Friday, June 15, 2012

G27: 79958176. Valognes

79958176. Roger de Valognes

Roger de Valognes, s/o §Peter de Valoynes & Albreda de Rye.

By 1109, Roger, s/o Peter, succeeded.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

4/1136, Roger attended King Stephen’s Easter court.

Bef. 1141, Empress Maud  confirmed the manors of Essendon and Bayford and the mills of Hertford to Roger de Valognes, son of Peter. (S) History of the County of Hertford, V3, 1912.

1141, Roger, with consultation of Theobald de Bec, made a grant to Binham priory. [Roger’s kinsman Walter was about to enter.]

1141-42, Roger died.

Family notes:

·         Albreda de Rye, sister of Eudo, steward to King Henry I.

·         Aft. 1066, Peter de Valoines given 20 lordships by King William.

·         1072, Peter de Valognes appointed high sheriff of Essex.

·         1086, Peter de Valognes, tenant in chief. (S) 1st Century of English Feudalism, Stenton, 1979, P38.

·         1087, Peter de Vallonis, viscount of Essex, held 57 lordships.

·         1101-1107, Peter de Balognes a charter to the Benedictine cell at Binham. (S) The English and the Normans, Thomas, 2003, P210.

·         1106, Peter de Valognes, lord of Benington, Hertfordshire, a member of a panel to hear a complaint against the sheriff of Yorkshire about the liberty of Ripon. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P116.

Children of Roger and ?:

i. Peter de Valognes, born ? in England.

By 1158, Peter died.

ii. Robert de Valoynes (39979088), born ~1135 in England.