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G28: 159699700 FitzRoger-Cornhill

159699700. Gervase fitz Roger & 159699701. Agnes de Cornhill

By 1130, Gervase succeeded his father, §Roger “nephew of Hubert” & Ingenolda fitz Herlwin .

Agnes born in England, d/o §Edward de Cornhill & Godeleve ?.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

~1136, Agnes’ mother died.

By 1136, Gervase married Agnes and adopted the name Cornhill. Grant in fee by William, archbishop of Canterbury, to Gervase and his wife Agnes, daughter of Godeleve, of land at Eadintune, which was of the said Godeleve. (S) Reports from Commissioners, 1874, P15.

1141, Gervase de Cornhill, justiciar of London. (S) Facsimiles of Royal and Other Charters in the British Museum, Warner, 1903, P23.

1139-54 at London, From Stephen, King of England, to Canterbury Cathedral priory, land at Barksore … witnesses … Henry of Essex; Richard de Luci; Ralph Picot; Gervase de Cornhill. (S) UKNA.

Bef. 1154, Queen Mathilde borrowed money from Gervase de Cornhill.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1155-56, Gervase de Cornhill a sheriff of London. (S) London and the Kingdom, V1.

11/1158, Gervase with King Henry at the siege of Thours.

1159, The citizens of London, with Gervase de Cornhill, paid the King the sum of 1,000 marks, being the donum of the City. (S) A New History and Survey of the Cities of London, Smith, 1833, P173.

1160, Gervase de Crornhill and John fitz Ralph render 62.5 marks for minting rights in London. (S) Historical Notes on the First Coinage of Henry II, Carlyon-Britton, 1905, P222.

1162-63, Gervase de Cornhill the sheriff of Surrey. (S) Natural History … Surrey, V1, Aubrey, 1719, P26.

1164, Gervase appointed sheriff of Surrey.

1/25/1165 at Westminster, King Henry II gave Gervase de Cornhill the land of Chalk.

1165, Jordan nephew of Gervase de Cornhill owed £100 for taking the widow of Ernisius without licence. (S) Eye Priory Cartulary, Brown, 1994, P78.

1168, Gervase de Cornhill 1 of 7 justices in eyre.

1169, Gervase, sheriff of Kent.

1169, Gervase began a 10-year period of serving as a justice itinerant in various counties.

9/1169, Gervase de Cornhill attested a royal grant.

12/1/1170, Gervase de Cornhill, sheriff of Kent, one of the persons awaiting for archbishop Thomas Becket at Sandwich to search him for concealed letters and to force an oath of fealty to King Henry.

1270-74, Gervase de Cornhill the sheriff of London. (S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1856, P152.

1174, Gervase de Cornhill and Reginald de Warren, neither a sheriff of Surrey, muleted the lands of the disaffected in the county.

1174, Gervase represented the citizens of London at at meeting with King Henry.

1177, Gervase de Cornhill an assessor-justiciar in Sussex, Kent, Bucks and Bedford.

1180, Gervase de Cornhill the sheriff of Surrey, and involved in the release of new coinage in England.

12/1/1181, Gervase de Cornhill a justiciar sitting in the Curia Regis at Westminster.

4/29/1182, Gervase de Cornhill a justiciar sitting in the Curia Regis at Westminster.

12/1/1182, Gervase de Cornhill a justiciar sitting in the Curia Regis at Westminster.

5/9/1183, Gervase de Cornhill a justiciar sitting in the Curia Regis at Westminster.

By 1189, Notification by John, son of Andrew Bacuinte, the he has made Gervase de Cornhill, and Henry his son, his heirs of all his rights in land and chattels. This was done as well at the hustings of London as in the King’s court at Wesminster. (S) Reports from Commissioners, 1874, P16.

By 1189, Gervase died.

(S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) Geoffrey de Mandeville, Round, 1892. (S) Biographia Juridica, Foss, 1870, P192. (S) Survey of London, Besant, 1908, P346.

Family notes:

·         By 1122, Grant by Ralph, archbishop of Canterbury, to Edward of Cornehille and his wife Godelif, of the land of Edintune. (S) Reports from Commissioners, 1874, P15.

·         1125, “Edwardo de Suthwerke et Willelmo filio ejus” witnesses to the document recording the surrender by the English Cnihtengild of their soke to the priory of Christchurch.

·         Edward de Cornhill, son-in-law of Edward of Southwark.

·         1120-25, Notification, addressed generally, that the canonicatus of St. Mary's, Southwark, shall be established and shall have all its liberties. … attested by …, Robert de Ferrers, Roger nephew of Hubert, …

·        Gervase’s father died on pilgrimage to the Holy Lands.

·         1130, “Gervasius filius Rogeri nepotis Huberti” is prominent in the Pipe Roll.

·         Gervase de Cornhill a magnate of the city of London, sheriff of London, and afterwards sheriff of Kent and Surrey. (S) Crusade of Richard I, Archer, 1888, P11.

·         Gervase de Cornhill mentions in a charter that Ralph fitz Herlwin was his uncle [another sheriff of London in 1155-56.]

·         1185, Gervased de Cornhill mentioned as having given a messuage to the Templars. (S) History of the County of London, V1, Page, 1909.

Child of Gervase and Agnes:

i. Henry de Cornhill (79849850), born ~1145 in Lukedale, England.

ii. Reginald de Cornhill, born ? in England.

1197, Reginald and his wife maud quitcalimed for 80 marks and 50 acres of land stewardship of St. Augustine’s abbey.

1204-5, Reginald one of the custodes of the ports of England.

1209-10, Reginald a justice with John de Gestlin and William de Wrotham.

11/30/1215, Reginald, constable of Rochester castle, taken prisoner by King John at the end of the siege.

iii. Ralph de Cornhill, born ? in England.