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G27: 79959842. FitzUrse-Boulers

79959842. Richard Fitz Urse & 79959843. Maud de Boulers

Richard born, s/o §Ralf fitz Urse.

By 1097, Richard’s father died.

~1110, Maud born in England, d/o §Baldwin de Boulers & Sybil de Falaise.

1128, Richard fitz Urse witnessed a charter of King Henry I.

1130, Richard held lands in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Northamptonshire, and Buckinghamshire.

1130-1 at Rouen, Richard Fitz-Urse attested a royal notification of the tithes of venison of the forest of Fecamp having been adjudged to Roger, abbot of Fecamp. (S) English Historical Review, V34, P558.

Bef. 6/1133 in Normandy, Richard Fitz-Urse attested a royal notification of a land exchange between Roger, abbot of Fecamp, and Nigel fitz-William, nephew of Robert, earl of Gloucester. (S) English Historical Review, V34, P558.

12/2/1135, King Henry I died; having designated his daughter Empress Matilda as his heir.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1135, Richard fitz Urse witnessed a charter of King Stephen to Geoffrey de Mandeville. (S) Sinclairs of England, 1887, P161.

1137-54, Richard fitz Urse attested 10 of King Stephen’s documents.

9/30/1139, Empress Matilda invaded England, landing at Arundel in Sussex, and them proceeding to Bristol.

1140 at Stamford, Attending King Stephen’s court: Ranulf, earl of Chester; Gilbert, earl of Pembroke; Earl Simon; Roger, earl of Warwick; Earl Robert de Ferrers; … Richard de Camville; Richard Fitz Urse; Eustace fitz John; … Hugh Wake; … (S) King Stephen, King, 2011 [Note 12.]

2/2/1141, Richard Fitz-Urse, “brilliant in giving and receiving blows”, with King Stephen at the battle of Lincoln, where both were captured. (S) Chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon, 1853, P280.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

6/23/1141, Matilda’s forces expelled from London by the citizens and an army of Queen Matilda, wife of King Stephen.

9/14/1141, Matilda’s brother Robert was captured.

11/1/1141, Matilda exchanged King Stephen for Robert.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. Richard Fitz-Urse was present at the Christmas court. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

4/1142, Richard Fitz-Urse at King Stephen’s Easter court.

1145, King Stephen defeated Matilda’s forces at the battle of Faringdon.

1148, Empress Matilda returned to Normandy, never return to England.

10/25/1154, King Stephen died.

12/19/1154, Matilda’s son Henry crowned King Henry II of England.

1154, Reginald fitz Urse in receipt of land from the royal demesne in Essex. (S) Bishcofsmord Im Mittelater, Frude, 2003, P220.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

By 1158, Richard died.

(S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Vs11-12. (S) The Historian, V35, 1972.

Family notes:

·         Richard fitz Urse married 1st the widow of Richard Engaine of Pytchley.

·         1102, The castle of Montgomery in Powys taken from rebel Robert de Beleme and given to Baldwin.

·         1105, Baldwin, of Normandy, came to England.

·         1121, Baldwin de Bollers witnessed King Henry I’s charter to Shrewsbury abbey.

·         Sybil de Falaise related to King Henry I.

·         4/1241, From a plea: Vitalis Engayne and Roger Gernet both claim the honor of Montgomery as descendents of the first wife of Baldwin de Bullers … Vitalis s/o Richard, s/o Margaret fitz Urse, d/o Richard fitz Urse & Matilda de Bollers, d/o Baldwin de Bollers, to whom Henry I gave the Honor of Montgomery with Sebilla de la Maleyse, relation of the King. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V4, 1883, P91. [Roger s/o Reginald, s/o Mabilla.]

Children of Richard and Matilda:

i. Reginald fitz Urse, born ? on England.

1158, Reginald pardoned a quota in Somersetshire, Essex, and Northamptonshire.

Reginald married Beatrice, d/o Geoffrey de Limesey.

1165, Reginald held 3+ knights’ fees in Northamptonshire.

12/29/1170, Reginald involved in the death of archbishop Becket.

[1214, Reginald’s only grandchild William de Courtenay died without issue.]

ii. Margery Fitz Urse (39979921), born 1135 in England.

iii. Mabilla Fitz Urse (94537232), born ~? in England.

Child of Mabilla: Reginald Gernet (47268616)

Bef. 1220, Reginald died. (S) Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids, Farrer, 1903, P188.

i. Roger Gernet (23634308), born ~1195 in England.

ii. William Gernet, born in England.

William married Cecily de Mascy.

Bef. 1234, William died; his brother Roger his heir.