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G26: 60842000 Esturmy

60842000. Henry Esturmy & 60842001. Margaret Hussee

~1255, Henry born in England, heir & s/o 121684000. Henry Esturmy & 121684001. Laurencia ?.

1263-5, Margaret born in England, d/o 121684002. Sir Hubert Husee & 121684003. Margaret de Beauchamp.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

Margaret’s father died.

10/23/1275, Confirmation of the sale made to Margaret late the wife of Hubert Husee, of the custody of the lands late of the said Hubert, during the minority of his heirs; with the marriage of the heirs, for the sum of 80 marks. (S) CPRs.

1277, Agreement, Dame Margaret Husee and Sir Henry Esturmy, knight, concerning forthcoming marriage between Henry, son and heir of said Sir Henry, and Margaret, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Hubert Husee, to whom Sir Henry gives the whole manor of Wolfhall, Great Bedwyn, in free marriage. (S) UKNA.

1279, Wilts. Assise of novel disseisin arrainged by Roger son of Reginald de Stutescumb against Henry le Estormy and others … (S) House of Commons Papers, V44, 1887, P40.

7/12/1284, IPM of Hubert de Huse. Margaret [age 18], Matilda, and Isabella daughters and heirs of Hubert Huse, made at Nethervaene, co. Wilts, … in the presence of Margaret, late the wife of the said Hubert.

1/2/1285, Order to make partition into three equal parts of the lands of Hubert Husee, tenant in chief, in the presence of the heirs and parceners of the inheritance, if they wish to be present, and to cause Henry Esturmi and Margaret his wife, Hubert’s eldest daughter and co-heiress, to have as esnecy seisin of their purparty, and to cause John de Dune and Matilda, his wife, Huberts’s second daughter and co-heiress, to have siesin of their purparty, saving to Margaret, late the wife of Hubert, to whom the king granted the wardshop of the lands aforesaid until the heiresses come of age, the custodey of the purparty of Isabella, the third daughter, until Isabella come of age. The king has taken the homage of Henry and the fealty of John. (S) CCRs.

Margaret’s mother died.

Bef. 10/26/1286, Margaret’s sister Matilda [born 1268] died: IPM, Wiltes, Her sister Margaret, wife of Henry Esturmy, age 24, sister Isabel age 14, her heirs.

Bef. 9/22/1295, Henry heir to his father. (S) CFRs.

1296, Henry Sturmy held 2 vivaries, the fishery of which was worth 5s, at Rushock. (S) Medieval Fish, Aston, 1988, P450.

11/5/1297, King Edward reconfirmed th Great Charter of Liberties and the Charter of the Forests, which gave access to royal forest by free men, pasturing for pigs, collecting firewood, and repealed the death penalty for stealing venison.

1301, Henry Sturmy supported John de Berewyk in the perambulation of Savernake forest which set new bounds, making the forest significantly smaller.

2/19/1301, Henry Sturmy a member of the jury for the inquisiton of John de Meriet [wife Mary] at Marlebergh, Wiltshire.

Bef. 3/29/1305, Henry died. (S) Year Books of Edward II, 1904, Vs2&19, P88.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1/4/1315, 2 messuages and 4 virgates of land in Suthampton Stapelford held of the heirs of Hubert Huse, worth 15s a year. (S) Proceedings, Somerset, V53, P23.

1316, Request by Margaret widow of Henry Esturmy to Brother John, minister of Easton priory, to deliver to Henry Esturmy her son a chest closed by a lock and all the muniments therein, and a key, wrapped in a red cloth and sealed with her seal which she or her representatives could not trouble said John or brethren from the beginning of the century up to the making of this letter, for any kind of muniments or the chest or the key. (S) UKNA.

Bef. 12/14/1320, Margaret died. IPM: Margaret Stormy [Esturmy by writ] was seised … Henry Stormy, senior, is the son and next heir of the said Margaret, and is aged 30 years and more. (S) The Index Library, V37, 1908, P428.

(S) Easton Royalconservation Area Statement, 9/2004. (S) Abstracts of Wiltshire IsPM, V37, 1908.

Child of Henry and Margaret:

i. Henry Esturmy (30421000), born 1282 in England.