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G26: 60842276 Cobham-Morville

60842276. Lord Henry de Cobham & 60842277. Maud de Morville

By 1238, Maud born in England, d/o §Eudo de Morville & Isabella ?.
1237-38, The king has granted to Ralph de Gorges the marriage of Helena , one of the daughters and heirs of Eudo de Morville and Isabella, his wife, and has committed to Brother Geoffrey, almoner, and Aymer de St. Amand a moiety of the lands formerly of both Eudo and Isabella to keep to the use of the same Ralph and Helena for as long as it pleases the king. Order to the sheriffs of Somerset, Dorset , Gloucestershire and Hampshire that once the aforesaid lands have been partitioned by those who Brother G. and A. will send to partition them, they are to cause the same Brothers G. and A. to have full seisin of one moiety and Matthew de Columbariis and his wife, another of the daughters and heirs of the aforesaid Eudo and Isabella, of the other moiety, having retained in the king’s hand that moiety of the land, both of the dower and of the inheritance formerly of the same Isabella , which falls to Matthew and his wife, until the king orders otherwise. (S) CFRs.
1238, Matthew de Columbars paid a fine for livery of the lands of the inheritance of Isabel, mother of his wife. (S) Dormant and Extinct, Banks, V1, 1807, P142. [In another record Maud’s older sister was described as “an infant”.]
1260, Henry born in England, s/o 121684552. John de Cobham & 121684553. Joan Septvans. [Henry known as “the younger” to his uncle Henry of Roundall.]
11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.
1272, Matthew de Columbers died without issue. (S) Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, 1834, P148. Maud’s brother-in-law Michael de Columbers, heir of Matthew, arranged for Maud to marry Henry, giving the manor of Chesbury in Wilts.
Henry married Maud.
6/30/1285, Mandate to all persons not to molest John de Cobham, and Matilda, late the wife of Matthew de Columbar’, and Henry de Cobeham, … Michael, brother and heir of the said Matthew … touching a charter made before the king, … manors of Reuknoll, Henron and Pypardesclyve, with the dowers … granted to the said Matilda and Henry de Cobeham, for her life, … for a rent of 50£ yearly. (S) CPRs.
By 1289, Maud died. “Jon le fiz Jon de Yld porta la novele disseisine ver syr Henri de Cobham …” [When Maud died, Henry was in London and John son of John of Havering of the Isle of Wight, although still a minor, took possession of the manor of Chisbury. Henry heard of this he returned and ejected John. John then brought an assize of Novel disseisin. The jury found for Henry. (S) BYU, The Year Books, Seipp #1289.020ss.]
6/18/1294, Writ de intendo … Henry de Cobeham, knight, sent to keep the islands of Gerneseye and Gereseye. [Appointed as a justice to hold assizes and other pleas. Henry became ill and Nicholas de Ceyni was appointed in his place.]
7/20/1294, Reappointment of Henry de Cobeham, who has recovered from his illness, … (S) CPRs.
11/1/1295, Protection with clause volumus for one year [17 persons] on the king’s service with Henry de Cobeham in the islands of Gerneseye and Gereseye. (S) CPRs.
11/25/1296, Henry still in custody of the islands of Jereseie and Gerneseie. (S) CPRs.
Bef. 7/31/1297, Henry returned to England. (S) CPRs.
1300, Henry, age 40, when his father died.
6/1300, Sir Henry de Cobham, Sir Reginald de Cobham, Sir Stephen de Cobham, and Sir Henry de Cobham le Uncle at the siege of Carlaverock castle. (S) Villare Cantianum: or Kent Surveyed, Philipot, 1776, P120. [This Henry was knighted at Carlaverock. (S) History of the Weald of Kent, V2, Pt1, 1874, P306.]
12/18/1301, Letters of credence to the knights, good men and commonality of the county of Kent to Ralph de Sandwico and Henry de Cobeham, sent their on affairs committed to them by word of mouth. (S) CPRs.
12/10/1302, Commission to Robert de Burghessh and Henry de Cobeham the younger to enquire touching vagavonds in the counties of Kent and Sussex. (S) CPRs.
11/25/1303, Association of John de Northwode, the elder, with  Robert de Burghessh and Henry de Cobeham the younger … (S) CPRs.
1/14/1304, Henry named Constable of the castle and city of Rochester for life. [Just as his father had been.]
7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.
10/30/1307, Henry de Cobeham, going beyond seas [to Ponthieu] by the king’s command, to remain there for one year. (S) CPRs.
8/1310, Henry in the service of King Edward as he left for Scotland for the 1st time. His expedition would last a year; spending several months at Berwick-on-Tweed.
1312, Henry appointed custodian of all of the Templar lands in Surrey and Sussex. [Beginning in 1307 Templar Knights, by papal bull, came under attack for heresy in France. 3/18/1314, Jacques de Molay the last Grand Master of the order was burned at the stake.]
3/1313, Henry became custodian of captured Elizabeth, wife of Robert Bruce, King of the Scots, at Rochester castle.
7/1313, Henry’s Scot prisoners were conveyed to York.
1/8/1313, Henry 1st summoned to parliament. (S) Proceeding, Somersetshire, V44, 1898, P109.
