Thursday, September 13, 2012

G27: 94565988 d'Eyncourt-Funesia

94565988. Ralph d’Enycourt & 94565989. Helen de Funesia

~1175, Ralph born in England, s/o §Gervase de Aynecurt.
Helen, d/o §Anselm de Funesia.
5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.
1204, Grant of Anselm de Funesia to Ralph de Ainecurt with Helen the grantor’s daughter (in marriage) his hall of Stainton with the precints, vivary and garden and the land which Dolfin held between the garden and vivary …
1205-13, Ralph de Aencurt with the assent of Helen his wife gives to the canons the rent of one moiety of the vill of Siggiswick, which the canons hold, viz. 2s. 6d., for the health of the soul of Helewise de Lancastre and John son of Adam son of Roger (de Yealand).
1212, Ralph de Aincurt of Sizergh, tenant of the barony of Kendale.
1213, Ralph died.
1213, Helen de Haynecurth (Aincurt), late the wife of Ralph de Hayncurth, for the health of the soul of her lord, Ralph de Hayncurth and Helewise de Lancastre, releases to the canons the service of 2s. 6d. for the moiety of the vill of Siggeswick which Herbert de Elhalle held.
Family notes:
·         4/1312, John son of Roger de Lancaster vs. Walter de Stirkeland: Walter claimed common pasture in Barton by right of Gervase d’Eyncourt seised in the time of King Henry III, to son and heir Ralph, to son and heir Ralph, to son and heir Gervase – no heirs, to Richard brother of Gervase – no heir, to Elizabeth, sister and heir of Richard, to William her son and heir – no heir, to his brother Walter, the present claimant. (S) De Banco Roll, Westmorland, No. 192.

Child of Ralph and Alice:
i. Ralph d’Eyncourt (47282994), born 1205-6 in England.