Saturday, January 5, 2013

G28: 189111952 Dunstanville-Langetot

189111952. Alan de Dunstanville & 189111953. Emma de Langetot

~1115, Alan born in Tehidy, Cornwall, England, s/o §Reynold de Dunstaville & 378223905. Alicia de Warren.
~1130, Emma born, d/o §Thomas Corbet.
12/22/1135, King Stephen succeeded King Henry I of England; beginning a civil war with Empress Maud, d/o King Henry I, that would last almost his entire reign.
7/1141 at Oxford, Alan and his uncle Robert de Dunstanville witnessed a charter of Empress Maud.
Alan married 2nd Isabella ?. [She survived Alan.]
12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.
1155, At Oxford, Alan, and the King of the Scots, Malcom IV, witnessed a charter of Empress Maud to Haughmond Abbey.
Bef. 1156, Alan, lord of the manor of Tihedy, died before his father; holding 8 knight’s fees of the Count of Arundel in Sussex.
(S) The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, Banks, Publ. 1837. (S) History of the Manor and Ancient Baroun of Castle Combe, 1852, P19. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family note:

·         Geoffrey de Dunstanville confirmed grants by his grandmother Emma de Langetot to an abbey. (S) The Cartulary of Missenden Abbey, by Missenden Abbey, 1938.
·         The ‘Dunstaville’ families have other lineages documented in various sources.
·         Alicia de Warren d/o Reginald de Warren (745647810), s/o 639664244. Earl William de Warenne I & 639664245. Gundred ?

Child of Alan and Emma:
i. Cicely de Dunstanville (94555977), born ~1150 in England.