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G28: 189118212 FitzWalter-Vavasour-FitzWarin

189118212. Theobald Fitz Walter & 189118213. Maud le Vavasour & 94563740. Fulk fitz Warin

~1145, Theobald born in West Dereham, Norfolk, England, s/o §Hervey Walter & Maud de Valoignes.
1170, at Chinon in Touraine, A charter of King Henry II to the priory of Coverham, Yorkshire, withnessed by Theobald Walter and Ranulf de Glanville. [Ranullf de Glanvill married Maud’s sister Bertha.]
~1175, Fulk born in England, s/o §Fulk fitz Warin & Hawise de Dinan [d/o Joscelin de Dinan.]
1176, Maud born in England, d/o §Robert le Vavasour.
1177, Theobald, who accompanied Henry II to Ireland was created hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland. He was granted Baggotrath in co. Dublin. The family built Nenagh castle in co. Tipperary.
1182, Theobald Walter witnessed Ranulf de Glanvill’s founding of the abbey of Leystone. (S) Court, Household and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P249.
1185, Theobald accompanied John, Count of Mortain, to Ireland to suppress a rebellion. While there, Theobald killed Dermot McCarthy, King of Desmond, at Cork [Desmond had been laying siege to Cork]. (S) History of Ireland, Haverty, 1872, P231.

[–––Theobald & Maud–––]

Theobald married Maud.
1189, Theobald held the feif of Arklow.
7/5/1189 at Chinon, A royal confirmation to Theobald Walter’s nascent foundation at Swainby, Lincolnshire. (S) Court …, Eyton, 1878, P297.
9/3/1189, King Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.
10/22/1189, Theobald’s brother Hubert Walter consecrated Bishop of Salisbury. [Hubert first known as a chaplain in the house of Ranulf de Glanvill. 1190-92, Hubert accompanied King Richard on his crusade.] (S) Catholic Encyclopedia, V7, 1913, P508.
1192, Theobald Walter paid a fine for lands in Brusyard, Suffolk.
1193, Theobald’s brother, Hubert Walter, elected archbishop of Canterbury [died 7/13/1205.]
4/22/1194, Theobald and his heirs granted Aymondernes, Lancanshire, by King Richard I, held in service of 3 knights’ fees. [Included the town of Presgon and the wapentake of Aymondernes.]
1194, Theobald, sheriff of Lancanshire, accounts for 100£ of the farm of Lancaster for half a year.
1195, Theobald fitz Walter, Philip of Worcester, and William de Burgo began active colonization of Ireland. (S) Anglo-Norman Ireland, Dolley, 1972, P97.
1196, Donnell MacCarthy drove the English from Limerick [retaken in 1197 by Hamo de Valoignes.]
1197, Theobald was a justice itinerant.
1198, Nicholas Pincerna sheriff of Lancaster for Theobald Walter. (S) History – Lancaster, V4, Baines, 1891, P120.
5/27/1199, King John succeeded King Richard I of England.
1199, Theobald, styled “Theobald Butler”, pays 80 marks to have a trial moved from Ireland to England, to be heard by the King.
1200, Theobald founded the abbey of Nenagh in Tipperary, Ireland.
1/1201 at Lincoln, William de Braosa, in the presence of King John, grants to Theobald fitz Walter 5 cantred and a half in Munster, burrough of Kildelo … [which King Henry had given to Philip de Braosa] … holding in service to William de Braosa by the service of 22 knights’ fees.
1203, in Lancashire, ‘Theobaldus Walteri r.c. de vi marcis pro feodo trium militum’ by which he held Amoundernesse.
1203, in Ireland, Theobald founded the abbey Nenagh, co. Tipperary. (S) Complete Peerage.
1204, ‘Theobaldus Walteri debet ii palefrid pro havenda licentia eundi in Yberniam’.
1205, Theobald founded the abbey of Wotheny in Limerick, Ireland.
8/1205–2/1206, Theobald died; buried at Wotheny Abbey, Limerick, Ireland.
2/19/1206, King John granted Robert le Vavasor all the estates of his daughter, except Amunderness; and the remarriage of his daughter, Matilda, wife of the late Theobald fitz Walter.
Bef. 7/20/1207, Matilda’s dower lands delivered to her father Robert.

