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G26: 60844086 Zouche

60844086. Lord Alan la Zouche & 60844087. Eleanor de Seagrave

10/9/1267, Alan born in England, heir & s/o 121688172. Roger la Zouche & 121688173. Ela Longespee.

~1270, Eleanor born in England, d/o 121688174. Nicholas de Seagrave & 121688175. Maud de Lucy.

8/10/1270, Alan’s grandfather with the same name died.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

Bef. 7/19/1276, Alan’s mother died.

Bef. 10/15/1285, Alan’s father died.

By 1286, Alan married Eleanor; her maritagium included the manor of Great Dalby, Leicestershire.

1288, Alan in Gascony with the King as a hostage for Alfonso of Aragon for the fulfillment of agreements.

6/20/1289, Alan son and heir of Roger la Zusche alias la Zuch, la Souche (Zouche): Devon (proof of age). (S) UKNA.

7/13/1290, Alan la Zusche, staying in England, nominating … [in Ireland] for 2 years. (S) CPRs.

7/8/1291 at Dublin, Ireland. Pleas … before William ftiz Roger, … assize … Emelina de Longespeye, Christiana de Marisco, and Alan la Zouche, heirs of Walter de Ridelesford. Alan and Emelina say that they cannot answer without Christiana their coparcener. (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Relating to Ireland, 1881, P43. [The inheritance was through the Longespee family.]

2/6/1292, Alan la Zusche, staying in England on the king’s service, nominating … in Ireland for 3 years. (S) CPRs.

6/16/1293, Pleas at Dublin, Ireland. … assize of Mort d’Ancestor … To Emelina Lungespeye, Christiana de mariscis, and Alan la Zouche, heirs of Walter de Ridelesford, vouched to warranty by John de Cogan, … had been discharged of the warranty and challenge. (S) (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Relating to Ireland, 1881, P43.

4/15/1294, Protection for Alan de la Zuche, going beyond seas by the king’s command with Eleanor the king’s daughter, countess of Bar [to Bar, expecting her 1st child who was born within 2 months]. (S) CPRs.

1294, Alan served in Gascony when King Edward was involved in a long war to protect lands from Philip IV of France.

8/20/1296, 6 writs on the succession of Elena la Zousche [Alan’s grandmother] in Scotland, Alan la Zuche is her next heir, and age 24 years of age and more. … (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland, 1884, P215.

1/26/1297, Alan la Zouche summoned to attend the king at Salisbury. (S) Complete Peerage.

8/22/1297, Robert fitz Roger, Alan la Zouche, John de Segrave, Henry Tyeys and John Lovel, serving in the household of Bigod, appeard with him at the Exchecquer in opposition to the tax of an eighth to support the invasion of Flanders, which they claimed had not been properly granted. (S) Edward I, Prestwich, 1988, P433.

8/23/1297, Alan in the service of King Edward as he left England with 500 ships to attack France and assert his rights. Because of the refusal of many barons, Edward only had a small contingent of knights. The army sailed for Flanders to seek additional support.

2/6/1298, Alano La Zousche 1st summoned to parliament by writ. (S) Some Feudal Lords and Their Seals, Walden, 1904, P106.

7/22/1298, Alan fought in the vanguard at the battle of Falkirk. The English armored knights were repulsed by amassed spear points. King Edward the brought up his Welsh longbowmen. They cut gaps into the Scottish ranks through which the mounted English knights could charge. The Scots were routed, but Wallace escaped. (S) Scotland in 1298, Gough, 1888, P342. [Alano la Zousche in comitiva Rogeri le Bygod; arms ‘Gules, bezante’.]

9/26/1298, Alan summoned to Carlisle with horses and arms. (S) Complete Peerage.

2/22/1299, Letters for Alan la Zousche, going to the court of Rome, nominating … for one year. (S) CPRs.

3/28/1300, “Royal letters patent: inspeximus and confirmation of Magna Carta … Witnesses: … Alan la Zusche, …” (S) UKNA.

3/12/1300, Alan la Zusche, staying in England, nominating … one year in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

6/1300, Alan at the siege of Caerlaverock castle.

1300–01, John de Segrave and Sir Geoffrey his brother. John has granted to Geoffrey all the lands and rents which he has in Wisebeche; to him and his issue, rent a rose a year. Witnesses: Sir Nicholas de Segrave, Henry de Segrave, and Simon de Segrave, Sir Alan la Souche, William le Ferers, Hugh le Plesi, Thomas son of Robert le Nevile. (S) UKNA.

2/12/1301, Alanus la Zousche, d’n’s de Assheby, joined in the Baron’s Letter to the Pope. (S) Complete Peerage. [Alan’s seal has his shield strung from a lion’s neck, and surrounded with 6 lions, from the arms of Longespee, Azure, six lions or. (S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1842, P355.

10/24/1302, Alan la Zusche, staying in England, nominating … one year in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

3/25/1304, Alan la Zusche, staying in England, nominating … in Ireland for 2 years. (S) CPRs.

6/19/1305, Assignment of dower to Margaret, late the wife of Edmund de Mortuo Mari … a moiety of a fee in Flitte, co. Bedford held of Alan la Zusche … (S) CCRs.

1306, Alan la Zouche with Philip, Aymer and William la Zouche served in Scotland. (S) English Aristocracy at War, Simpkin, 2008, P116.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

11/10/1307, Licence for the alienation in mortmain to the prior and canosn of Charleye by Alan de la Zouche, of a messauge in Shepesheved and the advowson of the church of Maynefeld. (S) CPRs.

1308, Alan summoned to the coronation of King Edward II.

2/24/1308 at Westminster, Edward crowned King Edward II of England.

11/4/1308, Protection until Midsummer for Alan la Zusche making a pilgrimage to Santiago [Sanctum Jacobum – in Spain, legendary burial place of the apostle James]. (S) CPRs.

11/7/1310, IPM of John Lovel of Tychmersch. … the manor of Elecombe held of Alan la Zouche as a parcel of the earldom of Winchester. (S) Wiltshire Inquisitions, V37, 1908, P378.

5/18/1311, Commission of oyer and terminer to … Alan la Zusche, on complaint by John de Cherleton and Hawisia his wife, … (S) CPRs.

1311-12, Alan governor of Rockingham castle and steward of Rockingham forest.

12/26/1312, Commission to Alan la Zusche and William Trussel touching the alleged defamation of John de Somery by William de Bereford and others. (S) CPRs.

5/3/1313, Alan going overseas with Amyer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. (S) CPRs. [This was part of a large contingent going with the King and Queen.]

5/23/1313, King Edward and Queen Isabella left from Dover for a trip to France.

7/15/1313, King Edward and Queen Isabella arrived back in England at Dover.

11/26/1313, Alan last summoned to parliament. (S) Complete Peerage.

Bef. 3/25/1314, Alan, Lord Zouche, knt. of Ashby de la Zouche, died; buried at Brackley, Northamptonshire.

