Sunday, April 29, 2012

G26: 60844072 D'Aumarle

60844072. Geoffrey D’Aumarle & 60844073. Joan de Pomeroy

~1240, Geoffrey born in England, s/o §William de Alba Marlia.

1/15/1288, Geoffrey’s father died.

5/9/1290, Geoffrey son of William de Alba Marlia of Wodebyry, … acknowledge that they owe to William de Hamelton 17£ 8s 0d. (S) CPRs.

9/4/1301, To the sheriff of Devon. … ship … was wrecked on the sea … ten tuns of wine were thrown upon the land of Geoffrey de Alba Marlia at Wodebury and Luneston … each tun was worth 4 marks … distrain Geoffrey … to satisfy the merchants … (S) CCRs.

1/22/1302, Debtor: Geoffrey de Albemarle {Alba Marlia}, knight, of Devon [of Woodbury, East Budleigh Hundred]. (S) UKNA.

1/20/1303, Protection with clause volumus for Geoffrey de Alba Marlia, going to Gascon on the king’s service with Simon de Monte Acuto. (S) CPRs.

1303, Geoffrey de Albemarle held Middle Chinnock of Sir James de Moleton. (S) Proceedings, Somersetshire, Vs75-77, P17.

5/8/1310, Geoffrey presented Martin le Arbloster as subdeacon to the church at Lympston. (S) The register of Walter de Stapeldon, 1892, P233.

3/28/1314, IPM of Roger Wither: Witherynghen, Devon, held of Geoffrey de Alba Marlia by service. (S) CIsPM.

1314-5, Grant to John de Wymborne and Christina his wife, of lifehold of Chard manor, lately held by Lunbard her father. Test. Sir Robt. Fitzpayne, Sir Geoffrey D’Aumarle, … (S) Calendar of the Register of John de Drokesford, 1887, P70.

6/28/1319, Pardon to Agnes, late the wife of William de Alba Marlia for acquiring, without licence, to herself and her said husband and her heirs male a messuage … in Henton from Geoffrey de Alba Marlia, tenant in chief. (S) CPRs.

By 1321, Geoffrey died.

(S) Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis, Oliver, 1846, PP187-8.

Family notes:

·         William de Alba Marlia, s/o Sir Geoffrey [died 1262], s/o Reginald, s/o Geoffrey d’Albamarle & Mabil Carbonel, d/o William Carbonell.

·         1267-85, Quitclaim by Sir Geoffrey de Albemarle (Alba Mare), son and heir of Sir Reynold de Albemarle, lord of Woodbeer. (S) Cartulary of Forde Abbey, 1998, P104.

·         1274-1288, Wiliam de Albemarle held Leuestona “by service of finding the King with one oaten loaf with 2 arrows stuck in it whenever the King courses on Dertemor.” (S) Report and Transactions – Devonshire, V35, P299.

·         Margaret Dumarle, heiress of William, son of William, son and heir of Goeffrey. (S) De Controversia in Curia Militari Inter Ricardum Le Scrope, V2, 1832, P258.

Child of Geoffrey and Joan:

i. Geoffrey de Albemarle, born 10/9/1267 in England.

By 1316, Sir Geoffrey died before his father.

ii. William Dumarle (30422036), born ~1270 in England.