Thursday, June 28, 2012

G27: 79959632 FitzHerbert-Corbet

79959632. Herbert Fitz Herbert & 79959633. Sybilla Corbet

~1075, Herbert, 1st of the family born in England, s/o §Count Herbert of Vermandois & 159919265. Emma of Blois.
~1100, Sybilla born in England, d/o §Robert Corbet of Longden.
8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.
Sybilla, a mistress of King Henry I. (S) Women and Gender in Medieval Europe, Schaus, 2006, P158.
9/1101, Herbertus Regis Camerarius witnessed two royal charters at Windsor.
1109-14, The archbishop of York grants to Sir Herbert the Chamberlain, and to his son, in fee, manors in Yorkshire.
Herbert’s father died.
Bef. 1127, Herbert and his brother William, Treasurer of York, with the consent of the Archbishop of York, granted the church of Wivertorp to the Yorkshire priory of Nostel.
1129-30, The King made an allowance to Herbert the Chamberlain.
1130, Herbert liquidated his fine of succession for 353 marks of silver. (S) Medieval Prosopogaphy, Vs7-8, 1986, P52.
1130-33, Abbot Herbert v. Herbert fitz Herbert over Parham, Sussex and Mapeleford. (S) Pubs. of London Record Society, V25, 1988, P59.
Herbert, Chamberlain and Treasurer to King Henry I.
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.
1139, Herbert Fitz-Herbert, lord chamberlain to King Stephen. (S) Peerage of the United Kingdom, Debrett, 1814, P122.
9/26/1143, Herbert’s brother, William Fitz-Herbert, consecrated archbishop of York.
1140, Herbert died.
1157, Sybilla living. [King Henry granted Sybilla 10£.]
(S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton, 1858, P146ff.
Family notes:
·         Herbert of Vermandois came with William the Conqueror to England.
·         Emma of Blois, d/o 639677060. Count Thibaut III of Blois & Champagne & 639677061. Garsinde du Maine.
·         Sir Robert fitz Corbet of Longden was brought to England by Roger de Montgomery, kinsman of William the Conqueror.

Child of Herbert and Sibilla:
i. Herbert Fitz Herbert (39979816), born ~1105 in England.