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G27: 94555164 Montgomerie-Anselme

94555164. Count John de Montgomerie & 94555165. Beatrice of Anselme

~1140, John born in France, s/o 189110328. Count Guy de Montgomerie & 189110329. Ida ?.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

1147, John’s father died on crusade at Ephesus. (S) Ephesus After Antiquity, Foss, 1979, P118.

12/19/1154, Henry [II], duke of Normandy, crowned king of England.

1158, Jean comte de Ponthieu founded l´Hôtel-Dieu d´Abbeville. (S) FMG.

Beatrice born in France, d/o §Anselme, Count of Saint Pol.

Aft. 1162, John married 2nd Laure de Saint-Valery, d/o Reuaud. [Repudiated by 1170.]

1163, A charter of King Henry II settles the services which the vassals of the Comtes de Flanders owed to the King of England, witnesses: Thomas, Abp of Canterbury; John, earl of Ponthieu (de Puntivo); … Richard de Luci; Richard de Humez, constable; …

1165, John confirmed a charter his father made in 1127. (S) Feudal History of Derby, Yeatman, P165.

3/1166, King Henry landing in Normandy marched into Maine where he reduced two castles [Alencon & La-Roche-Mabile] held by William Talvas, Comte of Seez; John his son; and John, son of Guy Comte de Pontieu, grandson of William; who had been rebelling against the authority of Queen Eleanor who had been appointed Regent.

10/1167 at Valognes, King Henry settled a dispute between Earl John, Lord of Montgomery and Comte of Ponthieu, and Gilbert, abbot of St. Martin at Troarn. John granted to the abbey the tithe of the toll of Montgomery and the holding of the sons of Roisa at Troarn; the abbey quit-claiming to John the whole manor of Remberthomme and the tithe of the forest of Guffern, from Vinaz. (S) Calendar of Document Preserved in France, 1899, P171.

8/1168, John refused permission to Matthew, Comte of Boulogne, to march his troops through his county to assist King Henry. [King Henry took vengeance by burning more than 40 villages in the Viemieu.]

Bef. 12/4/1170, John married Beatrice.

6/30/1171, ‘Johannes nepos suus … ex Guidone primogenito suo’ succeeded his grandfather as Count of Montgomerie. (S) FMG.

1171, Count John surrendered his patronage of abbey of Troarn [near Caen] to Duke Geoffrey [s/o King Henry].

4/1173, John, Comte of Ponthieu, supported Henry the young King in rebellion against his father, King Henry II.

1177,’ Johannes comes Pontivi’ confirmed rights of the monks of Val, with the consent of ‘Guidonis fratris mei et Beatricis comitisse uxoris mee.’ (S) FMG.

1180 at Argentan, Count John of Ponthieu witnessed an agreement “in plean assisa … coram justiciis domini regis.” (S) American Historical Review, V20, 1915, P290.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

1184, Abbeville received from Count John of Ponthieu the liberties of Amiens, Corbie and Saint Quentin. (S) Mediaeval Institutions, Stephenson, 1967, P9.

1186, Jean comte de Ponthieu, Guillaume son fils, et Beatrix son épouse granted revenues to Baudin et Simon son frère … . (S) FMG.

1189-90, Count John wrote to King Richard I of England about the rightful seisin of land at Crocy near Falaise. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P351.

6/24/1190, John, Count of Ponthieu and Montgomerie, left on crusade to the holy lands with King Philip Augustus.

7/2/1190, The English and French armies met at Lyons; where they learned that the German Emperor, leading his forces to the crusade, had died in an accident. Philip departed with his forces two days later.

9/16/1190, The French forces, traveling by ship from Genoa, stopped in Sicily.

1191 at Messina, Sicily, John of Ponthieu and Bernard of Saint Valery were pledges for King Philip in an agreement with King Richard of England. (S) The Loss of Normandy, Powicke, 2003, P133.

3/30/1191, King Philip arrived at Tyre.

4/20/1191, King Philip arrived at Acre and took command of the siege [multiple smaller and unorganized forces had arrived over the previous two years]. (S) Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare, V1, 2010, P475.

6/1191 ‘in castris iuxta Accon’, John, count of Ponthieu, stands surety for 200 livres tournois borrowed from … citizens of Genoa, … on behalf of all the crusaders from the town of Abbeville. (S) Crusader Art in the Holy Land, Folda, 2005, P45.

6/1191, John died at the siege of Acre; Beatrice was with him.

Aft. 1202, Beatrice died.

(S) A Genealogical History of the Family of Montgomery, Montgomery, 1863, P35. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Family notes:

·         1170, Anselme became Count of Saint Pol.

Child of John and Beatrice:

i. William de Montgomerie (47277582), born 1179 in France.