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G27: 79958560. Veteri Ponte

79958560. William de Veteri Ponte & 79958561. Emma de St. Hillary.

William born in Scotland, s/o §Thor, Sheriff of Stirling.
1130, William de Veteriponte compounded by a fine of one silver mark for a duel in Devonshire. (S) History of Northumberland, V4, 1974.
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.
8/1040, King Duncan Mac Crinan of Scotland died.
William married Emma de Saint Hillary. (S) POMS.
Bef. 1153, William de Verteriponte had a dispute with the monks of Coldingham about land. (S) Battle Abbey Roll.
5/24/1153, Malcolm IV succeeded King David I of Scotland.
1153-11/20/1160, William de Vieuxpont, led by penitence, he returns to St Cuthbert and his monks of Coldingham the land about which there had been a dispute between him and the same monks in the time of King David that he had unjustly seized from them, free and quit from all claim for ever by the ancient bounds, to wit, from the ridge of the hill over against Horndean, as far as the valley, as the stream runs down into the Tweed. (S) POMS.
By 1153, Earl Henry gave a part of Langton to William de Verteri Ponte. (S) Early Scottish Charters, 1905, P410.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
4/25/1058, Malcolm crowned King of Scotland.
1157-1165, William, brother of the king of Scotland, to Jedburgh Abbey; has granted ploughgate of land that William de Vieuxpont gave in demesne of Carriden. (S) POMS.
12/9/1165, William the Lion, age 22, succeeded King Malcom IV of Scotland.
12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland
Aft. 1165, The Manor of Alston and other lands were given to William de Veteri Ponte by William the Lion, King of Scotland. [The grant was reconfirmed by King John].
Aft. 1165, Monks of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, were granted a tithe by William Di Vipont [during the reign of William the Lion] to dig a tenth of the coal from his Carriden Estate, which was then carried to Holyrood in panniers strapped to the backs of their horses; later it was taken to Leith by sailing ship. The tithe was significant as it first recorded the coal-mining, or more correctly, the digging of coal in Scotland. He also gave Holyrood “Karedyn Church”.
12/9/1165-8/9/1170, William de Vieuxpont has granted, and established by this present charter, to Kelso Abbey the church of Horndean which his father gave to them and a certain sheiling in Lammermuir. (S) POMS.
12/24/1165-8/9/1170, King William to William de Vieuxpont; by the judgment of his court, he has restored and given various lands in Northamptonshire, West Lothian, Berwickshire, Northumberland and Cumberland. (S) POMS.
By 1170, William died.

Children of William and Emma:
i. William de Verteri Ponte (39979280), born ~1145 in Scotland.
ii. William de Verteri Ponte the younger, born ~? in Scotland.