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Saturday, July 14, 2012

G27: 94555976 Basset-Dunstanville

94555976. Thomas Basset & 94555977. Alice de Dunstanville

Thomas born in England, s/o §Gilbert Basset & Edith D’Oilli.

~1150, Alice born in England, heir & d/o 189111952. Alan de Dunstanville & 189111953. Emma de Langetot. (S) FMG.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1162, Thomas heir to his father, holding 7 knights’ fees of Wallingford. (S) History of Wallingford, Hedges, 1881, P282.

1163-4, Thomas Basset, sheriff of Oxford.

1167, Thomas’ first appointment as a justice. (S) The Legal Observer, V24, 1842, P518.

1168, Thomas Basset, justice Itinerant.

9/1169 at Westminster, Thomas Basset witnessed an agreement before 10 Barons of the Exchequer.

1171, Thomas rendered scutage for Ireland. (S) Private Jurisdiction in England, Ault, 1923, P211.

9/23/1174, Leonard, a knight of Thomas Basset, coupled with Hugh de Bochland, sheriff of Berkshire, levying taxes on rebels [associated with the rebellion of the 3 eldest sons of King Henry II.]

1175, Thomas Basset of Hendendon a Justiciar in the reign of Henry II, visited 14 counties in the south and west. (S) Historical Introductions to the Rolls Series, Stubbs, 1902, P130.

7/1175, Thomas with the King and Prince Henry at a council at Woodstock concerning ecclesiastical vacancies. William de Mandeville, father of Geoffrey de Mandeville was also at this council.

8/1/1175, Thomas with the King at Nottingham concerning the trespassing of his forests. [Henry de Lacy, half-brother of Auberia de Lizures was also there.]

8/10/1175, Thomas was with the King at York.

1/1/1176, Thomas with the King at Shropshire and Staffordshire.

1176, “the ferm of Wicumb, Honor of Wallingford, by Thomas Basset.”

5/1177 at Oxford, Thomas attested the Royal Charter to the Priory of St. Thomas in Dublin.

1178-9, Thomas Basset a judge in the southwest circuit with John Bishop of Norwich.

1179, Thomas received the barony of Hedendon, co. Oxford. [Lordship of Headington, Hundred of Bullingdon, and the Hundred lying without the North Gate of the city of Oxford.] (S) Oxford Annals, Davenport, 1869, P58.

8/27/1179, at Westminster, Thomas attested the Royal Charter to Furness Abbey.

1180-82, ‘Thomas Bass’ granted ‘manerium meum de Comptun cum terra de Berewic’ to ‘Alano filio meo’ by charter, witnessed by ‘… Waltero de Dunstanvile, Alano de Dunstanvile, Fulcone Basset … Thoma Basset juvene …’ (S) FMG.

1180-82, Thomas Basset, with the consent of ‘Gilleberti primogeni filii mei’, granted ‘Cumtonam … cuius medietas fuit maritagium matris mee, altera … medietati s… fuit maritagium uxoris mee matris eorum’ to ‘Alano filio meo fratri suo’ by charter. (S) FMG.

1180-82, Gillebertus Basset conceded Compton Basset, Wiltshire to ‘Alano fratri meo’, at the request of ‘Thome Basset patris mei et Aliz de Dunstanvill matris mee’, by, witnessed by … Walterus de Dunstanvill, Alanus de Dunstanvill, Fulco Basset … Thomas Basset juvenis. (S) FMG.

8/1181, at York, Thomas attested the Royal Charter to Kirkeham Abbey.

1182-85, Gilebertus Basset granted land at Bicester and other properties to the prior of Bicester, for the souls of ‘mee et uxoris mee Egeline et liberorum nostrorum’, by charter, witnessed by … Egelina uxore mea, Aliz Basset … Thoma Basset, Fulcone Basset. (S) FMG.

1186, Thomas died – listed in 1187 as deceased in the King’s records, but as having been active in 1186. Alice surviving.

(S) The Judges of England: With Sketches of Their Lives, Foss, Publ. 1848. (S) Lords Lieutenant and High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire: 1086-1868, Davenport, Publ. 1868. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, Publ. 1878. (S) Royal Charters, Stafford, 1897, P15.

Family notes:

·         Edith D’Oilli, d/o  Robert D'Oilli and Edith de Greystock. (S) Lord Lieutenants and High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire, Peters, 1995.

Children of Thomas and Cicely: (S) FMG.

i. Gilbert Basset (378270342), born ~1160 in England.

ii. Thomas Basset (39979038), born ~1165 in England.

iii. Alan Basset (47277988), born ~1170 in England.

iv. Isabel Basset, born ? in England.

Isabel married Guy de Craon, s/o Maurice.