Tuesday, December 25, 2012

G28: 188998248 Lusignan

188998248. Hugh de Lusignan & 188998249. Orengarde ?

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

~1140, Hugh « the Brown » born in Lusignan, France; s/o 377996496. Hugh VIII de Lusignan & 377996497. Burgundia de Racon.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

8/1164, Hugh’s father, Hugh VIII, died on crusade; Hugh became lord of Lusignan.

1165-69, Hugh, son of Burgundia, made a grant to the abbey of Absie.

1168, Nearly all the land south of the Loire had broken into open rebellion under the counts of Angouleme and La Marche, the Lusignan family, and Hugh and Robert of Silly. King mounted an attack on the fortresses of Lusignan, capturing the castle and razing its walls. [The Lusignan family leaders escaped.] (S) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Meade, 1991.

Bef. 1169, Hugh le Brun, lord of Lusignan, frees the monks [of the abbey of Becheron] from paying tolls in his lands; witnessed by his brother Geoffrey and his mother Lady Burgundia, and [uncles] Simon Brunus, Rorgo, and Galeran.

3/15/1169, Hugh died.                               

(S) The Houses of Lusignan and Chatellerault, Medieval Academy of America, Painter, 1955.

Family notes:

·         [Likely] a sister of Hugh and Ralph married Hugh de Surgeres, Viscount of Chatellerault.

Children of Hugh and Orengarde:

i. Hugh IX de Lusignan (94499124), born 1163 in Lusignan, France.

ii. Ralph d’Exoudun (94559170), born ~1165 in Lusignan, France.