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G27: 94559154 Ferte-Briwere

94559154. William de la Ferte & 94559155. Margaret Briwere

William born in Normandy, s/o §Radulf de Feritate. (S) Notes and Queries, V99, 1899, P47.

~1180, Margaret born in England, 2nd d/o 189118346. William Briwere & 189118347. Beatrice de Vaux.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

3/24/1217, Margery’s mother Beatrice died.

1219, Eodem modo scribitur {Vicecomiti, viridariis, forestariis, inquisitoribus} Cumberland. Nomina inquisitorum. {Radulfus de la Ferte, Rogerus de Beauchamp, … Thomas de Muleton, Willelmus de Yreby, Willemus de la Ferte.} Apud Karleol. (S) CPRs.

William died.

Margery married 2nd Odo de Dammartin.

Bef. 4/8/1225, Odo died.

6/1225 in Surrey, Margery in litigation over her dowery of Dammartin before judge Martin de Pateshull.

By 11/1225, Margery married 3rd Geoffrey de Say of West Greenwich.       

1227, Margery’s father died; her brother William the heir.                                                                               

8/19/1230, Geoffrey died; Margery resuming her 1st husband’s name.

1232, Margaret’s brother William died; co-heiress with her sister, and the heirs of her 3 deceased sisters. Somborne was the chief manor of Margery’s share. (S) A History of the County of Hampshire: V 4, 1911.

6/10/1233, Margery fined 100 marks for her share of her inheritance. [Seisin ordered on June 15th.]

7/20/1233, William de Percy, married to Joan Briwer, and Margery agreed over conflicting interests in the manors.

1235, Margery de la Ferte manorial lord of William de Ralegh, rector of King’s Somborne, Hampshire.

Bef. 2/4/1237, Margery died. [Order to the sheriff of Hampshire to cause Payn de Chaworth to have full seisin of all lands formerly of Margaret de la Ferté in his bailiwick on the day she died. (S) FRsHIII.]

(S) Studies in 13th Century Justice and Administration, Meekings, 1981, PP 85,181.

Family notes:

·         4/1/1237, Payn de Chaworth has made fine with the king by 200 m. for having custody of the land and heir of Margaret de la Ferté , … … to have full seisin of the land formerly of the same Margaret, one of the heirs of William Brewer. (S) FRsHIII.

Child of William and Margaret:

i. Gundred de la Ferte (47279577), born ~1200 in England.