Family notes:

·         4/24/1314, IPM of Alan la Zousche, … Ellen and Maud his daughters are his next heirs, and Maud the younger is aged 24. (S) CIsPM.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P176.

Children of Alan and Eleanor: [3 daughters]

i. Ellen la Zouche, born ? in England.

Ellen married Nicholas de St. Mauro.

9/28/1314, Order to deliver to Robert de Holand and Matilda his wife, youngest daughter and co-heiress of Alan la Zusche, tenant in chief, … with the assent of Nicholas de Sancto Mauro and Ellen his wife, eldest daughter and co-heiress of the said Alan … the following of … knight’s fees, 1 knight’s fee in Sutho Wincestre, in the county of Huntyngdon, which Oliver la Zusche holds, … (S) CCRs.

ii. Maud la Zouche (30422043), born 1290 in England.

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G26: 60844080 Reynold

60844080. Sir Peter Fitz Reynold & 60844081. Ela Martel

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1273, Ela born in England, coheir & eldest d/o 121688162. Sir Roger Martel & 121688163. Joan ?.

1274, Peter born in England, 2nd s/o 121688160. Reginald Fitz Peter & 121688161. Joan de Vivonne.

1280, Ela age 7.

5/5/1286, Peter’s father died; his older half-brother John the heir.

7/4/1300, Joan, late the wife of Reginald son of Peter to grant the manor of Chuyton (being her share of the inheritance of William de Fortibus) to Peter son of Reginald; Peter re-granting it to Joan for life. (S) CPRs.

7/18/1301, Licence for a fine by Peter son of Reginald, for Joan, late the wife of Reginald son of Peter, to grant … Chuyton … remainders in fee tail, to the said Peter, Reginald son of Reginald, and William son of Reginald, his brothers, with reversion to the next heirs of Joan. (S) CPRs.

1301, Peter son of Reginald named in the IPM of John de Bella Aqua. (S) Yorkshire Inquisitions, GBCofC, 1902, P165.

1304, Ela living.

Ela died; Peter married 2nd Maud ?.

4/1307, James de Mohun querent, and Peter son of Reginald and Ela his wife, deforciants, of a messauge and land in Maupudre and advowson of the church. (S) Feet of Fines, Dorset, 1896, P240.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

By 1309, Peter’s older brother John died leaving a minor son as his heir.

1313, Peter fitz Reginald held land in Glenn Magna. (S) History of Market Harborough, Hill, 1875, P108.

6/1/1314, Peter 40 years old, heir to his mother; and a mesne tenant of the manor of Carlton Curlieu.

6/8/1314: 6/8/1314: IPM of Joan de Vivonia: Bedford … … Southampton … Essex … Berks … Somerset … Dorset … Peter son of Reginald and of the said Joan, aged 40 and more, is her next heir … (S) CIsPM.

7/9/1315, Appointment of Peter son of Reginald and John Peverel as conservators of peace in Dorset. (S) CPRs.

10/16/1315, IPM of John de Vivonia: Peter son of Reginald, son and heir of Joan de Vyvonia, one of the daughers and heirs of William de Fortibus, uncle of the said John, and Cecily de Bello Campo, another of the daughters and heirs of the said William, are his next heirs. (S) CIsPM.

11/1315, IPM of Alan la Zousche: Leicester. … Glen Magna, Carleton Curly, Rolleston and Schangeton. 1 knight’s fee held by … Peter son of Reginald. (S) CIsPM.

6/14/1317, Licence for Peter son of Reginald to grant a messuage … in Westkyngton to Peter de Barneville and Alice his sister, for their lives, with reversion to himself and his heirs. (S) CPRs.

12/20/1317, Licence for Peter son of Reginald to enfeoff Peter de Wilteshire of a messuage … in Westkynton, co. Wilts, … to Margery, late the wife of Aymer de Wilteshire, and Philip her son, to hold to them and the heirs of Philip. (S) CPRs.

4/20/1318, Pardon to Henry Trenchard … Sussex for non-appearance to answer when impleaded of trespass by Peter son of Reginald. (S) CPRs.

6/18/1320, Appointment of Peter son of Reginald as a conservator of peace in Dorset with Robert son of Payn. (S) CPRs.

10/12/1320, Pardon to Edward de Holte … Sussex … for non-appearance to answer for a trespass against Peter son of Reginald. (S) CPRs.

11/30/1321, Commission to John Dabernoun, Peter son of Reginald, and John de Boudon to levy 500 foot in the counties of Surry and Sussex and to conduct them to the king at Cirencestre by 13 Dec. (S) CPRs.

3/10/1322, King Edward defeated the forces of Earl Thomas of Lancaster at the river Trent.

6/8/1322, Mandate to supply armed footmen from cities and boroughs to be at Newcastley by 24 July … Peter son of Reginald and John de Ifeld { Arundel 2, Mithurst 1, Stenig and Benbre 2, Lewes 4, Horsham 1, co. Sussex. (S) CPRs.

10/14/1322, King Edward fought the battle of Byland [20 miles north of York] against Robert Bruce, and was nearly captured by the Scots invading south at Rievaulx abbey; primarily by treachery of Andrew Harclay.

11/18/1322, Peter of Chewton, Somerset, died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, 108.

Child of Peter and Ela:

i. Roger Martel (30422040), born ~1290 in England.

G26: 60844072 D'Aumarle

60844072. Geoffrey D’Aumarle & 60844073. Joan de Pomeroy

~1240, Geoffrey born in England, s/o §William de Alba Marlia.

1/15/1288, Geoffrey’s father died.

5/9/1290, Geoffrey son of William de Alba Marlia of Wodebyry, … acknowledge that they owe to William de Hamelton 17£ 8s 0d. (S) CPRs.

9/4/1301, To the sheriff of Devon. … ship … was wrecked on the sea … ten tuns of wine were thrown upon the land of Geoffrey de Alba Marlia at Wodebury and Luneston … each tun was worth 4 marks … distrain Geoffrey … to satisfy the merchants … (S) CCRs.

1/22/1302, Debtor: Geoffrey de Albemarle {Alba Marlia}, knight, of Devon [of Woodbury, East Budleigh Hundred]. (S) UKNA.

1/20/1303, Protection with clause volumus for Geoffrey de Alba Marlia, going to Gascon on the king’s service with Simon de Monte Acuto. (S) CPRs.

1303, Geoffrey de Albemarle held Middle Chinnock of Sir James de Moleton. (S) Proceedings, Somersetshire, Vs75-77, P17.

5/8/1310, Geoffrey presented Martin le Arbloster as subdeacon to the church at Lympston. (S) The register of Walter de Stapeldon, 1892, P233.

3/28/1314, IPM of Roger Wither: Witherynghen, Devon, held of Geoffrey de Alba Marlia by service. (S) CIsPM.

1314-5, Grant to John de Wymborne and Christina his wife, of lifehold of Chard manor, lately held by Lunbard her father. Test. Sir Robt. Fitzpayne, Sir Geoffrey D’Aumarle, … (S) Calendar of the Register of John de Drokesford, 1887, P70.

