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G26: 47277570 Vicount Audemar of Angouleme

47277570. Vicount Audemar of Angouleme & 47277571. Alice of Courtenay

Audemar born in France, s/o §William VI de Taillefer & Marguerite of Turenne.

~1165, Alice born in France, d/o 94555142. Peter of Courtenay & 94555143. Elizabeth de Courtenay.

1171, Vuillelmus Talafers comes Engolismensis, Vulgrini filius et Margarita uxor mea et filii nostri Vulgrinus scilicet primogenitus noster, Vuillelmus Talafers, Ademarus, …, transferred rights to Saint-Amant-de-Boixe.

8/7/1179, Audemar’s father William died on a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands at Messina.

1181, Audemar’s older brother Vulgrin [Wlgrimi] died; his brother William succeeding.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

Bef. 1184, Alice 1st married Count William of Joigny. [1 son Peter de Joigny.]

1186, Audemar succeeded his brother William as Count.

1186-91, Ademarus Engolismensis comes, donated property to Saint-Amant-de-Boixe naming ‘fratres quidam mei Vulgrinus et Vuillelmus Talafers’ as counts before him.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1194, King Richard of England captured Taillebourg and Angouleme.

1195, Charte d'Audemar, comte d'Angoulême. (S) Le Cabinet Historique, Paris, 1874, P146.

3/1199, Audemar, Vicount of Angouleme, King Philip Augustus of France, and Hugh X de Lusignan signed a pact over the county of La Marche. Hugh was betrothed to Isabel, d/o Audemar as part of the agreement. [La Marche would eventually fall to the Lusignan family under this agreement.]

3/26/1199, King Richard I, attacking Audemar and Aymer at Chalus-Chabrol, wound by an arrow. [Richard would died a week later.]

4/1199, Notification by Audemar count of Angouleme that the terms of agreement between him and his lord Philip king of France are that, on account of the wrongs doen by Richard, late king of England to himself and his brothr Aimard vicomte of Limoges, his has come to the king an agreed with him to assist him, as his lord, to the utmost of his power … (S) Calendar of Documents Preserved in France, V1, 1899, P471.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

6/1200, King John sent emissaries to Audemar to start formal negotiations.

8/24/1200, King John of England married Audemar’s daughter Isabel, who had been pledged to Hugh IX de Lusignan; with Audemar to receive the county of La Marche. [Isabella pledged to the archbishop of Bordeaux that she had given no promise to Hugh de Lusignan, and preferred King John.] (S) Lives of the Queens of England, Strickland, 1881, P78.

1201, King John confiscated La Marche and gave it to Audemar.

Bef. 1201, Ademarus comes Engolismensis, filius Wi Cædentis Ferrum et frater Wlgrini comitis, issued a charter concerning the abbey of La Couronne.

2/1202, King John visited Angouleme. Audemar gave King John a tour of the abbey church of La Couronne.

6/16/1202, Audemar died; Alice became regent for her absent daughter, Ctss d’Angoulême, who inherited.

3/1203, King John offered Alice a monthly grant of 50 livres in return for her dower rights. Alice returned to her estate at La Ferte-Gauche.

1204, Alix Engolismensis comitissa, swore homage to Philippe II King of France.

11/1206, Alice formerly resigned her administrative duties in Angouleme as her daughter is recognized as countess.

7/1215, Alice, countess of Angouleme, issued a charter at Provins.

(S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

·         Marguerite of Turenne d/o Raymond I, vicomte de Turenne & Mathilde du Perche.

·         William VI de Taillefer s/o Vulgrin II, comte d’Angouleme & Pontia de la Marche.

·         1140, William succeeded his father.

·         1147, William attended the crusades.

·         2/26/1167, Comte of Angouleme, in rebellion against King Henry II.

·         3/1169, King Henry II suppresses the rebellion of William IV, Comte of Angouleme, and the Comte of La Marche.

·         1178, Guillermus filius Wlgrimi Comes Engolismensis, and Ademarus Vicecomes Lemovicensis [not this Audemar] both left for Jerusalem.

·         5/20/1179, The Vulgrin, Comte de Angouleme, submitted to Prince Richard.

·         1/23/1186, King Richard of England subdued a revolt of the Count of Anguleme and Geoffrey de Lusignan at the battle of Barbezieux. William, count of Angouleme, was captured and sought mercy from King Henry II.

 (S) The Feudal Monarchy in France and England, Petit-Dutallis, 1986, P217.

Children of Audemar and Alice:

i. Isabella of Angouleme (23638785), born 1188 in France.

1224, Ugo de Leziniaco comes Marchiæ et Engolismæ et Ysabella uxor eius … regina Angliæ, confirmed rights granted by “bonæ memoriæ Ademaro comite Engolismæ patre eiusdem dominæ Ysabellæ” to Vindelle. (S) FMG.