Wednesday, July 4, 2012

G27: 94537778 Sackville

94537778. Lord William de Sackville

10/14/1066, William the Conqueror defeated and killed King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, becoming King of England.

~1072, William born in Normandy, younger s/o §Herbranus de Sackville.

9/9/1087, William the Conqueror died; his son William Rufus succeeding in England.

William de Sackville, Lord of Mount Bures and Bracstead, Mayland, Essex, died.

(S) Extinct Family of Chester of Chichely, Waters, 1878, P200. (S) History and Topography of Essex, Wright, 1836, P436.

Family notes:

·         1079, Herbranus de Sackville living in Normandy.

·         William, s/o Herbranus de Sackville, had siblings: Jordan de Sackville, Robert de Sackville, Avice [married Walter de Hugleville.]

·         Sir Robert de Sackville [youngest s/o Herbranus] the ancestor of the Dukes of Dorset.

Children of William and Albreda:

i. Agnes de Sackville, born ? in England.

Agnes married Richard de Anestye.

Child: Richard de Anestye. 1159-61, this Richard created a famous case by charging that Mabel, d/o the 2nd wife of William de Sackville, and his 1st cousin, was an illegitimate child; and that he should be the heir. (S) Collected Works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H., 1921, P110. [Richard won the case.]

ii. William de Sackville, born ? in England.

William married twice [Albreda de Tregoz & Adeliza de Vere] and left an only daughter Mabel.

1159, William died.

iii. Hodinera de Sackville, born ? in England.

Hodierna married Matthew de Gernon.

iv. Beatrix de Sackville (47268889), born ~1110 in England.