6/28/1319, Pardon to Agnes, late the wife of William de Alba Marlia for acquiring, without licence, to herself and her said husband and her heirs male a messuage … in Henton from Geoffrey de Alba Marlia, tenant in chief. (S) CPRs.

By 1321, Geoffrey died.

(S) Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis, Oliver, 1846, PP187-8.

Family notes:

·         William de Alba Marlia, s/o Sir Geoffrey [died 1262], s/o Reginald, s/o Geoffrey d’Albamarle & Mabil Carbonel, d/o William Carbonell.

·         1267-85, Quitclaim by Sir Geoffrey de Albemarle (Alba Mare), son and heir of Sir Reynold de Albemarle, lord of Woodbeer. (S) Cartulary of Forde Abbey, 1998, P104.

·         1274-1288, Wiliam de Albemarle held Leuestona “by service of finding the King with one oaten loaf with 2 arrows stuck in it whenever the King courses on Dertemor.” (S) Report and Transactions – Devonshire, V35, P299.

·         Margaret Dumarle, heiress of William, son of William, son and heir of Goeffrey. (S) De Controversia in Curia Militari Inter Ricardum Le Scrope, V2, 1832, P258.

Child of Geoffrey and Joan:

i. Geoffrey de Albemarle, born 10/9/1267 in England.

By 1316, Sir Geoffrey died before his father.

ii. William Dumarle (30422036), born ~1270 in England.

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G26: 60844070 Bodrigan

60844070. Henry de Bodrigan & 60844071. Sybil de Maundeville

~1264, Henry born in Cornwall, England, s/o §Roger de Brodugan & Isolda de Pyn.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1277, Henry’s father died.

4/26/1286, Protection with clause, going beyond seas with the king … Henry de Brodrugan, Edmund the king’s brother, … } for one year. (S) CPRs.

1289, Sibylla, sister and heir to Walter de Maundeville. Henry and Sibylla had livery of her lands.

4/11/1300, To the sheriff of  Devon, with Henry de Bodrigan and Robert Giffard. Ordered to cause all and singular knights, esquires, or others having 10£ or more yearly of land to be with the king at Carlisle in Midsummer with horses and arms to go against the Scots. (S) 1302-1307, GBPRO, 1906, P395.

2/8/1301, Commission to Robert son of Payn, … touching the person who assaulted Henry de Bodrigan at Glaseneye, co. Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

4/5/1301, Letters for Henry de Bodrugan and Sibyl his wife, staying in England, nominating John de Bodrigan … attorneys in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

1301, Henry de Bodrigan claimed view of frankpledge, ducking-stool, pillory, and assize of bread and beer at East Looe. (S) Pubs. of the Southampton Record Soc., V5, 1908, P268.

1/22/1302, Pardon to Ralph Bloyou for the robbery and other trespasses committed against Henry de Bodrigan at Glsneyth, and for other robberies … in Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

1302, Henry de Bodreugam complained by bill that Thomas le Arcedekne tuortiously and against the peace came with ofrce and arms and assailed, beat and wounded him … and against the peace took away William, son and heir of B. [an infant heir of William Beyon], who was in his wardship, … [the mother had delivered the infant to Henry after a disagreement with Sir Ralph de Bloyon.] … (S) A Selection of Cases Illustrative of the English Law of Tort, P219. [Henry was awarded damages of 100 marks.]

1302, Henry, high sheriff of Cornwall, lord of East Looe. (S) Corporation Chronicles, Browne, 1904, P17.

9/15/1302, Pardon, at the instance of Henry de Bodrigan, in consideration of their service in Gascony and Scotland, in his company, to Peter de Bodrigan, John de Bodrigan, … for robberies from Ralph Bloyou, … at Bodmin, co. Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

7/16/1305, Pardon to Henry de Bodrigan of 30£ delivered to him as a prest from the wardrobe at the time he was going to Gascony on the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

Sir Henry de Bodrigan, at the marriage of his daughter, gave inter alia the manor of Tywardreth, and William de Bodrigan, sometime Archdeacon of Cornwall, uncle of her father, gave her at the same time certain lands in Tredrym.

2/7/1307, Henry de Bodrigan, Kt., and Peter de Brodigan his brother. Messuage and carrucate of land in Tredowargh … Witd: Sirs Reginald de Boevile, Walter de Cornubia; Thomas de Pridias, Kts; Henry de Campo Arnulphy … (S) UKNA.

1307, Henry a knight of the shire for Cornwall.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1308, Sir Henry de Bodrugan buried a son. (S) Medieval Children, Orme, 2003, P119.

1308, Henry heir to his uncle William de Bodrigan, sometime Archdeacon of Cornwall. Baronia Anglica Concentrata, V2, 1843, P48.

Bef. 10/25/1309, Henry Bodrigan of East Looe, Cornwall, died, his total estate valued at £113. (S) Social History of England, Ormrod, 2006, P203.

Family notes:

·         Henry was summoned to parliament by writ the day after he died. (S) Book of Dignities, Haydn, 1851, P517.

·         Roger de Brodugan, s/o Philip & Rosea ?, s/o Henry.

·         3/16/1242, Andrew de Kardinan, … Henry de bodrigan and Hugh de Bello Campo are justices to take assize … advowson of the church of Landygan. (S) CPRs.

Children of Henry and Sybil:

i. Johanna Bodrugan (30422035), born ~1285 in England.

ii. Otto de Bodrigan, born ? in England.

2/8/1311, Confirmation of the sale of custody of lands and tenements of Otto, son of Henry de Bodrigan, tenant-in-chief, together with his marriage, to Henry de Campo Arnulphi by Hugh le Despencer the elder.

G26: 60844068 Champernoun

60844068. William de Champernoun & 60844069. Joan ?

~1245, William de Campo Arnulphi born in England, eldest s/o 4990592. Lord Henry de Chambernon & 4990593. Dionisia English.

William married Joan ?.

2/16/1269, William de Chaumbernun was claimant to 1 messauge, 20 acres in Cowick, in St. Thomas.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

7/1279, William, knight, witnessed a dispute settlement between the abbot and convent of Glastonbury.

5/1281-2/1284, William’s father died.

5/22/1285, Sir William de Champernon and William de Cornubia came to an agreement over the boundaries of Crenmore. (S) History of Newenham Abbey, Count of Devon, Davidson, 1843, P184.

1285, William, lord of Coryton.

5/15/1287, William going overseas in the king’s service. [The king and queen were in Gascony at this time.]

1289, William de Campo Arnulphi returned as holding inter alia one knight’s fee in Oterham on aid for the marriage of the king’s eldest daughter. (S) Journal, Royal Institution of Cornwall, V11, 1895, P258.

1294, William, knight, called into service in Wales against Madog.

1295, William de Champernoun patron of the Jacobstowe in Cornwall. (S) Register of John de Grandisson, 1899, P1672.

