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G27: 80007788 Dammartin-St. Clair

80007788. Alberic I & 80007789. Maud de St. Clair

~1115, Alberic I born in France, s/o §Hughes, comte de Dammartin.

Maud, born in France, d/o §William de St. Clair.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

1/7/1148, Alberic’s father Hughes, count of Dammartin, killed on crusade. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P155.

1148, at Argentan, Notification to the bishop of Norwich, the barons, … of Suffolk, of the render and confirmation to Aubrey de Danmartin of his father’s lands. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P577. [Dated in that source to 1123-35.]

1152-3, King Stephen granted a manor in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, to Aubrey de Dammartin and his wife Maud.

Alberic married 2nd, Amicia de Beaumont, d/o Earl Robert de Beaumont &  Amice de Gael ; widow of Count Simon de Montfort.

Aft. 1149, Alberic, earl of Damartin, confirmed a grant to St. Frideswide of the profit within the manor of Piddington. (S) Oxfordshire, Dunkin, 1823, P141.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1161-2, Albericus de Danmartin paid 1 mark in Yorkshire. (S) FMG.

1162, Alberic, count of Dammartin, and his son Alberic confirmed to the abbey of Charlieu all that Amauri, Bishop of Senlis, possessed in Dammartin. (S) De Caprentier Allied Ancestry, Sellers, 1928.

1166, Albricus de Danmartin gave one knight´s fee to "Willelmum de Danmartin fratrem meum" in Suffolk.

1172, Alberic de Dammartin paid 20s scutage. (S) The Scutage and Knight Service, Baldwin, 1897, P67.

1174, Aubrey Dammartin, present at the court of Foudringhei ; held in fee of earl Simon [de St. Liz] the manor of Merton and Pidington. (S) Parochial Antiquities, V1, 1818, P180.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

By 1184, Alberic died.

(S) The Record of the House of Gournay, Gurney, 1845, P84. (S) Victoria History of the County of Huntingdon, V3, 1936.

Family notes:

·         Hughes, comte de Dammartin, s/o Manasses, Count de Dampmartin. [FMG gives Alberic’s father as Eudes de Dammartin.]

·         6/1147, Hughes and his forces left on crusade with King Louis VII. The went through Germany and joined the German crusaders at Worms. The 2 groups were separated at Byzantium, the Germans preceding the French.

·         12/25/1147, On Christmas day on the coast of modern-day Turkey, encamped by a river, a tremendous storm washed away much of the supplies of the French. They decided to take a route over the mountains to Antioch.

·         1/4/1148, Hugh’s forces in a battle at Laodicea against the Turks.

·         1/7/1148, Hugh’s forces in a night battle in the area of Mount Cadmus, where Turks ambush the main train of infantry and non-combatants well behind the main force. King Louis VII, his bodyguard of Templar Knights, and Noblemen valiantly charged the Turks. Most of the knights were killed, including Hughes, and Louis barely escaped with his life. The battle is recorded by Odo de Deuil, personal chaplain to Louis, in his book De Profectione. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P155.

Child of Alberic and Maud:

i. Aubrey II of Dammartin (40003894), born ~1145 in France.