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Saturday, April 28, 2012

High-Sheriff Henry de Bodrigan & Sybil de Maundeville

60844070. High-Sheriff Henry de Bodrigan & 60844071. Sybil de Maundeville

~1264, Henry born in Cornwall, England, s/o §Roger de Brodugan & Isolda de Pyn.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1277, Henry’s father died.

4/26/1286, Protection with clause, going beyond seas with the king … Henry de Brodrugan, Edmund the king’s brother, … } for one year. (S) CPRs.

1289, Sibylla, sister and heir to Walter de Maundeville. Henry and Sibylla had livery of her lands.

4/11/1300, To the sheriff of  Devon, with Henry de Bodrigan and Robert Giffard. Ordered to cause all and singular knights, esquires, or others having 10£ or more yearly of land to be with the king at Carlisle in Midsummer with horses and arms to go against the Scots. (S) 1302-1307, GBPRO, 1906, P395.

2/8/1301, Commission to Robert son of Payn, … touching the person who assaulted Henry de Bodrigan at Glaseneye, co. Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

4/5/1301, Letters for Henry de Bodrugan and Sibyl his wife, staying in England, nominating John de Bodrigan … attorneys in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

1301, Henry de Bodrigan claimed view of frankpledge, ducking-stool, pillory, and assize of bread and beer at East Looe. (S) Pubs. of the Southampton Record Soc., V5, 1908, P268.

1/22/1302, Pardon to Ralph Bloyou for the robbery and other trespasses committed against Henry de Bodrigan at Glsneyth, and for other robberies … in Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

1302, Henry de Bodreugam complained by bill that Thomas le Arcedekne tuortiously and against the peace came with ofrce and arms and assailed, beat and wounded him … and against the peace took away William, son and heir of B. [an infant heir of William Beyon], who was in his wardship, … [the mother had delivered the infant to Henry after a disagreement with Sir Ralph de Bloyon.] … (S) A Selection of Cases Illustrative of the English Law of Tort, P219. [Henry was awarded damages of 100 marks.]

1302, Henry, high sheriff of Cornwall, lord of East Looe. (S) Corporation Chronicles, Browne, 1904, P17.

9/15/1302, Pardon, at the instance of Henry de Bodrigan, in consideration of their service in Gascony and Scotland, in his company, to Peter de Bodrigan, John de Bodrigan, … for robberies from Ralph Bloyou, … at Bodmin, co. Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

7/16/1305, Pardon to Henry de Bodrigan of 30£ delivered to him as a prest from the wardrobe at the time he was going to Gascony on the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

Sir Henry de Bodrigan, at the marriage of his daughter, gave inter alia the manor of Tywardreth, and William de Bodrigan, sometime Archdeacon of Cornwall, uncle of her father, gave her at the same time certain lands in Tredrym.

2/7/1307, Henry de Bodrigan, Kt., and Peter de Brodigan his brother. Messuage and carrucate of land in Tredowargh … Witd: Sirs Reginald de Boevile, Walter de Cornubia; Thomas de Pridias, Kts; Henry de Campo Arnulphy … (S) UKNA.

1307, Henry a knight of the shire for Cornwall.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1308, Sir Henry de Bodrugan buried a son. (S) Medieval Children, Orme, 2003, P119.

1308, Henry heir to his uncle William de Bodrigan, sometime Archdeacon of Cornwall. Baronia Anglica Concentrata, V2, 1843, P48.

Bef. 10/25/1309, Henry Bodrigan of East Looe, Cornwall, died, his total estate valued at £113. (S) Social History of England, Ormrod, 2006, P203.

Family notes:

·         Henry was summoned to parliament by writ the day after he died. (S) Book of Dignities, Haydn, 1851, P517.

·         Roger de Brodugan, s/o Philip & Rosea ?, s/o Henry.

·         3/16/1242, Andrew de Kardinan, … Henry de bodrigan and Hugh de Bello Campo are justices to take assize … advowson of the church of Landygan. (S) CPRs.

Children of Henry and Sybil:

i. Johanna Bodrugan (30422035), born ~1285 in England.

ii. Otto de Bodrigan, born ? in England.