11/1295, William a knight of the shire for Cornwall.

1296, William called into service against the Scots.

5/1298, William a knight of the shire for Devon.

1301, William called into service against the Scots.

2/4/1303, To the sheriff of Devon … William de Camp Arnulphi, tenant of the knights’ fees in that county that are called ‘little fees of Mortain’ … to receive from William 25s for each of the small fees. (S) CCRs.

1303, William held Birch Barton, Southcott and Ilfracombe.

4/20/1304, John Dun, fine of 1£ and at instance of Sir William de Campo Arnulphi. (S) Exeter Freemen, Rowe, 1973, P8.

1305, William de Campo Arnulphi a tenant of Geoffrey de Camville. (S) Report and Transactions, Devonshire, V49, 1917, P378.

Bef. 2/21/1305, William died; Joan surviving.

3/1308, Dame Joan de Champernoun, relict of Sir William, presented to the church of Jacobstowe, co. Cornwall.

11/1309, Dame Joan de Champernoun, presented John de Campo Arnulphi, a subdeacon, as the new rector.

Child of William and Joan:

i. Henry Champernon (30422034), born ~1270 in England.

G26: 60842578 Moels

60842578. Nicholas de Moels & 60842579. Hawyse de Newmarch

~1205, Nicholas born.

Bef. 1215, Hawise born in England, coheir & d/o 121685158. James de Newmarch & 9994917. Matilda ?.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

Bef. 1218, The marriages of Hawyse and her older sister Isabel granted to John Russell of Kingston Russel. John married Isabel to his heir Ralph. John Russel sold the marriage of Hawise to John de Botreaux.

By 1218, Hawise 1st married to John de Botreaux; the Bottrell family being granted wardship of her paternal lands including Cadbury.

8/1226, Nicholas sent to the king’s brother in Poitou.

3/1227, Nicholas in Gascony.

1228, Nicholas appointed sheriff of Hampshire and given custody of Winchester castle.

3/5/1229, The king has pardoned to John de Botreaux 6 m. of the 18 m. which are exacted from him by summons of the Exchequer for James de NeufmarchĂ©, one of whose daughters John took to wife. (S) FRsHIII.

1229-30, John de Botreaux died.

1230, The marriage of Hawise granted to Roger de Clifford.

4/30/1230, Nicholas sailed from Portsmouth with, King Henry, and the king’s brother brother Richard, Earl of Cornwall. With the help of Mauclerc, Count of Brittany, they invaded Brittany in hopes of recovering Normandy. They established their camp at Nantes, and captured a small castle.

10/1230, Henry abandoned his invasion and returned to England.

1230, Nicholas married Hawise, acquiring the manor of Cadbury, Somerset.

1230, Nicholas de Molens’ given respite for 18 marks owed for the scutage of the fees of James de Newmarch.

1234, Nicholas sheriff of Hampshire and in custody of the Channel islands. (S) DNB.

5/1234, Nicholas appointed sheriff of Devon [held until 4/1236].

1235-36, Nicholas holding more than 8 fees with the daughter of James de Newmarch. (S) Transactions of Bristol and Gloucestershire, V13, 1888-89. [Her sister Isabel’s husband held the same number of fees of their father.]

1/19/1236 at Westminster, Eleanor crowned Queen of England. Sir Richard Siward and Sir Nicholas de Molis carried the two royal sceptres before the king. (S) National and Domestic History of England, V1, Aubrey, 1867, P371.

7/23/1236, Writ de intendo to the knights, free men and all others sworn to arms in the counry of Berks in favour of Amaury de Sancto Amando, the king’s steward, and Nicholas de Molis, whom the king is sent to those parts to expedite his business, … (S) CPRs.

1238, Nicholas de Molis held Diptford manor with the advowson by the king’s gift. (S) Crown Pleas of the Devon Eyre, Summerson, 1985. [Nicholas was unable to produce the charter, so this must have been a plea decision.]

3/1239-3/1242, Nicholas, sheriff of Yorkshire. (S) Chartulary of the Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary of Sallay, V87.

1241-2, “The King to Nicholas de Moles, keeper of the lands which were John’s, formerly earl of Lincoln, sends greeting. We command you to cause Margaret, who was wife of the aforesaid earl, to have full seisin in the name of her dower …” (S) Lancashire Inquests, Extents, …, Farrer, 1903, P157.

1242, John de Tudenham held half a fee in Stanton Tudenham, in Churchstanton parish and Hemyock hundred from Nicholas de Molis.

5/20/1242, Nicholas in service of King Henry III when they arrived at Royen, France with a small contingent; but with 30 tons of gold. They were soon joined by French nobles with Hugh as their leader against the forces of the Count of Poitou and King Louis IX.

7/1242, The 2 armies met at the battles of Taillebourgh and Saintes, with the superior sized French force winning.

8/8/1242 at Blaye, France, Charter to Giles de Cancellis, knight of R. count of Poitou and Cornwall, the king’s brother, …  Witnesses:- R. count of Poitou and Cornwall; S. de Monteforti, earl of Leicester; John fitz Geoffrey; Hugh de Vivona; Nicholas de Molis; …

9/15/1242, Power to William Lungespeye, Hugh de Vivona, Nicholas de Molis … to retain … 60 knights to make the raid which they have prepared for … (S) CPRs.

9/1242, King Henry, returned to England.

6/17/1243, Nicholas appointed to the post of seneshcal of Gascony, with an annual salary of 1000 marks, and 500 marks for expenses. (S) CPRs. [Letters were sent to Oleron, Dax, Bayonne, La Reole, St. Macaire, Lagnun and Bazas.]

8/1243, Nicholas besieged Grammont and captured it from the King of Navarre.

8/12/1244, To Nicholas de Molis, seneschal of Gascony. Whereas the king [Henry III of England] promised Th. count of Flanders and Hainault that in the amending of the agressions  and damages committed upon Thibaut, king of Navarre, by the king and his men of Bayonne, … (S) CPRs.

11/15/1244, Acceptance of a prest of 1000 marks which the good men of Bayonne have made to Nicholas de Molis, seneschal of Gascony, to maintain the war against the king of Navarre, … (S) CPRs.

7/1245, Nicholas gave up his office of seneschal of Gascony.

8/1245, Nicholas, Constable of Cardigan and Caermarthen castles. (S) History of Law Series, I26, 1972, P19.

1246, The king granted the manor and hundred of Knowlton, Dorset, to Nicholas de Molis. (S) Liberties & Communities in Medieval England, Cam, 1963, P66.

1246, Nicholas de Molis commanded forces that forced marched from Ceredigion across upland north Wales to Aberconwy. (S) The Age of Conquest: Wales, Davies, 2000, P266.

5/1248, Rhys Fychan expressed willingness to receive justice ‘in curia regis coram Nicholao de Molis in comitatu regis de Kaermerdyn.’ (S) Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, V21, 1966, P152.

