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G27: 121684000 Esturmy

121684000. Sir Henry Esturmy & 121684001. Laurencia ?

1233, Henry born in England, heir & s/o 243368000. Sir Geoffrey Esturmy & 243368001. Matilda ?.
By 3/6/1245, Henry’s father captured by the Welsh.
Henry’s father declared dead.
4/20/1246, Robert de Muscegros has made fine with the king by 300 m. for having the custody of the land and heirs of Geoffrey Esturmy until the [lawful] age of the same heirs and for the marriage of the same. (S) FRsHIII.
3/24/1254, The king has rendered to Henry Esturmy, son and heir of Geoffrey Esturmy, all the bailiwick that the same Geoffrey had in the forest of Savernake. (S) FRsHIII.
1254, Henry, of age, became Warden of Snaverake forest. (S) The Wardens of Savernake Forest, 1949, P45.
6/6/1255, Appointment of the following foresters … Henry Estormy, keeper of Savernak } Wilts. (S) CPRs.
6/29/1256, Respite to Henry Esturmy from knighthood for 4 years for a fine. (S) PRsHIII.
1257, Henry attended the Forest Eyre.
1259, In a perambulation, Henry’s Savernake forest lost part of its lands to Chute Forest.
1259, Henry Esturmy received 25 marks sterling for his recognition of a claim of Lady Avicia.
1259-60, Release by Henry de Foxcote, to Henry Esturmy, of a rent in Lys. (S) UKNA.
1260, Restoration of the forest to Henry Esturmy. (S) A History of the Town of Marlborough, Waylen, 1854.
9/29/1260, Whereas the king some time ago granted to Henry Esturmy that he might render to him 50 m. each year at the Exchequer for the debts in which his father was bound to the king …, and whereas Henry ought to be girded with the belt of knighthood … together with John of Brittany, …, the king, wishing to do him special grace in this matter, at the instance of the aforesaid John of Brittany, has pardoned to Henry 20 m. of the aforesaid debts, … By the king, John Mansel and Robert Walerand, the justiciar, the earl of Gloucester and Phillip Basset. (S) FRsHIII.
1261, De damis datis. – Mandatm est Henrico le Esturmy, custodi foreste de Savernaco, quod in eadem foresta … (S) CCRs.
1262, Grant by Robert de Ros, lord of Beaveir, to Sir Philip Bassety … Witnesses: — Sirs William de Insula, …, Henry Sturmy, Robert le Ghaumberleng, and Richard Sturmy, knts., …
1263, Henry, heir of Geoffry fil. Geoffrey Hose, of 1 knights fee in Wilts. (S) Knights of Edward I, Moor, 1929, P259.
9/24/1264, Mandate to Robert Waleraund, Warin de Bassingburn, John de Muscegros and Robert de Tipetot, … to deliver the castles of Marleberg and Lotegereshale, which they lately committed to Henry Estormy to keep [pending this decision], … to Robert de Insula. (S) CPRs.
7/21/1266, Wiltshire. The abbot of Bec–Hellouin gives half [a mark] for an assize to be taken before Martin of Littlebury and Henry le Esturmy. (S) FRsHIII.
1270, Inquisition made at Hardene … by Henry Esturmy, forester, and … whether it be to the damage of the king … Matthew de Columbarius … (S) The Index Library, V37, 1908, P57.
11/26/1271, Robert Walerand, Nicholas of Yattendon, Sampson Foliot, Henry le Esturmy, …, John de St. Lupo, Peter de Neville, Richard of Ospringe and John of Havering in the king’s presence constituted (constituti) together with the executors of the testament of Phillip Basset lately deceased …. (S) FRsHIII.
7/11/1272, Pardon to Henry le Esturmy for taking two hinds in the forest of Windesore, without warrant. (S) CPRs.
11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.
1272-3, Henry Esturmy owed two marks annually for the the hundred of Liss. (S) Camden Fourth Series, 1987, P13.
1276, Henry acquired Wolfhall, the family residence for several generations. (S) UKNA.
1277, Agreement, Dame Margaret Husee and Sir Henry Esturmy, knight, concerning forthcoming marriage between Henry, son and heir of said Sir Henry, and Margaret, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Hubert Husee, to whom Sir Henry gives manor in Wolfhall, Great Bedwyn, in free marriage. (S) UKNA. [“Know all men present and future that I, Henry Esturmy, son of Geoffrey Esturmy, have given … to Henry my son as a free gift on his marriage with Margaret daughter of Hubert Husee, the whole of the manor of Wolfhall. (S) Wardens of Savernake Forest, Brudenell-Bruce, P47.]
1280, Henry Esturmy summoned to show warrant for his taking assize of bread and beer at Elvetham pleaded that his ancestors had enjoyed the privilege since the time of King Richard I. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, V2, 1889, P15.
5/12/1281, Licence for Richard Fukeram the younger … in pursuance of an inquisition taken by Henry Estormy, keeper of the king’s forest of Savernake, to assart and cultivate … (S) CPRs.
7/15/1292, Order to Henry Sturmy, keeper of the forest of Savernake to cause William son of Warin to have in that forest 6 bucks of the king’s gift. (S) CCRs.
Bef. 9/22/1295, “Henry Sturmy, alias Le Estormi, de Stormy, Esturmy: Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Hampshire” died. (S) UKNA, IPM. (S) CFRs.
1/12/1296, Order to assign dower to Laurencia, late the wife of Henry Sturny, tenant in chief, as she has taken oath before the king that she will not marry without his licence. (S) CCRs.
(S) Easton Royal Conservation Area Statement, 9/2004.

Family notes:

·         Grant by Henry Esturmy, son of Geoffrey Esturmy, to hospital of Easton of a messuage with a virgate and a half of land with appurtenances in Easton and 50 a. wood in Savernake which they have by gift of Stephen [? Uncle] of grantor's father as set forth in father's charter; also 10s. annual rent which they have by father's grant for soul of Matilda, grantor's mother, viz. out of tenement which Roger the shepherd holds in Durley. (S) UKNA.

Child of Henry and Laurencia:
i. Henry Esturmy (60842000), born ~1255 in England.