Wednesday, April 4, 2012

G26: 47280424 Giffard

47280424. Elias Giffard & 47280425. Maud fitz Harding de Berkeley

~1172, Maud born in England, d/o 19989664. Lord Maurice Fitz Robert Fitz Harding & 19989665. Alice de Berkeley.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1173, Elias born in England, s/o 94560848. Elias Giffard.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

Elias’ father died; a minor, Elias put in the custody of William Marshall, earl of Pembroke.

By 1187, Elias Gifford accounts for 100 marks of silver in respect of relief of the land of his father. (S) Transactions – Bristol …, V81, 1963.

1195, Elias gave 9£ scutage for the redemption of his lands.

Bef. 1202, Elias died.

(S) Genealogical History … Burke, P231. (S) New England Historical Register, V75, 1921, P62.

Children of Elias and Maut:

i. Helias Giffard (23640212), born ~1190 England.

ii. Osbert Giffard, born ? in England.

Osbert married Isabel of Friville [died 1242].

1209, Osbert a knight of King John.

1215, In rebellion, Osbert captured by King John at Rochester, and imprisoned at Corfe castle.

1216, Osbert excommunicated by the Pope.

7/7/1216, Osbert freed on fine of 108£.

1223, Osbert had a grant to sustain himself in the king’s service of the land of Ralph of Vernay.

5/11/1229, Elias Giffard granted to his brother Osbert lands in the manor of Winterburn, co. Dorset.

~1237, Osbert died; his son Osbert his heir [as well as heir of Alice Murdac].

[This Osbert is not the Osbert Giffard, natural s/o King John.]

iii. Berta Giffard, born ? in England.

Berta married Elias of Cayleway. [A son Nicholas.]

[1328, There were 6 claimants to the inheritance of John Giffard. Three of them were the descendants of the half-sisters of John Giffard the elder. All these five claimants were heirs of the half blood of John Giffard the younger, and the final award of the court was given in favour of John de Kelloway, lord of the manor of Kellaways (in Chippenham hundred), who traced his descent from Berta, daughter of Elias Giffard, grandfather of John Giffard the elder, and was therefore heir of the whole blood. (S) History of the county of Wiltshire, V7, 1953.]