2/6/1249, The king [Henry III of England] has understood the form of the compromise between his kinsman Thibaut, king of Navarre, county palatine of Champagne and Brie, and the king’s brother in law S. de Monteforti, earl of Leicester, to the following effect … arbritration … these four shall pronounce the award before Midsummer, 1249 … king will ratify … on condition that Nicholas de Molis be joined on the king’s side, … (S) CPRs.

1/18/1250, Exemption of Walter de Bibbeworth … so long as he is in the service of Nicholas de Molis and Nicholas is in the king’s serice in the parts of Gascony. (S) CPRs.

1251, Nicholas again served in Gascony.

1252, The king sent Nicholas de Molis, knight, and Droto de Barentin to Gascony make inquiry of accusations against Simon, earl of Leicester. (S) Simon de Montfort, Hutton, 1907, P14.

6/1252 in Gascony, Nicholas de Moels appointed a conservator of the truce along with Rocelin de Fos. (S) DNB.

3/17/1253, Grant to Nicholas de Molis that if he die before Roger de Molis his son and heir reaches his majority, the said Nicholas may freely dispose of the wardship of his lands. (S) CPRs.

3/18/1253, Grant to Nicholas de Molis that when a competent marriage falls to the king to the use of Maud and Agnes, daughters of the said Nicholas, that the king will marry them. (S) CPRs.

1253, Nicholas de Meules, keeper of Oxford castle, and baron of North Cadbury, Somersetshire, granted a mansion in Stokewell stree to the Carmelite Fryers. (S) History and Antiquities of the Univ. of Oxford, Wood, 1792, P248.

7/18/1253, Despatch of Richard de Grey, Nicholas de Molis, and Drew de Barentino to Gascony … touching attacks and trespasses done … against the king. (S) CPRs.

8/6/1253, King Henry left for Gascony from Portsmouth with 300 ships to deal with a rebellion.

10/23/1253, Henry’s army in camp at Benauge, France [east of Bordeaux].

12/28/1253, Henry’s army in camp at Bazas, France [southeast of Bordeaux].

3/19/1254, Henry’s army in camp at Meilhan, France [south of Bordeaux, near the Spanish border].

9/1/1254 at Bordeaux, France, Writ of aid directed to the good men of La Reole in favour of Richard de Grey, John de Grey, Nicholas de Molis, Drew de Barentyn … whom the king is sending … (S) CPRs.

11/20/1254, Henry’s retinue in camp at Orleans, France.

12/10/1254, at Paris, France, Charter … Witnesses : Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, John de Plessitis, earl of Warwick, … Nicholas de Molis … (S) CPRs.

1/1255, King Henry returned to England.

2/19/1255 at Westminster, Nicholas de Molis a witness to a royal charter to Edward, the king’s son. (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, 2001, P94.

11/18/1256 at Winchester, Nicholas de Molis a witness to a royal charter. (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, 2001, P102.

1257, Nicolas served in Wales.

9/4/1257, Power to Richard de Clare, earl of Goucester and Hertford, and Nicholas de Molis to admit into the king’s peace, Mereduk son of Res. (S) CPRs.

1/6/1258, Nicholas appointed by writ Constable of Dover castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports.

1259, Walter de Bergsted handed over custody of Kent and the charge of the castles of Rochester and Canterbury to Nicholas de Moels. (S) History of the Castle, Town, and Port of Dover, Statham, 1899, P345.

3/28/1261, Royal charter given at the Tower of London to Thomas Corbet, witnesses: Hugh Despenser, justiciar of England, Nicholas de Molis, John Mansel, treasurer of York, … (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, 2001, P133.

1263, Nicholas given custody of Corfe castle.

5/14/1264, King Henry captured at the battle of Lewes by Simon de Montfort.

7/4/1264, Mandate to Nicholas de Molis, to whom the king lately committed the castle of Wyndsore, to deliver the castle to John fitz John. (S) CPRs.

1264-65, Simon de Montfort effectively ruled England.

8/4/1265, Lord Edward defeated Simon de Montfort at the battle of Evesham, ending the barons revolt.

By 1267, Nicholas of Cadebury and Saperton, Somerset, died.

(S) The History of the Castle, Town, and Port of Dover, Statham, 1899, P340. (S) Feudal Cambridgeshire, P101. (S) English Rule in Gascony, Marsh, 1912.

Family notes:

·         Nicholas de Molis, s/o Rogerus de Moels, s/o Joellus de Moels, s/o Nicholaus de Molis, s/o Roger de Molis of the Domesday survey. (S) Index to Burkes’s Dictionary, Burke, 1853, P238.

Children of Nicholas and Hawise:

i. James de Moels, born ~1238 in England.

1243, James was a childhood companion of Edward, the king’s son. (S) Edward I, Prestwich, 1988, P5.

James died young.

ii. Roger de Moels (60844696), born ~1245 in England.

iii. Agnes de Moels (30421289), born ~1250 in England.

G26: 60842576 Brewes

60842576. Lord John de Brewes & 60842577. Margaret of Wales & 23640214. Sir Walter de Clifford

~1193, Walter born in England, heir & s/o 19989632. Walter de Clifford & 19989633. Agnes de Condet.

1197, John born in England, heir & s/o 121685152. William de Brewes & 121685153. Maud de Clare.

~1205, Margaret born in Wales, d/o 19989730. Prince Llywelyn ap Iorwert & 19989731. Joan Plantagenet.

1208, John and his brother Giles became hostages of King John for his father’s loyality.

5/23/1208, King John sent Walter Clifford from Winchester to certify his father that his successor as sheriff of Herefordshire had been appointed. (S) FMG.

1210, John’s father and paternal grandmother starved to death by King John.

2/1210, King John sent letters from the Tower to Walter de Clifford juvenis.

By 1213, … the field of 'Benethege' which Walter de Clifford, Agnes, his wife, and Walter, his son, gave the priory.

1/1214, Custody of John and Giles, hostages, transferred.

1214, Walter and his brother Roger accompanied King John on his invasion of Poitou, France; during which time they received loans from the king. (S) English Historical Review, V110, 1995, P285.

4/30/1215, Walter de Clifford summoned to meet the king at Cirencester with hores and arms.

8/14/1215, Walter a knight of the royal household [of 102], given custody of the county and castle of Hereford. (S) English Historical Review, V110, 1995, P281.

2/25/1216, Walter de Clifford surrendered the custos of the See of Hereford.

1215-6, Walter de Clifford, junior to King John: names of those in Herefordshire who have served against the king; threatened Welsh attack. (S) UKNA.

5/28/1216, Walter commissioned to treat with Reginald de Braose and to bring him to King John.

8/15/1216, Walter granted the manor of Dimmock, Gloucester to keep Walter in royal service. [He had been replaced as sheriff of Hereford by Walter de Lacy.]

9/28/1216, Walter witnessed a royal charter of King John.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

10/28/1217, Dimmack, which had been siezed by the crown as a royal demesne, restored to Walter de Clifford.

