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G26: 39979820 FitzRichard-deVere

39979820. Roger fitz Richard & 39979821. Alice de Vere

1125, Alice born in England, d/o 1512946706. Aubrey de Vere & 1512946707. Alice FitzRichard.
~1135, Roger born in England, s/o 159916240. Richard Fitz Eustace & 159916241. Auberia Lisours.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
1157, King Henry II invaded Gwynedd; where his was nearly killed by the forces of Owain at the battle of Ewloe. Eustace fitz John, constable of Chester [Roger’s grandfather], and Robert de Courcy were slain. Richard was a member of the retinue of the King.
1157, King Henry granted Warkworth castle, Northumberland, to Roger.
1/1158 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Roger fitz Richard witnessed a charter of the King to Hubert de Vallibus. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P33.
1158, Et in donis per breve Regis Rogero filio Ricardi, 58£ 2s. [32£ 2s in Werch.]
1160, Et in terris datis Rogero filio Ricardi 20£ in burgo Novi Castelli. Et eidem 32£ 12s in Wercwurda. [Newcastle granted during pleasure.] (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, 2006, P76.
6/1163, Alice’s 2nd husband, Henry of Essex, the coward at the battle of Ewloe, forfeited all his lands [and became a monk] in a trial-by-battle with Robert de Montfort. (S) Gendering the Master Narrative, Erler, 2003, P86.
Roger, of Clavering, married Alice de Vere.
1166, Roger held Clavering in capite, and Warkworth by one knight’s fee. (S) Complete Peerage, V2, 1889, P281.
1173, Roger, constable of Newcastle, defended it against a Scot invasion, but lost the castle at Warkworth. [King Henry’s son were in revolt at this time.]
7/13/1174, Duncan, earl of Fife, burnt Roger’s castle and town of Warkworth.
1176, Et in terris datis Roero filio Ricardi 32£ 2s in Werchwurda.
By 1178, Roger’s father died.
By 4/1178, Roger died holding Warkworth [by fee], Acklington, Berling and Overbuston, and a fourth of Togston, by the service of one knight.
Bef. 1185, William [de Mandeville], earl of Essex, gave Adilicia of Essex, his mother’s sister, in free dower, the town of Aincho [Aynho], over and above those lands that were given her in dower by Roger fitz Richard, her lord.
1185, Alice of Essex is at the King’s disposal, and is 60 years old; and is aunt to Earl William (of Essex) and sister to Earl Aubrrey (of Oxford), and she has two sons, knights, and one daughter [niece] married to John, constable of Chester. Aynho, which is her manor, and which she holds of Earl William, is worth £30 a year . (S) Transactions – Essex, 1889, P244.
11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.
1200, Alice died.
(S) Northumberland Families, V1, 1968, P15. (S) Memoirs Chiefly Illustrative, V2, 1858, P187-8. (S) Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, 1889, P245.
Family notes:
·         Roger “a valiant knight” and lord and master of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
·         Rogerus filius Richard, nepos comitis Hugonis Bigot, duxit in uxorem Adelizam filiam Adelizae.

Child of Roger and Alice:
i. Robert FitzRoger (19989910), born ~1164 in England.