2/8/1311, Confirmation of the sale of custody of lands and tenements of Otto, son of Henry de Bodrigan, tenant-in-chief, together with his marriage, to Henry de Campo Arnulphi by Hugh le Despencer the elder.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sir Robert D’Eiville & Dionisia Fitz Thomas

47281784. Sir Robert D’Eiville & 47281785. Dionisia Fitz Thomas

~1210, Robert born in England, s/o 94563568. John D’Eiville & 94563569. Maud de Louvain.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

~1227, Dionis born in England, d/o 30424576. Sir Thomas Fitz William & 30424577. Agnes Bertram.

4/28/1230, Yorkshire.  The king has given and granted his vill of Easingwold to Henry de Heliun, for his homage and faithful service, with the 300 acres that he has given and granted to him of his heath, woodland and waste between the same vill of Easingwold and the manor of Thornton , land namely of Robert Daiville, to assart, break and cultivate or to hold at pasture at his will. (S) FRsHIII.

1234-5, Robert Dayvil, grandson of Robert Dayvil, in a final concord with Thomas de Covill, lord of Coxwold. [Dispute over the building of a dam and the created pond’s affect on a road near Byland abbey.] (S) Inland Fisheries in Medieval Yorkshire, McDonnell, 1981, P25.

1236-7, Robert Dayvil, grandson of Robert Dayvil, in a another final concord with Thomas de Covill, lord of Coxwold. [About half the pond was on Thomas’ lands.]

5/7/1240, Yorkshire. All these have been amerced before four knights at Gloucester by an assize of novel disseisin. … Robert Daiville, 1 m., by the plevin of Robert de Muntford’ and Andrew of Kilburn. (S) FRsHIII.

1241-42 at Lincoln, Thomas son of William brought an assize of mort d’ancestor on the death of his brother Roger against Robert and Dionisia concerning the manor of Gretwell. Robert and Dionisia acknowledged in the king’s court the said manor to be the right of the said Thomas. Thomas granted them the manor for 13 marks a year. (S) Lincolnshire Notes & Queries, V9, 1907, P188.

8/25/1242, Robert Dayvil held 1.5 knights’ fees of Thomas, earl of Warwick, deceased, in Warwick and Leicester. (S) CIsPM.

Bef. 1254, Robert, knt., of Egmanton, Nottinghamshire, died [possibly before his father. Earl John de Warren stated in a lawsuit over the manor of Gretwell that Robert died before he came of age.]

6/1260, Dionisia, who was the wife of Robert de Eyvill, plaintiff, and Thomas, son of William deforciant of 51 liberates, … land in Farneburg, …. and Byleham. Thomas acknolwedged the said tenements to be the right of Dionisia, as those which she had of the gift of the said Thomas in exchange for the manor of Gretewell. … York. Lincoln. (S) Lincolnshire Notes & Queries, V7, 1904, P146.

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P287.

Child of Robert and Dionis:

i. John D’Eiville (23640892), born ~1240 in England.

Baron Adam de Everingham

47281776. Baron Adam de Everingham

~1230, Adam born in England, s/o 94563552. Baron Robert de Everingham & 94563553. Isabel de Birkin.

1246, Adam succeeded his father.

1251, Adam de Everyingham was a pledge for several deer stealers. (S) Treatises of Fistula in Ano, Ardern, 1910, P107.

8/12/1252, Adam after doing homage and giving £50 for relief acquired the lands of his mother Isabel, who held Lexington manor and custody of Sherwood forest.  (S) Knights of Edward I, Moor, 1929, P317.

Adam married d/o Monceaux, Lord of Winton and Barmston. (S) The History of the Parishes of Sherburn and Cawood, Wheater, 1882, P326.

1252-73, Quite claim: Adam of Everingham to Rufford Abbey of lands etc in Kyrketon, Willoughby, Walesby and Besthorpe. (S) UKNA.

1253, Ebor … Dominus Eadwardus filius domini regis. Robertus de Vertri Ponte. … Willelmus de Ros. Robertus de Nevill. Rogerus de Mubray. … Johannes de Warenna. … Petrus de Brus. Henricus de Percy. … Willelmus de Stotevill. … Adam de Everingham, … Simon de Steyngrif. … (S) Survey of the County of York, 1867, P432.

7/14/1253, IPM of Isabel de Everingham. Sir Adam de Everingham, her son, is her heir, and of full age. (S) CIsPM.

1256, John de Lexington died siezed of themanor of Tuxford and hamlet of Warsop held of Adam de Everyngham.

