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G27: 79958528 FitzPons-Gloucester

79958528. Richard fitz Pons & 79958529. Matilda de Gloucester

By 1086, Richard heir to his older brother Drogo. Richard inherited the manors of Bampton, Leach, Frampton, … co. Gloucester. (S) Transactions – Bristol and Gloucester, V12, 1888, P146. [Richard’s older brother Walter also died without children. Richard also had brothers Osbert and Simon.]

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

~1102, Matilda de Gloucester d/o 79959636. Walter of Gloucester & 79959637. Berta de Ballun. (S) Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, V10, 1888, P22. [Maud’s brother was Miles de Gloucester.]

Richard served valiantly in the Welsh wars under Bernard de Newmarch. [Bernard, one of the 1st Lord Marchers, built his town and castle of Brecknock near the confluence of 2 rivers. By 1125, Bernard died.]

1113, Richard fitz Pons invested with the Cantref Bychan by King Henry.

Richard built a castle at Llandovery. (S) Henry II: A Medieval Soldier at War, Hosler, 2007, P54.

6/1116, Llandovery castle attacked, but not captured, by the Welshman Gruffydd ap Rhys. (S) History of Wales, V2, Lloyd, 1912, P433.

5/1121, Henry, King of England … granted to Milo de Gloucester, Sibilla, the daughter of Bernard de Newmarch, with all the land of Bernard her father, and of her mother, after their decease, or before, if they will, … unto the boundary of the land of Richard fitz Bons, that is to say, as far as Cantref Bychan and Much Cowarne, … (S) The Picards of Pychards, 1878, P8. [Cantref Bychan held by Maredudd ap Rydderch ap Caradog of Richard FitzPons.]

Bef. 1126, Richard fitz Pons gaven the church of Landovery to the Benedictine priory of Great Malvern in Worcestershire. (S) Carmartrhenshire, Rees, 2006.

~1127, Notification that Richard fitz Pons has conceded Aston, co. Gloucesteer, to his wife Maud, to be held of the bishop of Worcester by service of one knight’s fee.

~1127, Notification that Richard fitz Pons has given his wife Maud the manor of Leach, co. Gloucester in matrimonium in exchange for her original marriage portion, the manor of Ullingswick, co. Hereford, which he has given to Helias Giffard in matrimonium with their daughter Bertha.

5-8/1127, Charter of Henry I … church of St. Mary at Malvern … of the gift of … Richard fitz Pons, his wife Maud and his son Simon, … (S) Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, 1956, P206.

4/1128, Miles of Gloucester, Richard fitz Pons, … and Maurice fitz William de Londres named in a letter issued by Pope Honorius II. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies 21, Battle Conference 1998, P39.

1128, Maud’s father died.

1128, Richard died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V10, 1888.

Children of Richard and Matilda:

i. Walter Fitz Richard de Clifford (39979264), born ~1120 in England.

ii. Bertha fitz Richard (189121697), born ~1122 in England.

iii. Simon fitz Richard, born ? in England.