Saturday, April 28, 2012

G26: 60844068 Champernoun

60844068. William de Champernoun & 60844069. Joan ?

~1245, William de Campo Arnulphi born in England, eldest s/o 4990592. Lord Henry de Chambernon & 4990593. Dionisia English.

William married Joan ?.

2/16/1269, William de Chaumbernun was claimant to 1 messauge, 20 acres in Cowick, in St. Thomas.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

7/1279, William, knight, witnessed a dispute settlement between the abbot and convent of Glastonbury.

5/1281-2/1284, William’s father died.

5/22/1285, Sir William de Champernon and William de Cornubia came to an agreement over the boundaries of Crenmore. (S) History of Newenham Abbey, Count of Devon, Davidson, 1843, P184.

1285, William, lord of Coryton.

5/15/1287, William going overseas in the king’s service. [The king and queen were in Gascony at this time.]

1289, William de Campo Arnulphi returned as holding inter alia one knight’s fee in Oterham on aid for the marriage of the king’s eldest daughter. (S) Journal, Royal Institution of Cornwall, V11, 1895, P258.

1294, William, knight, called into service in Wales against Madog.

1295, William de Champernoun patron of the Jacobstowe in Cornwall. (S) Register of John de Grandisson, 1899, P1672.

11/1295, William a knight of the shire for Cornwall.

1296, William called into service against the Scots.

5/1298, William a knight of the shire for Devon.

1301, William called into service against the Scots.

2/4/1303, To the sheriff of Devon … William de Camp Arnulphi, tenant of the knights’ fees in that county that are called ‘little fees of Mortain’ … to receive from William 25s for each of the small fees. (S) CCRs.

1303, William held Birch Barton, Southcott and Ilfracombe.

4/20/1304, John Dun, fine of 1£ and at instance of Sir William de Campo Arnulphi. (S) Exeter Freemen, Rowe, 1973, P8.

1305, William de Campo Arnulphi a tenant of Geoffrey de Camville. (S) Report and Transactions, Devonshire, V49, 1917, P378.

Bef. 2/21/1305, William died; Joan surviving.

3/1308, Dame Joan de Champernoun, relict of Sir William, presented to the church of Jacobstowe, co. Cornwall.

11/1309, Dame Joan de Champernoun, presented John de Campo Arnulphi, a subdeacon, as the new rector.

Child of William and Joan:

i. Henry Champernon (30422034), born ~1270 in England.