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G27: 121698308 Bertram-Umfreville

121698308. William Bertram & 121698309. Alice de Umfreville

William born in England, s/o §Roger Bertram & 243396617. Ada de Moreville.
12/9/1165, William the Lion, age 22, succeeded King Malcom IV of Scotland.
~1168, Alice born in England, d/o 39979978. Odinel de Umfreville & 39979979. Alice de Lucy.
Aft. 1172, William’s father died; William a minor.
1177, William paid 200£ for relief of his lands. (S) Magna Carta Commemoration Essays, Malden, 2005, P62.
1173-89, Robert de Umfreville whose castle was at Harbotell, granted to Sir William Bertram, lord of Mitford, in free marriage with Alice his sister, among other possessions, the forest of Ellsden and Altercoppes between the brooks of Ellesden and Wodeburne with all privileges except royal power by the payment of one sparrow hawk annually. (S) Proceedings, Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1889, P116.
By 1174, Richard de Moreville has granted, and by his charter established, to Dryburgh Abbey, the donation his mother made of the church of Bozeat, the mill of Nenthorn, and her land from Roxburgh …, and the donation of Ada, his sister, of the teinds of the mill of Longnewton. (S) POMS.
1179, Alice de Warren is charged 200 marcs for succeeding to her own barony of Wormegay … William Bertram 100 marcs ; … (S) Pipe Roll Society, V28, 1907, P22.
1182, William completed payments on his fine of relief for his lands.
1185, Robert Umfraville granted to his brother-in-law, William Bertram, the forest of Elsdon and Ottercops in free forest … saving regal power … by the payment of a sparrow hawk annually. (S) Proceedings – Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1889, P116..
1186 at Carlisle, King Henry II confirmed a charter for Brinkburn priory in Northumberland at the petition of William Bertram confirming grants of William’s father and grandfather. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, Lewis, 2008, P107.
1189, William Bertram held the marriage portion of Margaret, d/o Ralph de Fougeres. (S) Magna Rotule Scaccarii Normanniae, Stapleton, 1844, P198. [Margaret to marry Waleran, son of Robert comte of Meulan.]
9/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.
1196, William Bertram made payments to the sheriff in respect to Felton.
By 1198, William died.
1198, The sheriff of Northumberland accounted 20s of the chattels of Alice Bertram.
1198-9, Alice paid a fine of 20£ to not be married. [Roger fitz Walter gave 3 good palfreys to have the king’s letter to Roger Bertram’s mother that she should marry him.] (S) British History, Wade, 1839, P45.
[1199] Aleis de Umfravilla [Alici quondam uxor Willi Bertram] gave to the prior and convent of Brinkburn half a mark of silver, to be paid annually out of the mill of Babington for the sould of her spouse, William Bertram. (S) History of Northumberland, Pt2, V1, 1827, P13.
(S) Northumberland Families, V1, 1968. (S) Feudal and Military Antitquities of Northumberland, Hartshorne, 1858, P49.
Family notes:
·         Roger Bertram; s/o William Bertram of Mitford & Alice, d/o William Merley of Morpeth; s/o Richard Bertram, lord of Dignam in Normandy, & Sybil, d/o John, lord of Mitford.
·         Ada de Morveville, born ~1140, d/o 319832116. Hugh de Moreville & 319832117. Beatrice de Beauchamp.
·         1157, Roger Bertram gave 50 marks for a market at mitford.
·         Bef. 1162, Roger Bertram has given and granted to Dryburgh Abbey all the teinds of his mill of Nenthorn in free alms, for the welfare of the soul of Hugh de Moreville, and for himself, his wife Ada and his boys. (S) POMS.
·         1166, Roger Bertram held the barony of Mitford of 5 knights’ fees.
·         1172, Roger Bertram paid 6s 10d scutage for Ireland.
·         William may have had a son named William who died shortly after him.

Child of William and Alice:
i. Roger Bertram  (60849154), born aft. 1185 in England.