10/12/1219, Order to permit the king’s beloved and faithful Walter of Clifford junior to hold the woodland pertaining to the manor of Dymock in peace, for Walter has given surety to the king before the council that he will make neither waste nor destruction of that woodland.

 [–––John & Margaret–––]

1/1218, John and his brothers released as hostages after intercession by their uncle, Gilbert de Clare.

1219, Reginald de Braose [John’s uncle] and John de Braose in a curia regis suit with King John who claimed that Reginald’s father had been seised of the lands and had performed homage for them. John initiated proceedings against his uncle over hereditary rights.

1219, John, age 22, married Margaret.

1220, John given possession of the lordship of Gower, and repaired the castle of Swansea, under the leave of his father-in-law. John recovered the barony of Branber, Sussex, and half the barony of Totnes, Devon from his relatives.

1221, John de Brewes sued his brother-in-law Henry de Tracy in a plea of land. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, Richardson, P30.

1221, John de Broase rebuilt the castle of Caerphilly [destroyed in 1219 by Rhys Vychan.] (S) Cheshire Notes and Queries, V7, 1887, P56.

2/22/1230, The king has committed the vacant bishopric of Llandaff to the archdeacon of Llandaff and Ivor, canon of Llandaff, to keep for as long as it pleases the king. Order to W. earl Marshal, G. earl of Gloucester and John de Braose to cause them to have full seisin without delay. (S) FRsHIII.

4/30/1230, John leaving from Portsmouth with King Henry, invading Brittany in hopes of recovering Normandy. They established their camp at Nantes, and captured a small castle.

10/1230, Henry abandoned his invasion and returned to England.

Bef. 7/16/1232, John, Lord of Gower, died at Bramber, Sussex when he was thrown from his horse.

6/7/1233, Grant to Margaret late the wife of John de Brausa that she shall not be distrained to marray so long as she will live without a husband, on condition that if she will marry, she will not do so without licence. (S) CPRs.


1/17/1221, Walter’s father died; Walter the heir.

1/22/1221, Walter of Clifford junior owes the king £100 of his relief for the land formerly of Walter of Clifford senior in Wiltshire and Shropshire, for which he has given the king surety.

1221, Walter de Clifford with the king at the siege of Biham.

6/15/1221, Order to place in respite, …, the demand for scutage … from Walter de Lacy for 51 knights’ fees … and the demand they make from Walter of Clifford for 100 m. for pledging ….

11/6/1222, It has been attested before the king’s council that Walter of Clifford junior does not hold of the king in chief in the counties of Wiltshire and Shropshire, save for a knight’s fee, for which he owes 100s. for his relief.

2/11/1223, The king has pardoned £93 6s. 8d. of the fine of £100 that his beloved and faithful Walter of Clifford junior made with him for the barony formerly of Walter of Clifford, his father, which he holds of the king in chief, for his good and faithful service.

1223, Walter left a gold ring in his mother’s will.

1225, Walter de Clifford was one of the sureties for the payment of Walter de Lacy's fine of 3000 marks. (S) Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1921, P301.

8/7/1225, It is clear to the king by the inquisition that he ordered to be taken that Walter of Clifford held of the king in chief by knights’ fees, and not by barony.

9/2/1226, Walter de Clifford, John fitz Alan, John le Strange and William de Cantilupe [and others] to attend a meeting on October 25th at Oswestry with Lewellyn, Prince of Wales, and report the result.

4/20/1228, Order to the sheriff of Shropshire to place in respite, …, the demand of 100 m. that he makes by summons of the Exchequer from Walter of Clifford for pledging Thomas of Erdington.

1229, liberate to Walter de Clifford, 50 marks, in part payment of 100 marks that he receives for the custody of the castles of Caermerdin and Cardigan. (S) Calendar of the Liberate Rolls, V1, 1916, P149.

4/24/1230, The king has given respite to his beloved and faithful Walter of Clifford from the £24 … for a prest made to him in Ireland in the time of King John, … from the 10 m. which he owes the king for his relief, until the king returns from overseas parts, towards which he has set out.

12/16/1231, Walter of Clifford has made fine with the king by £100 for having the custody of the land and heirs of Roger of Clifford, his brother, until the legal age of the same heirs, with their marriage.

1232, Fine between Imbert prior of Wenlock and Walter de Clifford. (S) History of Shrewsbury, V2, 1825, P112.

4/4/1233, … demand of 100 m. … from Walter of Clifford for the fine made with the king for the manor of Slaughter.

8/1233, Walter sided against the king with Richard Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, and the rebel barons. His lands were ordered confiscated.

9/16/1233, Safe conduct for Walter de Clifford, coming to the king to treat for peace.

11/5/1233, Order to the sheriff of Kent to place in respite the demand he makes from Walter of Clifford , who is in the king’s service.

3/17/1234, Clifford castle restored to Walter by the king.

5/25/1234, Notification … restore to Ralph son and heir of Savary de Malo Leone … the king has caused these letters patent to be made, sealed with his seal ; and for the greater security … the seals of E. archbishop of Canterbury, … R. earl of Cornwall and Poitou, the king’s brother, W. earl of Warwick, H. earl of Hereford, Walter de Clifford, Philip de Albiniaco and William de Ferariis, son and heir of W. earl of Ferrars … (S) CPRs.

[–––Walter & Margaret–––]

Bef. 11/2/1234, Margaret married 2nd Sir Walter de Clifford.

1235, Walter presented to the rectory of Caenby; an inheritance of his mother.

11/3/1235, Walter of Clifford has made fine with the king by 400 m. for having the custody of the land and heirs of Henry le Fleming until the lawful age of the heirs, together with their marriage.

1/30/1236 at Westminster, Walter one of the carriers of the canopy at the coronation of Eleanor of Provence, wife of King Henry III.

4/1236, Walter assessed in Shropshire for the aid of the king’s sister in marriage.

1236, Walter conveyed all his lands in Great Milton, Oxfordshire to Walter de Kirkeham for 13 years.

11/1236, Richard, prior of Little Malvern, plaintiff, and Walter de Clifford, deforciant.

5/29/1237, Walter de Clifford to give safe conduct to David son of L. prince of Aberfraw who was coming to the king. (S) CPRs.

1238, The king to Walter de Clifford [and others in separate writs]. The truce entered into between us and Lewelin, Prince of Abberfray, being about to terminate, … command you to come to Us at Oxford to consult upon this and certain other affairs. (S) Picards of Pychards, 1878, P19.

1240, Walter’s Shropshire lands created as a barony.

1241, Walter came to an agreement with Abbot and convent of Dore over lands in Gwenddwr and Nanteglos, Breconshire.

3/18/1242, Power to J. de Munemuth and Walter de Clifford to do justice to David son of Llewelin and Isabel his wife touching her portion of the inheritance of William de Breusa, her father. (S) CPRs.

1243, Roger fitz Roger, of Duddelby, was a Manucaptor for Walter de Clifford.

