Sunday, July 15, 2012

G27: 94556040 Armenters

94556040. Henry de Armenters & 94556041. Reina ?

Henry born in England, s/o §Sir David de Armenters.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

By 1195, Henry succeeded his father.

1195, Henry de Armenters paid a fine of 60 marks to inclose a park at Stowe.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1200-01, Henry de Armenters vs. count David at Rutland.

9/1201, Henry de Armenters 1 of 16 knights of a grand assize in a plea of the Common Bench in Northamptonshire: Henry de Alneto of Cornwall vs. Henry de Alento of Maidford. (S) History, Gazetter, and Directory of Northamptonshire, 1849, P48.

4/1203, Henry de Armenters, plaintiff, vs. Geoffrey Salvage, tenant, … over a fee of 1 knight with appurtenances in Wotton Leek. (S) The Earliest Northamptonshire Assize Rolls, 1930, P46. [A duel between them was postponed.]

1206, Henry paid 5 marks for having judgment against David, Earl of Huntingdon, about the boundary between his vill of Burley and the Earl's vill of Exton.

1207, Henry de Armenters vs. earl David over a boundary agreement in Burley Wood. (S) The antiquaries Journal, V16, 1936, P402.

1212, Henry de Armenters held a quarter of a fee of Gilbert de Gaunt. (S) The Ancestor, 1902, P191.

By 1214, Henry died.

1214, Simon [whom regularly represented Henry in suits], acted as attorney for Reina, once wife of Henry de Armenters.

(S) History, Gazetter, and Directory of Northamptonshire, 1849, P470. (S) A History of the County of Rutland, V2, Page, 1935. (S) Northamptonshire Past & Present, V7, 1989, P229.

Family notes:

·         David de Armenters, s/o Henry de Armenters; and nephew of John de Armenters who died without issue.

Child of Henry and Reina:

i. Geoffrey de Armenters (47278020), born ~1190 in England.

[Undated] Charter of Gilbert de Gant giving to Geoffrey de Armenteres, in free marriage with Juliana his daughter, the service of 2 knights by reducing to Geoffrey and his heirs by Juliana the service due from the fee which his father Henry de Armenters had held. (S) Book of Seals, Hatton, 1950, P205.