de Burgh deputed by King Henry to treat with Roderic O’Conor, who had gathered troops and taken up a position on the banks of the Shannon. Unsuccesful, Roderic marched into Meath and demolished fortifications of Hugh.
1172, Hugh killed Tighearnan O’Ruairc, King of Breifne in Ireland at the Hill of Ward. His head was sent to King Henry II.
1173, With the outbreak of rebellion in Normandy by his sons, King Henry summoned Hugh de Lacy from Ireland.
4/15/1173, K. Henry held his Easter court at Alencon. Notable supporters in attendance: … Hugh de Lacy, … Richard de Luci … Thomas Bardulf, Humphrey de Bohun. (S) Court Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P172.
7/1173, Hugh de Lacy and Hugh de Beauchamp defend the town of Verneuil, France, on the river Eure, southwest of Evrux under seige by Louis VII and young King Henry. (S) Henry II: A Medieval Soldier, Hosler, 2007, P201.
8/8/1173, The seige of Verneuil was lifted by King Henry’s forces.
9/1173 at Rouen, France, Hugh de Lacy witnessed a charter of King Henry to the abbey of Jumieges. [King Henry broke King Louis’ seige of Rouen.]
10/11/1174, Louis VII stopped supporting Henry’s sons, effectively ending their rebellion.
4/2/1175 at Valognes, France, Hugh de Lacy witnessed a royal charter to Blanchelande abbey.
8/12/1175 at Northampton, Hugh de Lacy witnessed a royal charter at the request of Richard Peche and Matilda his wife.
Bef. 1177, Hugh de Lacy granted the barony of Delvin to his kinsman Sir Gilbert de Nugent for the service of 5 knights.
5/8/1177, King Henry confirmed his grant to Hugh of Meath for 100 knights’ fees [50 for Meath and 50 for Dublin].
Rohese died.
1180, Hugh married 2nd Rose O’Connor [without King Henry’s consent.] King Henry removed Hugh as viceroy of Ireland. [Henry reinstated Hugh 3 months later.]
1185, Knighted by his father King Henry II, John sent to subdue [unsuccessfully] rebellious chieftains in Ireland.
4/1185, Hugh de Lascy, constable, witnessed Prince John’s charter to the Irish abbey of Valle Salutis.
7/25/1186, Hugh de Laci, lord of Meath, killed at Motte castle, Durrow, by Gilla Ganinahar O’Meyey.
(S) O’Conors of Connaught, O’Donovan, 1891. (S) Legal Institutions, Honorary Hereditary Offices …, Lynch, 1830. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Children of Hugh and Rohese:
i. Walter de Lacy (19989748), born ~1170 in England.
ii. Hugh de Lacy, born ? in Ireland.

1205, Hugh created earl of Ulster by King John.
4/9/1208, Mandate to Robert de Veerpont to put Hugh de Lascy, the hostage of Walter de Lascy, out of irons, but to detain him in safe custody. (S) Excerpta Historica, 1831, P400.
1210, Hugh de Lascy joined the rebellion of William de Braose. Hugh was forced into exile in France.
6/2/1213, King John recalled Walter de Lacy from exile in France. [Walter’s brother Hugh refused to return.]
1217, Walter de Lascy received in ward his niece, Roseia, d/o Hugh de Lascy, his brother. (S) The Register of the Priory of St. Bees, 1915, P-X.
1220-24, Hugh de Lascy returned to Ireland, again in rebellion.
4/22/1225, Michael Grossus has made fine with the king by £100 for having grace and for having seisin of his lands that were taken into the king’s hand because he was against the king in Ireland with Hugh de Lacy. (S) FRsHIII.
1235, Hugh de Lacy, earl of Ulster, … and the English of Leinster and Munster, crossed the Shannon at Athlone and burnt Roscommon, then Elphin [in Connaught.]
Aft. 12/26/1242, Hugh died.