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G27: 79959636. Gloucester

79959636. Walter of Gloucester & 79959637. Berta de Ballun

Walter, s/o Roger de Pistres & Adeliza ?.

Walter’s father died.

1097, Walter sheriff of Gloucester.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England after the death of his older brother William Rufus. King Henry’s eldest brother Robert, duke of Normandy, was returning from crusade when Henry usurped the throne of England.

8/1100, Walter confirmed as sheriff of Gloucester under King Henry.

1101, Walter, sheriff of Gloucester and Stafford.

1101, Walter donated Westwode to St. Peter’s monastery for the soul of his brother Herbert.

1104-21, Walter sheriff of Gloucester.

1108-11, King Henry gave some of the land of St. Oswald’s [Gloucester] to Walter, sheriff of Gloucester; ordering Walter to give reyal demesne lands in exchange. (S) English Royal Free Chapels, Denton, 1970, P53.

By 1109, The castle of Rhyd y Gors in south Wales under the control of Walter of Gloucester [as was the surrounding territory.]

1112, Walter improved the fortifications of Gloucester castle.

1114, Walter made a constable of the royal household. (S) Anglo-Norman Warfare, Strickland, P111.

9/13/1114, Walter of Gloucester, the constable, witnessed a royal confirmation of a settlement between Hyde Abbey and the Bishop of Winchester. (S) Sussex Archaeological Collections, V41, 1898, P236.

1121, King Henry I confirmed the grant to Walter of Gloucester and his heirs to Little Hereford and Ullingswick by the Bishop of Hereford.

By 9/1122, Walter’s influence was dimished by the creation of Robert de Caen as earl of Gloucester [Robert a natural son of King Henry.] (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P174.

1122-3 at Winchester, Confirmation by Henry I. to the abbot and monks of St. Mary, of Tewkesbury: Witnesses – Robert, earl of Mellent, Robert, earl of Gloucester, … Walter of Gloucester. (S) Descr. Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, Lyte, 1890.

1123, Walter of Gloucester 1 of 3 hereditary sheriffs holding office. (S) Anglo-Norman Nobility, Newman, 1988, P105.

6/1123, King Henry I granted the lands of Edric, son of Chetel to Walter de Gloucester.

1123, Notification that Walter de Gloucester has given to his nephew, William de Mare, Little Hereford in fee to be held by the service of two knights. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V10, P18.

1125, Adeliza, mother of Walter of Gloucester, donated all her lands in Gloucester to St. Peter’s monastery with the consent of her son.

1126, Walter replaced as sheriff of Gloucester when he became a monk at Llanthony Prima.

1128, Walter died [owing 100£ for a hunting offence].

(S) Government of England Under King Henry I, Green, 1989.

Children of Walter and Berta:

i. Milo Fitz Walter (39979818), born ~1100 in England.

ii. Matilda de Gloucester (79958529), born ~1102 in England.