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G26: 47277582 Montgomeri-Capet

47277582. Count William de Montgomerie & 47277583. Alais de Capet

10/4/1160, Alais born in Paris, France, d/o 189110370. King Louis VII & 94555167. Constance of Castile.

1/1169, Alais betrothed to [future King] Richard I. [Her older sister Margaret was married to Richard’s older brother, Henry the Young King.]

5/1174, Alys, living in the royal academy of the court with Queen Eleanor of England, that the Queen had established in Poitiers, France, was seized with all the other members and taken to England by King Henry II. [Alys became the lover of King Henry.]

1179, William born in France, s/o 94555164. Count John de Montgomerie & 94555165. Beatrice of Anselme.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

1186, Jean comte de Ponthieu, Guillaume son fils, et Beatrix son épouse granted revenues to Baudin et Simon son frère … . (S) FMG.

7/1189, Alys, the lover of King Henry II, imprisoned by Queen Eleanor on the death of Henry.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1190, William’s father died on crusade.

3/1191, King Richard I repudiated Alais on the grounds that she had borne a child by his father.

1191, William succeeded his father.

1195, Queen Eleanor of England, now living in France, sent disgraced Alais back to France; where her half-brother, King Philip Augustus, arranged her marriage. (S) Aristocratic Life in Medieval France, Baldwin, 2002, P58.

8/20/1195, William, age 16 and Count of Ponthieu, married Alais, age 34.

1196, King Philip gave his sister in marriage Alice with a new dowery to William of Ponthieu.

1196, William of Ponthieu given control of Gamaches by King Richard I.

1197, A charter granted to the inhabitants of Marquenterre by William de Ponthieu.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1201, King John of England ordered payment of pensions, arrears, … to William, count of Ponthieu.

6/1202, With the consent of the princess, William of Ponthieu made a grant to the citizens of Doullens. (S) Comptes de la Ville de Doulens, Weerenbeck, 1932, P7.

8/1205, William, count of Pointieu and Montreuil, made a pact with Thomas of Saint-Valery against all men except the kings of France and England.

1210, William of Ponthieu went with Philip of Dreux, bishop of Beauvais, Renaud, bishop of Chartres, and Robert III, Count of Dreux for the crusade against the Albigensians. (S) Histoire d’Abbeville et du Comte de Ponthieu Jusqu’en 1789, Louandre, 1883, P131.

1211, Guillaume de Ponthieu baron of Doullens.

7/27/1214, Guillaume de Ponthieu, Count of Ponthieu, fought on the side of King Philip Augustus, the winning side at the battle of Bouvines. (S) Aristocratic Life in Medieval France, Baldwin, 2002, P64.

Aft. 7/28/1218, Alais died.

10/4/1221, William died; daughter Marie the hier of Ponthieu.

(S) A Genealogical History of the Family of Montgomery, Montgomery, 1863, P35. (S) Memories de la Societe des Antiquaries de Picardie, V4, 1878. (S) The Loss of Normandy, Powicke, 2003.

Children of William and Alice:

i. Marie de Ponthieu (23638791), born 4/17/1199 in France.