1258, William Bardolf vs. Adam de Everingham for the patronage of Sheford priory, a house of Austin canons. (S) Victoria History of the the County of Nottingham, V2, 1910, P119.

1259, Adam with Prince Edward who led King Henry’s campaign against Welsh prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd.

1260, The Abbat of Krikestall v. John de Vermeles to acquit him of the service which Adam de Everingham exacts for the free tenement which the Abbat holds of John. (S) Record Series, Yorkshire, V17, 1895, P107.

4/12/1263, Simon de Montfort returned to England to lead a rebellion of young barons.

Adam joined Simon de Montfort against the King.

5/14/1264, King Henry and his son lord Edward were captured at the battle of Lewes.

1264-65, Simon de Montfort effectively ruled England.

8/4/1265, Adam at the battle of Evesham on the side of the barons; the defeat of Simon de Montfort and the end of the baron’s war.

1/16/1266, Safe conduct until Easter for Robert son of Adam de Everingham and his household, coming to the king’s court. Protection and safe conduct for Adam de Everingham, … esquires of the said Adam de Everingham, their horses, harness and goods which were in his hands at the time of his retirement from the isle of Axilhome ; provided that they behave faithfully to the king his son and others and that Adam, … shall be before the kin to hear the king’s award … of the mise of Bikerdik to which he submitted himself. (S) CPRs.

4/8/1266, Safe conduct until the Ascension for Adam de Everingham coming to the king’s court to treat for peace … (S) CPRs.

Adam married 2nd Isabel, widow of Roger de Merlay [died 1265.]

6/20/1268, Remission, at the instance of Robert Walerand, to Adam de Everingham of the king’s indignation and rancour of mind conceived towards him by occasion of his trespasses at the time of the disturbance [adherence to Simon de Montfort]; and pardon … (S) CPRs.

7/8/1268, Grant as a special grace to Adam de Everingham, … in order that he may more easily procure the ransom required of him … he may pledge and set to farm land … 100£ a year for five years … [according to the dictum of Kenilworth] (S) CPRs.

5/23/1270, Order from the King to Adam de Everingham, keeper of the forest of Shirewood, forbidding him to hinder W. archbishop of York, from taking timber. (S) Register of Walter Giffard, Brown, 1904, P122.

4/1271, Robert de Eure and Isabel his wife were concerned in a dower claim by Isabel, widow of Roger de Merlay and then wife of Adam de Everingham. (S) Northumberland Families, V1, 1968.

1272, Sir Adam de Everingham chartered a chantry at Everingham with rents from a mill for the souls of his ancestors. (S) CIsPM of his son Robert, 7/21/1287.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1273, Adam de Everingham and Isabella his wife render an account of one mark for having a Pone. (S) Pipe Roll, 1854, P31.

1275, Jurors state that Adam de Everingham claims free warren in Everingha, but know not by what authority. Roger de Merlay had free warren at Burton Agnes, but Adam de Everingham and Isabel have it now. Adam answered that he had warren by charter of King Henry III. (S) Some Historic Mansions of Yorkshire, V2, 1889, P134.

1276, Adam de Everingham claimed against the prior of Gisburgh the advowson of the church of Shireburn. (S) Record Series, Yorkshire, V17, 1895, P75.

1277, Adam summoned to service with 2½ knight’s fees for the army of Wales. [He did not serve, he paid 80 marks scutage.] (S) CCRs, 2/28/1304.

9/22/1277, To Adam de Everingham, keeper of the forest of Shirewode. Order to cause Richard Folyot to have 2 live bucks and 10 live does to stock his park at Grimeston. (S) CCRs.

5/30/1278, Inspeximus … charter … witnesses, Sir Robert de Ros, Sir William his son, Sir Adam de Everyingham, Sir Marmaduke de Tweng, …knights, … (S) CChRs.

9/9/1279, Grant, for life, to Adam de Everingham of the liberty of hunting the fox with his own dogs through his chaces and warrens in Holdernesse, except during fence month … (S) CPRs.

12/6/1281, Adam died seised of a moiety of the barony of Schelford, Nottinghamshire, which made up most of his 12 knight’s fees. He also possessed the manors of Everingham and Farburne, York, and Westbury, Lincoln. Adam buried at Laxton church. (S) Record Series, Yorkshire, V37, 1906, P1.

