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G26: 47277572 Alfonso II of Provence

47277572. Alfonso II of Provence & 47277573. Garsenda of Sabran

~1178, Alfonso born in Barcelona, Spain, s/o 94555144. King Alfonso II of Aragon & 94555145. Sanchia of Castile.

Gersenda born in Spain, d/o §Rainou, Count of Forcalquier & Gersend of Forcalquier.

1185, Alfonso received the county of Provence after the death of his uncle Sancho.

1193, Alfonso [the father] turned over administration of Provence to his 2nd son Alfonso.

1193, Alfonso married Garsenda, heiress of Forcalquier.

1196, On the death of his father, Alfonso inherited Provence and some smaller territories under the feudal suzerainty of his brother Pedro.

4/1204 at Millau, Pedro, Alfonso of Provence, and Raymond VI signed a pact of mutual assistance in case of war.

5/1204, Alfonso’s brother Pedro mediated a dispute between Alfonso and William II of Forcalquier over rights in Forcalquier.

1204, Alfonso captured in battle by William II of Forcalquier.

1/1205, Pedro ransomed his brother Alfonso.

7/1206, Pedro, aiding his brother Alfonso in renewed hostilities with the count of Forcalquier, received a loan of 100,000 sous from the consulate of Montpellier, pledging the castle of the same town.

6/4/1209, By the Treaty of Mallen, Pedro named his brother Alfonso as his heir.

1209, Alfonso of Provence led a contingent of 500 knights to aid Emperor Frederick in Sicily. [Alfonso was also accompanying his sister Constance to her wedding with Frederick II Hohenstaufen.]

8/15/1209, Alfonso attended the wedding of his sister Constance with Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.

In Palermo, disease struck many of the knights including Alfonso.

9/11/1209, At the abbey of Monreale, Sicily, Alfonso made his will.

1209, Alphonso died.

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Family notes:

·         After the death of Alfonso, poems were written by a “joglar” that had been in the service of Alfonso about Countess Carsenda, whom he loved. (S) Women in the Middle Ages, Wilson, 2004, P354.

Child of Alfonso and Garsenda:

i. Raymond Berengar IV (23638786), born 1195 in France.