4/30/1244, The king proposes a marriage contract between Matilda de Clifford, daughter of Walter, and one of the sons of William Longespee.

1244, Walter presented to the rectory of Caenby.

10/28/1246 at Guildford, Walter de Clifford witnessed a royal charter. (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, V292, 2001, P16.

7/27/1247 at Woodstock, Walter de Clifford witnessed a royal charter. (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, V292, 2001, P24.

1249, Walter de Clifford confirmed Framton manor to Hugh de Clifford.

1/1250, Walter charged with mistreating a King’s messenger [forced the messenger to eat the writ]; was fined £1000. (S) Reign of Henry III, Carpenter, 1996, P97.

5/2/1252, The king has granted to Walter of Clifford that his lands may be extended by order of the king for the debts he owes him.

8/25/1253, Because Walter de Clifford’ is attending by the king’s order to the keeping of the king’s peace in the parts of the March, the king has given him respite …

1255, Sir Walter de Clifford held the manor of Corfham by service of one knight.

2/26/1256, Walter of Clifford and Margaret his wife give the king one mark for having a pone [to remove a plea] to the Bench.

11/7/1256, Walter de Clifford’ and Margaret his wife give the king 40s. for an assize of novel disseisin.

11/15/1256, Walter de Clifford has made fine with the king by three marks of gold for having a charter for warren, a market and fair …

5/10/1257, Mandate to Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex, Humphrey de Bohun his son, Reynold son of Peter, Roger de Mortuo Mari, … Walter de Clifford, … Thomas Corbet, John Lestrange, John son of Alan, Fulk son of Warin, Griffin son of Maddoc and Ralph le Botiller, to be of counsel and aid to John de Grey, appointed by Edward the king’s son to keep the march of Wales … and to be captain of his army … (S) CPRs.

6/10/1258, At the instance of his valet John de Brews’, the king has pardoned to Walter of Clifford one mark of gold of the fine of 3 m. of gold …

1259, Margaret gave up claim to some of her dower lands for 40£ yearly.

10/1259, Writ of novel disseizin by Warin de Grendon against Walter de Clifford, tenement in Syneton.

1260, Margareta quondam uxor domini Walteri de Clifford elected burial at Acornbury priory, Herefordshire by charter dated “tertia die dominica proxima ante festum sancti Thomæ apostoli”, witnessed by … Henrico de Clifford. (S) FMG.

8/1/1260, Walter de Clifford one of the vassals to the crown summoned to muster at Shrewsbury with horses and arms against Lewellyn ap Griffith. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V7-8, 1858, P26.

5/22/1261, Walter granted a market and fair at Clifford, Herefordshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

8/10/1262, Walter de Clifford concedes to the prioress and nuns of Acornbury in his lordship of Corfham that they should be free of suit at his court and hundred of Corfham.

5/19/1263, Letters patent to Walter de Clifford that the King will look to Matilda de Longespee, his daughter, for payment of his debts due to the crown.

1263, Walter died; his nephew Roger, son of his younger brother Roger, the heir.

12/23/1263, Margaret, widow, bequesthed her heart to be buried at Acornbury.

1/16/1264, Margaret, who was the wife of Walter of Clifford, gives 20s. for a writ ad terminum.

4/22/1266, Margaret de Clifford’ gives half a mark for an assize to be taken before Walter de Merton’.

1268, Margaret made another settlement of her property.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P135. (S) FRsHIII. (S) King John, the Braoses, and the Celtic Fringe, Holden. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton [Various years].

Children of John and Margaret: [4 sons]

i. William de Brewes (30421288), born ~1224 in England.

Child of Walter and Margaret:

i. Maud de Clifford (11820107), born ~1235 in England.

