Saturday, February 11, 2012

G26: 39979678 FitzPatrick-Vitre

39979678. Earl William Fitz Patrick & 39979679. Eleanor de Vitre’

Aft. 1148, William born in England, s/o 79959356. Patrick of Salisbury & 79959357. Adela Talvas.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
~1160, Eleanor born in England, d/o §Robert de Vitre III & Emma de Dinan.
3/27/1168, William’s father died holding 55+ knights’ fees. William d’Evereux became 2nd Earl of Salisbury.
1171-2, ‘Willelmus filius comitis Patricii lvi l xvi s, de novo xl s’ in Wiltshire. (S) FMG.
1173, William, earl of Salisbury, sided with King Henry II when his sons rebelled, led by King Henry the young.
1179 at Winchester, William, earl of Salisbury, witnessed the dissolution of the convent of Amesbury.
2/14/1181, at Ivry, France, William, earl of Salisbury witnessed a charter of the King to Wenlock priory.
~1182, William married Eleanor [her 3rd, widow of William Paynell, and subsequently Gilbert Crispin.]
12/31/1187 in France, William, earl of Salisbury witnessed a royal charter to the Norman abbey of St. Stephen at Caen.
1189-90, William, earl of Salisbury, sheriff of Wiltwshire. (S) Lists and Indexes, I8, P152.
9/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England. William fitz Patrick, earl of Salisbury, carried a golden rod, having a dove on the top, followed by 3 other earls. (S) The Queens of England, Lancelott, 1858, P75.
11/26/1189 at Cantebury, Licence by King Richard to Rainald bishop of Bath … Witnesses: … William earl of Salisbury, … (S) Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Wells, 1907, P14.
1191-96, William, earl of Salisbury, sheriff of Wiltwshire. (S) Lists and Indexes, I8, P152.
4/17/1196, William died.
5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.
Eleanor married 4th Gilbert de Malesmains. (S) FMG.
By 1208, Eleanor died.
(S) English Government in the 13th Century, Jobson, 2004, P119. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.
Family notes:
·         Undated: ‘Willielmus comes Sarum’ donated property to Bradenstoke priory, for the souls of ‘Alianoræ de Viterio comitissæ meæ … Patricii patris mei et Elæ matris meæ et Patricii fratris mei’, witnessed by ‘Waltero filio meo.’ (S) FMG.
·         William’s arms: Azure, six lions rampant, Or, 3,2 and 1. (S) New Variorum of Shakespeare, 1919, P666.
·         Emma de Dinan d/o Alan de Dinan, lord of Dinan and Becherel, Brittany, s/o Geoffrey de Dinan [died 1127.]

Child of William and Eleanor:
i. Ela of Salisbury (19989839), born ~1184 in England.