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G28: 160015568 Gournay-Flaitel

160015568. Hugh de Gournay & 160015569. Basile Flaitel

Basile born in France, d/o §Gerard Flaitel.

Basile Flaitel 1st married Raoul de Gace.

1049-53, Beatrice abbess of Montivillters bought the nearby village of Cauville for 100£ from Norman de la Belliere, with the consent of Hugh de la Ferte, Hugh de Gournay and Gamier, Norman’s kinsman. (S) Monastic Revival – in Early Normandy, Potts, 1997, P43.

1050, Hugh de Gournay witnessed a charter of Malger, archbishop of Rouen. [William Falitel was another witness.]

1054, Hugh de Gournay one of the leaders of the army of Duke William at the battle of Mortemer. (S) Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, Vs3-4, 1837, P170. [Other leaders were Robert of Eu and Walter Giffard.]

10/14/1066, William the Conqueror defeated and killed King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. Hugh de Gournay a companion of William at the battle, leading his men of Brai.

1066, Osbert de Bolebec [assumed the name Gyffarde] in the Conquest of England given grants in Gloucester, settled at Brimesfield. Osbert had a brother named Walter [Gyffarde], count of Longueville, brother-in-law of Hugh de Gournay. [Basila’s sister was married to Walter.]

4/1067, Hugh de Gournay witnessed the confirmation of ‘Willelmus … dux Normannorum … Anglorum rex’ to the abbey of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire.

1076, Hugh de Gurnai held Fordham, Liston and Ardley in Essex, at the dedication of the new church of the abby of Bec. (S) Collectanea Archaeologica, V2, 1871, P194.

1077, Hugh de Gournay witnessed the charter of King William founding St. Stephens of Caen, France.

1078, Hugh de Gournay seized the parishes in the Beauvaisis [24 villages] later called the “Conquests Hue de Gournay”; becoming a feudal vassal of the King of France as well as of the Duke of Normandy. (S) Collectanea Archaeologica, V2, 1871, P163.

1079, Hugh de Gournay at the siege of Gerberoi, where he was unhorsed by Robert Curthose, s/o William the Conqueror, who was in rebellion against his father. (S) 300 Year of a Norman House, Hannay, 1867, P96.

1079-80, Hugh de Gournay a principal mediator between King William and his son Robert. (S) Collected Works of Sir Francis Palgrave, 1921, P303.

Aft. 1080, Hugh de Gournay given lands of Ralph Gauder, earl of Norfolk, who had forfeited [1075], in parts of Norfolk. (S) Journal of the Birtish Arch. Assoc., 1858, P225. [The lands 1st passed to Godric, steward of King William.]

1082-3, Hugh and his son Gerard witnessed the charter founding Holy Trinity of Caen, France, by King William & Queen Maud.

1086, Geoffrey Talebot, married to Agnes, a tenant of Hugh de Gournay in Essex. (S) Domesday People, V1, Keates-Rohan, 1999, P126.

1086, Hugh became a monk at the abbey of Bec in Normandy.

Hugo Senex [Hugh the Old] died. [Hugh may have died after William Rufus became king.]

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England.

1093 St. Anselm consecrated archbishop of Canterbury, wrote a letter to Basile [Basiliæ amicæ Filiæ in Domino].

1/16/1099, Basile, in her residence within the precinct of the abbey of Bec, took the veil of a nun.

2/1099-1100, Basile died; buried at the Abbey of Bec.

(S) The Record of the House of Gournay, Gurney, 1845. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Journal of American History, V12, 1918, P534.

Family notes:

·         912, Eudes, the founder of the family, granted Gournay and Le Brai by Rollo, the Norman.

·         Hugh de Gournay, s/o Eudes.

·         Renaud de Gournay [likely s/o Hugh] married Alberarda.

·         Hugh, s/o Renaud, flourished 986-996.

·         Bef. 1035, Hugh de Gournay founded the priory of Sigi.

·         1035, Hugh de Gournay joined in the attempt of Edward, son of king Ethelred, to recover the crown of England. (S) Falaise Roll, Crispin, 1938, P21.

·         1036, Hugh de Gournay commander of the Norman fleet.

·         ~1080, Richard Talbot married a d/o Hugh de Gournay and Basilia.

Child of Hugh and Basile:

i. Gerard de Gournay (80007784), born ~1060 in France.