G26: 60842276 Cobham-Morville

60842276. Lord Henry de Cobham & 60842277. Maud de Morville

By 1238, Maud born in England, d/o §Eudo de Morville & Isabella ?.
1237-38, The king has granted to Ralph de Gorges the marriage of Helena , one of the daughters and heirs of Eudo de Morville and Isabella, his wife, and has committed to Brother Geoffrey, almoner, and Aymer de St. Amand a moiety of the lands formerly of both Eudo and Isabella to keep to the use of the same Ralph and Helena for as long as it pleases the king. Order to the sheriffs of Somerset, Dorset , Gloucestershire and Hampshire that once the aforesaid lands have been partitioned by those who Brother G. and A. will send to partition them, they are to cause the same Brothers G. and A. to have full seisin of one moiety and Matthew de Columbariis and his wife, another of the daughters and heirs of the aforesaid Eudo and Isabella, of the other moiety, having retained in the king’s hand that moiety of the land, both of the dower and of the inheritance formerly of the same Isabella , which falls to Matthew and his wife, until the king orders otherwise. (S) CFRs.
1238, Matthew de Columbars paid a fine for livery of the lands of the inheritance of Isabel, mother of his wife. (S) Dormant and Extinct, Banks, V1, 1807, P142. [In another record Maud’s older sister was described as “an infant”.]
1260, Henry born in England, s/o 121684552. John de Cobham & 121684553. Joan Septvans. [Henry known as “the younger” to his uncle Henry of Roundall.]
11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.
1272, Matthew de Columbers died without issue. (S) Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, 1834, P148. Maud’s brother-in-law Michael de Columbers, heir of Matthew, arranged for Maud to marry Henry, giving the manor of Chesbury in Wilts.
Henry married Maud.
6/30/1285, Mandate to all persons not to molest John de Cobham, and Matilda, late the wife of Matthew de Columbar’, and Henry de Cobeham, … Michael, brother and heir of the said Matthew … touching a charter made before the king, … manors of Reuknoll, Henron and Pypardesclyve, with the dowers … granted to the said Matilda and Henry de Cobeham, for her life, … for a rent of 50£ yearly. (S) CPRs.
By 1289, Maud died. “Jon le fiz Jon de Yld porta la novele disseisine ver syr Henri de Cobham …” [When Maud died, Henry was in London and John son of John of Havering of the Isle of Wight, although still a minor, took possession of the manor of Chisbury. Henry heard of this he returned and ejected John. John then brought an assize of Novel disseisin. The jury found for Henry. (S) BYU, The Year Books, Seipp #1289.020ss.]
6/18/1294, Writ de intendo … Henry de Cobeham, knight, sent to keep the islands of Gerneseye and Gereseye. [Appointed as a justice to hold assizes and other pleas. Henry became ill and Nicholas de Ceyni was appointed in his place.]
7/20/1294, Reappointment of Henry de Cobeham, who has recovered from his illness, … (S) CPRs.
11/1/1295, Protection with clause volumus for one year [17 persons] on the king’s service with Henry de Cobeham in the islands of Gerneseye and Gereseye. (S) CPRs.
11/25/1296, Henry still in custody of the islands of Jereseie and Gerneseie. (S) CPRs.
Bef. 7/31/1297, Henry returned to England. (S) CPRs.
1300, Henry, age 40, when his father died.
6/1300, Sir Henry de Cobham, Sir Reginald de Cobham, Sir Stephen de Cobham, and Sir Henry de Cobham le Uncle at the siege of Carlaverock castle. (S) Villare Cantianum: or Kent Surveyed, Philipot, 1776, P120. [This Henry was knighted at Carlaverock. (S) History of the Weald of Kent, V2, Pt1, 1874, P306.]
12/18/1301, Letters of credence to the knights, good men and commonality of the county of Kent to Ralph de Sandwico and Henry de Cobeham, sent their on affairs committed to them by word of mouth. (S) CPRs.
12/10/1302, Commission to Robert de Burghessh and Henry de Cobeham the younger to enquire touching vagavonds in the counties of Kent and Sussex. (S) CPRs.
11/25/1303, Association of John de Northwode, the elder, with  Robert de Burghessh and Henry de Cobeham the younger … (S) CPRs.
1/14/1304, Henry named Constable of the castle and city of Rochester for life. [Just as his father had been.]
7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.
10/30/1307, Henry de Cobeham, going beyond seas [to Ponthieu] by the king’s command, to remain there for one year. (S) CPRs.
8/1310, Henry in the service of King Edward as he left for Scotland for the 1st time. His expedition would last a year; spending several months at Berwick-on-Tweed.
1312, Henry appointed custodian of all of the Templar lands in Surrey and Sussex. [Beginning in 1307 Templar Knights, by papal bull, came under attack for heresy in France. 3/18/1314, Jacques de Molay the last Grand Master of the order was burned at the stake.]
3/1313, Henry became custodian of captured Elizabeth, wife of Robert Bruce, King of the Scots, at Rochester castle.
7/1313, Henry’s Scot prisoners were conveyed to York.
1/8/1313, Henry 1st summoned to parliament. (S) Proceeding, Somersetshire, V44, 1898, P109.
1314, A ship called Blessed Mary of Fontarabie [near Bayonne], with a cargo worth 2200£ sterling, going to Gascony was driven on shore on the coast of Angoumois and plundered by sailors of Winchelsea, Rye, and Romney. Robert de Kendale, warden of the Cinque Ports, who had been unsuccessful in his investigation, was replaced by Henry de Cobham, who was ordered to do speedy justice in the matter. (S) A History of the Royal Navy, Nicolas, 1847, P360.
1314, Henry, Warden of the Cinque Ports, appointed with others to receive the Cardinal’s landing at Dover.
6/10/1314, Appointment to … Henry de Cobeham the younger [this Henry], John de Northwode the elder, and Henry de Cobeham the elder, to view the state of the house, towers, and bridges and the head of the pond of the castle of Ledes,co. Kent. (S) CPRs.
7/1/1314, John de Bello Campo, lord of Hacche, acknowledges that he owes to Henry de Cobham, lord of Cobham, 600 marks, … county of Somerset. (S) CCRs.
1315, Henry directed to remain in the north during the winter Scottish campaign.
1315-6, Henry, Sheriff of Kent and Constable of Canterbury castle.
1316, Henry de Cobham jun. a Lay Lord in Kent holding property in Cooling. (S) History of the Weald of Kent, V2, Pt1, 1874, P319. [His uncle held at Tunstall.]
1316, Henry’s uncle, Henry of Roundall “the elder”, age 76, died.
1318-9, Henry, Justice of gaol delivery at Maidstone.
11/6/1321, Commission of oyer and terminer to … Henry de Cobeham, Geroffrey de Say, … touching  the persons who … held the castle of Ledes against queen Isabella, and prevented her from entering it and afterwards held it against the king. (S) CPRs.
11/10/1321, Order to acquit Henry de Cobeham and the executors of the will of Master James, his brother, … (S) CCRs.
1322, Henry, constable of Rochester castle, commanded to raise soldiers and meet the king at Coventry.
3/16/1322, Henry a royalist at the battle of Boroughbridge; the defeat of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, and the Marcher Lords, in rebellion against King Edward II and the Despensers.
4/14/1322, Henry presided at Canterbury when Lord Bartholomew Badlesmere was arraigned as an adherent of the Earl of Lancaster, and then ordered executed. (S) Scripta Diversa, Sayles, 1982, P84.
1323, King Edward ordered Henry de Cobham, constable of Dover, to do speedy justice in the matter of a Bayonese ship named Annot of Ditton, laden with fish for the king’s use. The crew had been killed and the ship taken to Seaford where the ship and cargo were sold. (S) Select Pleas in the Court of Admiralty, V1,6,11, 1894, P23.
1323-4, Henry named Governor of the castle and honor of Tunbridge; and guardian of lands forfeited in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.
1324, Henry ordered to be ready to serve in Aquitaine by raising forces in Kent. [Never implemented.]
1325, Henry ordered to blockade the Thames to prevent a French landing.
9/14/1325, Henry de Cobeham, keeper of the lands of the late rebels and of others in co. Kent. (S) CCRs.
2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.
4/25/1327, Pardon to Henry de Cobham for the escape of Robert de Middleton from his custody as constable of Rochester castle in the time of the late king. (S) CPRs.
1328-9, By order of the king, Henry de Cobbeham caused 60 oak trees to be felled in the wood of Assheburnham, co. Sussex, for use in construction at Peveneseye castle. (S) CCRs, 4/12/1329.
1330-39, Artist 2 … a volume of the Apocalypse, Visions of St. Paul and Coronation Order, made for Henry de Cobham, 1st baron Cobham, Lady Cobham’s father-in-law … (S) Art, Identity and Devotion, Smith, 2003, P39.
3/22/1331, Henry de Cobham, farmer of the town and castle of Rochester, to pay out of his farm 40£ yearly to Otto de Grandissono. (S) CPRs.
1334-5, Henry and son John appointed jointly as Constable of the city and castle of Rochester for their lives.
1334-5, The Kent subsidy showed the richest land holders of the county to be Sir Giles de Badlesmere, Sir Henry de Cobham, Sir Stephen de Cobham, and Sir Roger de Hegham. (S) Later Medieval Kent, Sweetingurgh, 2010, P210.
1/22/1336, Henry summoned to parliament for the last time.
8/25/1339, Henry died in Hacche Somerset.
(S) Archaeologia Cantiana, Kent Arch. Soc., 1877, P60.
Family notes:
·         Henry de Cobeham as a justice is in many records of his lifetime in the Calendar of Patent Rolls.
·         There are also many records of a Henry de Cobeham, the younger, contemporary with this Henry, when he became “the elder” after 1316. Because there are multiple persons named Henry de Cobeham prominent before and after 1316, some of the records are likely intermixed.
·         Henry de Cobham of Rundale [born 1240, died 1316] married Joan, d/o Stephen de Penchester & Margaret de Burgo. This Henry’s heir was Stephen de Cobeham of Rundall named in the 1334-5 Kent subsidy.
Child of Henry and Maud:
i. John de Cobham (30421138), born ~1285 in England.