(S) A Gen. and Heraldic Dic., Burke, P191.

Family notes:

·         1271, Adam de Everingham obtained a charter of free warren in the manor of Birkin. (S) History of the Parishes of Sherburn and Cawood, 1882, P326. [By previous records, this is Adam s/o Sir John de Everingham, married to Ela de Birkin, lord of Birkin in 1255. This Adam was godfather to Adam’s grandson Adam in 1280.]

Children of Adam and ?:             

i. Robert de Everingham (23640888), born 1256 in England.

Robert de la Hyde & Cecily Walerand

47281778. Robert de la Hyde & 47281779. Cecily Walerand

~1230, Robert born in England, s/o §Robert de la Hide & Matilda ?.

1260, William de Wyndes vs. John de Gatesden by Robert de la Hyde in Comton. (S) Pedes Finium, Surrey.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1275, Hanningfield, West, and South (Essex). Appointment of John de Cobham … to take the assise of novel disseisin arraigned by Robert de la Hyde against Walter Sewale, … (S) 44th Annual Report, 1883, P124.

1279, Appointment of John de Cobham … to take assise of mort dancestor arraigned by Robert de la Hyde against the abbat of Chertsey, touching a mesuage and land. (S) Annual Report of the Deputy Keepter, Vs46-47, 1886, P382.

1297, IPM at Parva Domerham of Hugh Peverel, by the oath of … Robert de la Hyde …

1300, Roger de Bulleyt, late clerk of Robert de la Hyde, … (S) 9th Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, 1883, P25.

8/3/1300, IPM at Domerham of Thomas Peverel, of Samford, co. Devon, by the oath of … Robert de la Hyde … (S) Index Library, V37, 1908, P248.

1302, Inquisition … It is not to the damage of the King … Robert de la Hyde, of Lydierd, has no mill in Lydierd Milicent, but he has one messauge and 6 bovates of land …

4/16/1303, Licence … for the alienation in mortmain … by Robert Brut … in Westtockeham; by Robert de la Hyde of Lydyard of a messuage and six bovates of land in Lydyard Milecent, by … (S) CPRs.

5/25/1307, IPM of John Byset: … Stapleham. … He held of Robert de la Hyde 10 acres of land by the service of pay per annum 6.5d …

(S) Abstracts of Wiltshire IPM, V37, 1908.

Family notes:

·         Cecily Walerand, sister of William Walerand married to Isabella de Kylpeck.
·        9/12/1235, Roger, son of Jordan de Wurth’ , gives the king 10 m. for having his confirmation of the sale, grant and quitclaim that Robert de la Hide made to him of all of his land in Shallcross. (S) FRsHIII.

·         5/1307, IPM of John Walraund: … Alice de Eddeworth, one of the aunts of the aforesaid John Walrand, Alice de Everingham, daughter of Cecily, another aunt, Bevis de Knovile, son of Joan de Knovile, daughter of the same Cecily, Maude la Bret and Cecily de Heylioun, wife of Peter de Heylioun, daughters of Cecily, … Alice de Everingham is aged 42 years, Bevis [30] … Maude [33] … Cecly [28.] (S) IsPM for the County of Worcester, 1894, P36. [John, an idiot, related by descent from his grandfather, William Walraund, and Isabel his wife.]

·         12/12/1310, IPM of John Walraund: …  Alice de Everingham [40], Bevis [30] … Maude [28] … Cecly [26].] (S) IsPM for the County of Worcester, 1894, P36.

·         10/6/1333, Staff. Robert de la Hide and Matilda his wife sue John de Couele for 1/3rd of a carucate of land in Coule as dower of Matilda. John pleaded that Robert, son of Sway, the first husband of Matilda, was not seised of the land as of fee. (S) Plea Rolls for Staffordshire, V4, 1883.

Children of Robert and Cecily:

i. Alice de la Hyde (23640889), born ~1258 in England.

ii. Joan de la Hyde, born ~1260 in England.

[Joan the mother of Bevis de Knovile.]

iii. Maud de la Hyde, born ~1274 in England.

Maud married Richard le Bret.

iv. Cecily de la Hyde, born ~1276 in England.

Cecily married Peter de Helioun.

6/10/1280, Licence for the Carmelite Friars … Dublin … from Cicely daughter of Robert de la Hide … (S) CPRs.