Friday, June 22, 2012

G27: 79958472. Stuteville

79958472. William de Stuteville & 79958473. Bertha de Glanville

~1130, William born in England, s/o §Robert de Stuteville.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1147, William and Robert de Stuteville involved in a plea against the monks of Coxwold for land that Roger de Mowbray had granted. (S) Foundation History of the Abbeys of Byland and Jervaulx, Burton, 2006, P20.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

7/1171, at Falaise, William de Stuteville witnessed a royal charter about the abbey of St. Mary, Dublin. [William witnessed a 2nd royal grant the same month at Valognes.]

4/1173, At the outbreak of the revolt of King Henry’s son Henry, Robert de Stuteville and his sons were adherents of the King.

1173-4, Robert de Stuteville held Appleby and Brough; eldest son William held Topcliffe, and son Nicholas held Liddel.

7/1174, Geoffrey, elect of Lincoln, built Topelyve castle and consigned it to William de Stuteville.

By 1175, William’s father died.

8/10/1175, at York, William de Stuteville and Robert de Stuteville witnessed a royal charter to St. Bartholomew’s nunnery at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

10/1175, at Feckenham, Worcestershire, William de Stuteville witnessed a royal charter confirming William, earl of Gloucester’s grant s to the priory of St. james in Bristol.

5/1176, William de Stuteville witnessed a royal charter to Kingswood, Wiltshire.

1/1177 at Northampton, William de Stuteville witnessed a royal charter to the Oder of Lepers of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

4/22/1177, Wiliam died, his son William succeeding.

(S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, 1878. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, Battle Conference 2005, P71.

Family notes:

·         Bertha de Glanville is usually given as d/o Gerard de Glanville, brother of Ranulf the Justiciar, who attended the coronation of King Richard I in 1189. [The timeline does not seem to fit, but would fit with William the son.]

·         Robert de Stuteville [the father], s/o Nicholas de Stuteville.

·         1175, Robert de Stuteville [died 1184] replaced as sheriff of Yorkshire, [brother of William].

Children of William and Bertha:

i. William de Stuteville, born ~1155 in England.

5/1177, William granted the castle of Knaresburgh for 3 knights’ fees for services of the king in the civil wars.

1178, William, knight of the king’s household, granted custody of Roxburgh.

1191, King Richard for 2000£ granted William continued possession of the castle of Knaresburgh.

4/22/1199, William obtained a ratification of their father’s charter from King John.

4/1200, King John issued a charter to William de Stutville [who gave 3000 marks] promising justice for his ancestral claim to William de Mowbray’s barony.

1201, King John visited William, sheriff of Yorkshire, and and his brother Nicholas at their seat of Baynard castle.

1203, William died; his son Robert, a minor, his heir.

Child: By 1205, Robert died; his uncle Nicholas succeeding.

ii. Nicholas de Stuteville (39979236), born ~1160 in England.