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G26: 60841388 Clivedon

60841388. Matthew de Clyvedon

~1270, Matthew born in England, s/o §Raymond de Clyvedon & Elizabeth Amire.

By 1285, Matthew’s father died; his mother holding the manor of Milton Clevedon of Roger de Moels.

By 1303, Matthew’s brother John, of Somerset and Dorset, deceased.

1303, Matthew held the lands held by his mother in 1285.

4/7/1305, Commission of oyer … on complaint by William Randolf, late mayor of the town of Bristol, that Thomas de Berkeley and Maurice de Berkley, usurping the fee and lordship … they and Matthew de Clivedon, … [many named] … (S) CPRs.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

9/1311, Agreement … between John dean of Wells and … and William Hughet and Emma his daughter …. Witnesses: Sir John de Bello Campo, Sir Henry de Urciaco, …, Sir Hugh de Popham knights, Nicholas de Moles, Philip de Columbariis, Matthew de Clyvedon, … (S) Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean & Chapter of Wells, V1, 1907.

2/8/1315, Matthew de Furneaux, knight, Matthew de Clyvedon, knight, … acknowledge that they owe to John son of John de Button, knight, 240 marks. (S) CCRs.

3/5/1316, Matthew de Clyvedon one of the lords of the townships of Ginaton, Aller and [Stoke] Giffard, co. Somerset.

10/8/1316, Mathew de Clivedon the High Sheriff of Devon. (S) Lists and Indexes, V9, 1898, P34.

2/13/1317 at Rockeburne, Conf. … of a charter of Bp. J. Drokensford, … Test. Matthew de Clyvedon, John de Clyvedon, John de Bello Campo de Northone, … .

1319, Appointment by John de Clyvedon, son of Matthew de Clyvedon, Knight, and Maria de Drokensford, the wife of John, to receive possession from the said Matthew of certain lands in Shipham. Given at Alre.

1319, Matthew de Clievedon summoned against the Scots, to muster at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

1322, Margeria Malherbe granted to Matthew Clyvedon, Kt., the court of Schepham, which had been her dowry.

1322, Matthew de Clevedon presented to the chantry of St. Mary at Aller.

7/11/1322, Matthew de Clyvedon, an adherent of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, gave 400 marks for the king’s peace.

8/1322, The sheriff of Somerset and Dorset ordered to pursue Matthew de Clivedon and others.

9/21/1322, Protection for Matthew de Clyvedon, late a contrariant, coming to the king, under a safe conduct, to make ransom for his life and lands.

5/9/1324, Matthew summoned for service.

Bef. 10/4/1324, Matthew died. [Matthew was replaced in an array call for Somerset. (S) CPRs. There is also a 19-year break in this name in the patent rolls.]

(S) Proceedings, Somerset Arch. And Nat. Hist. Soc., V41, 1895.

Family notes:

·         6/8/1294, John of Clyvedon [died by 1303] summoned to advise on the affairs of the realm with about 60 other barons.

Child of Matthew and ?:

i. John de Clivedon (30420694), born ~1290 in England.

ii. Matthew de Clivedon, born ? in England.

6/1317, Gift indented by John bishop of Bath and Wells, … Witnesses: Sir John de Clevedon, Sir Matthew de Clyvedon, knights, … (S) Reports, Royal Commission, 1907, P484.

4/4/1321, The bishop absolved Sir Matthew, an attendant knight, for the ban of excommunication incurred by violence to Sir Simon Sauvage, Clerk.

1321, Edward II, on the banishment of Hugh le Despenser, constableship of the town and castle of Bristol given to “his beloved and faithful Matthew de Clevedon and John de Clyvedon his brother at the rent of 210£.” (S) Forests & Deer Parks of the County of Somerset, Greswell, 1905, P153.

9/1343, Indenture whereby Richard Dammory, knight, granted to Matthew de Clivedon, son of Sir Matthew de Clivedon, knight, for life, all the ward of the park and forest of Northpederton … witnesses :- Sir John de Clyvedon, Sir John de Acton, knights, … John de Popham, … (S) CPRs, 2/10/1344.