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G27: 94555208 Holland-Huntingdon

94555208. Count Floris III of Holland & 94555209. Ada of Huntingdon

1141, Floris born in Holland, s/o §Count Dirk VI & Sophie of Luxemburg.

~1140, Ada born in Scotland, d/o 159916060. Prince Henry of Scotland & 159916061. Ada de Warenne.

1157, Floris’ father died. (S) Historian’s History of the World, Williams, 1907, P77.

9/28/1162, Floris III, Count of Holland married Ada, sister of tuture King William the Lion of Scotland.

6/1158, Floris accompanied Frederick I of Barbarossa to Italy, capturing Milan.

1165, Floris in a dispute with the Bishop of Utrecht over a new dam in the Rhine at Swammerdam.

1165, Floris and Bishop Godfrey by treaty stipulated that they should divide equally the revenues of Friezland; with neither to levy taxes without the consent of the other.

1167, Floris captured in war with Flanders. As part of his ransom Floris had to accept Flemish overlordship of Zeeland.

1169, Floris, earl of Holland, demanding the Isle of Walcheren, in Zealand, from Philip, earl of Flanders, obtained it on condition that he send to Count Philip 1000 men, expert in making ditches, to stop the breach near Dam or Sluse. (S) Encyclopedia of Civil Engineering, Cresy, 1865, P214.

1170, A great flood caused immense devastation in the north and helped to form the Zuider Zee.

5/29/1176, Floris accompanied Frederick I of Barbarossa to Italy, losing at the battle of Legnano against the Lombard league. The Emperor was wounded in the battle.

8/1/1177, Floris, Prince of the Realm, a guarantor for Emperor Frederick in an agreement with Pope Alexander III. (S) Contemporary Numistatics, Loon, 1995, P35.

1184, Floris took the cross of a crusader.

1189, Floris and his son William joined Emperor Frederick I [Barbarossa] for the 3rd crusade. They traveled overland through Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. [English and French led armies were also enroute.]

9/1189, The crusader arrived in Constantinople.

6/10/1190, Emperor Frederick drowned in the Saleph river. [Many of the army turned around, but a force of about 5000 proceeded to the Holy land.] Frederic, duke of Suabia [s/o Frederick], assumed command.

1190-91, The crusaders spent the winter in Greece.

3/1991, The cursaders at Hellespont.

5/1991, The crusaders conquered Iconium by siege.

1191, Floris died at Antioch of pestilence, buried near the grave of Frederic I at St. Peter’s church in Antioch.

1195, Ada reconciled her sons Theodore and William [who were at war].

1198, ‘comitis Florentii et Ade comitisse filius’ donated property at Poeldijk bij Naaldwijk to the church of St Maria, Utrecht, in the presence of ‘Ada mater mea, Willelmus frater meus comes Frisie, Margareta soror mea, Florentius frater meus.’ (S) FMG.

(S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, McAndrew, 2006. (S) History of Holland and the Dutch Nation, Davies, 1851.

Family notes:

·         Floris III was the 1st Count of Holland authorized by the Emperor to coin money stamped with the arms of Holland.

·         Children: son Theodore succeeded in 1191; Florence – archdeacon of Utrecht; Robert – governor of Kemmerland, and 4 daughters.

Children of Floris and Ada:

i. Theodore of Holland, born ? in Holland.

Theodore married Adelaide, d/o Count of Cleves.

11/4/1203, Theodore died at Dordrecht; his daughter Ada his heiress.

ii. William I of Holland (47277604), born ~1163 in Holland.