1314, A ship called Blessed Mary of Fontarabie [near Bayonne], with a cargo worth 2200£ sterling, going to Gascony was driven on shore on the coast of Angoumois and plundered by sailors of Winchelsea, Rye, and Romney. Robert de Kendale, warden of the Cinque Ports, who had been unsuccessful in his investigation, was replaced by Henry de Cobham, who was ordered to do speedy justice in the matter. (S) A History of the Royal Navy, Nicolas, 1847, P360.
1314, Henry, Warden of the Cinque Ports, appointed with others to receive the Cardinal’s landing at Dover.
6/10/1314, Appointment to … Henry de Cobeham the younger [this Henry], John de Northwode the elder, and Henry de Cobeham the elder, to view the state of the house, towers, and bridges and the head of the pond of the castle of Ledes,co. Kent. (S) CPRs.
7/1/1314, John de Bello Campo, lord of Hacche, acknowledges that he owes to Henry de Cobham, lord of Cobham, 600 marks, … county of Somerset. (S) CCRs.
1315, Henry directed to remain in the north during the winter Scottish campaign.
1315-6, Henry, Sheriff of Kent and Constable of Canterbury castle.
1316, Henry de Cobham jun. a Lay Lord in Kent holding property in Cooling. (S) History of the Weald of Kent, V2, Pt1, 1874, P319. [His uncle held at Tunstall.]
1316, Henry’s uncle, Henry of Roundall “the elder”, age 76, died.
1318-9, Henry, Justice of gaol delivery at Maidstone.
11/6/1321, Commission of oyer and terminer to … Henry de Cobeham, Geroffrey de Say, … touching  the persons who … held the castle of Ledes against queen Isabella, and prevented her from entering it and afterwards held it against the king. (S) CPRs.
11/10/1321, Order to acquit Henry de Cobeham and the executors of the will of Master James, his brother, … (S) CCRs.
1322, Henry, constable of Rochester castle, commanded to raise soldiers and meet the king at Coventry.
3/16/1322, Henry a royalist at the battle of Boroughbridge; the defeat of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, and the Marcher Lords, in rebellion against King Edward II and the Despensers.
4/14/1322, Henry presided at Canterbury when Lord Bartholomew Badlesmere was arraigned as an adherent of the Earl of Lancaster, and then ordered executed. (S) Scripta Diversa, Sayles, 1982, P84.
1323, King Edward ordered Henry de Cobham, constable of Dover, to do speedy justice in the matter of a Bayonese ship named Annot of Ditton, laden with fish for the king’s use. The crew had been killed and the ship taken to Seaford where the ship and cargo were sold. (S) Select Pleas in the Court of Admiralty, V1,6,11, 1894, P23.
1323-4, Henry named Governor of the castle and honor of Tunbridge; and guardian of lands forfeited in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.
1324, Henry ordered to be ready to serve in Aquitaine by raising forces in Kent. [Never implemented.]
1325, Henry ordered to blockade the Thames to prevent a French landing.
9/14/1325, Henry de Cobeham, keeper of the lands of the late rebels and of others in co. Kent. (S) CCRs.
2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.
4/25/1327, Pardon to Henry de Cobham for the escape of Robert de Middleton from his custody as constable of Rochester castle in the time of the late king. (S) CPRs.
1328-9, By order of the king, Henry de Cobbeham caused 60 oak trees to be felled in the wood of Assheburnham, co. Sussex, for use in construction at Peveneseye castle. (S) CCRs, 4/12/1329.
1330-39, Artist 2 … a volume of the Apocalypse, Visions of St. Paul and Coronation Order, made for Henry de Cobham, 1st baron Cobham, Lady Cobham’s father-in-law … (S) Art, Identity and Devotion, Smith, 2003, P39.
3/22/1331, Henry de Cobham, farmer of the town and castle of Rochester, to pay out of his farm 40£ yearly to Otto de Grandissono. (S) CPRs.
1334-5, Henry and son John appointed jointly as Constable of the city and castle of Rochester for their lives.
1334-5, The Kent subsidy showed the richest land holders of the county to be Sir Giles de Badlesmere, Sir Henry de Cobham, Sir Stephen de Cobham, and Sir Roger de Hegham. (S) Later Medieval Kent, Sweetingurgh, 2010, P210.
1/22/1336, Henry summoned to parliament for the last time.
8/25/1339, Henry died in Hacche Somerset.
(S) Archaeologia Cantiana, Kent Arch. Soc., 1877, P60.
Family notes:
·         Henry de Cobeham as a justice is in many records of his lifetime in the Calendar of Patent Rolls.
·         There are also many records of a Henry de Cobeham, the younger, contemporary with this Henry, when he became “the elder” after 1316. Because there are multiple persons named Henry de Cobeham prominent before and after 1316, some of the records are likely intermixed.
·         Henry de Cobham of Rundale [born 1240, died 1316] married Joan, d/o Stephen de Penchester & Margaret de Burgo. This Henry’s heir was Stephen de Cobeham of Rundall named in the 1334-5 Kent subsidy.
Child of Henry and Maud:
i. John de Cobham (30421138), born ~1285 in England.