[–––Fulk & Maud–––]

1197, Fulk succeeded his father.
1198, Fulk’s mother Hawise made a fine of 30 marks to not be forced to marry again.
1198, ‘Fulcus filius Warini et Alanus frater eius’ witnessed a charter of Robert Corbet of Caus to Buildwas abbey.
1200, Fulk fined 100£ to have judgement concerning Whittington castle, adjuged to him by consideration of the Curia Regis.
1201, Sibil, widow of Hugh de Plugenai, and Hawise, mother of Fulk fitz Warin, coparceners in Lamburn, Berkshire.
1201, King John refused to recognize Fulk’s right to Whittington. Fulk went into rebellion against the king.
1203, King John outlawed Fulk.
1204, Hawise de Dinan and her sister Sibil claimaints against Oliver de Dinan for estates in Somersetshire and Devonshire.
10/17/1204, Fulk fined 200 marks and two Destriers [horses] for possession of the castle and estate of Whittington by inheritance against Wrenoch, grandson of Roger de Powis.
Bef. 10/1/1207, Maud married 2nd Fulk Fitz Warin; Fulk pledging a fine of 1200 marks for the marriage and joint seizin of her dower estates.
1209, Fulk had paid £100 of the fine of 1200 marks.
1210, Fulk in a suit with his father-in-law, Robert le Vavasor, over the manor of Edinton. [Fulk offered the king the best horse in Wales to speed up a judgement.]
6/6/1210, Fulk accompanied King John to Ireland. King John launched a successful invasion of Ireland, using 700 ships in the attack.
1210-12, ‘Fulco filius Warini’ holding 1 knight’s fee in Shropshire.
1211, Fulk received full seizin of Whittington for 1 knight’s fee, worth £10.
1211-13, ‘Fulco filius Warini’ holding land ‘in Alwesten I militis’ in Gloucester.
10/28/1212, A writ of King John about the men of Fulk fitz Warin that had taken someone prisoner; and who was being held by Robert de Vipont.
4/12/1213, King John gave Fulk materials from the Leicester forests to build at Norborough.
4/30/1213, From Winchelsea, Fulk accompanied King John and Queen Isabella to Aquitaine for the marriage of their daughter Joanna.
6/27/1213, Fulk with King John at Beer Regis, Dorsetshire.
6/21/1214, Fulk with King John at court in Roche aux Moins, Anjou.
1215-16, Lands of Matilda granted to Fulk son of Warin, her second husband.
4/27/1215, Fulk son of Warin assembled with 2000 knights and barons at Stamford in opposition to King John. (S) Translation of Such Documents, Stubbs, 1882, P174.
12/16/1215, Fulk excommunicated by Papal bull.
4/1216, Fulk one of multiple barons contracting a truce with William, earl Marshall.
10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.
9/10/1217, King Henry declares Fulk fitz Warin an enemy of the crown.
By 11/4/1217, Fulk had made peace with the king and had his lands restored.
2/11/1218, Writ for Fulk and his wife Matilda to be restored her dower in Amundernesse.
1/10/1219, Order to the sheriff of Berkshire that, immediately after having viewed these letters, he is to take into the king’s hand all land in his bailiwick of Fulk fitz Warin and Eva de Tracy and her sister on account of the son and heir of Thomas of London , who they detain from the king and who ought to be in the custody of the king. (S) FRsHIII.
11/23/1219, Fulk fitz Warin granted a market and fair at Whittington. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.
12/26/1219, William Crassus, the first-born, has made fine with the king by £100 … his pledges for the fine: Earl W. Marshal for 50 m. … Fulk fitz Warin for 10 m. Walter of Clifford for 10 m. … William de Stuteville for 10 m. … Hugh de Mortimer for 10 m. Roger of Clifford for 10 m. (S) FRsHIII.
11/22/1220, A writ by King John in favor of Fulk.
1221, Fulk contesting the advowson of Norborough with the abbot of Leicester.
6/4/1221, Fulk was not allowed to strengthen Whitting castle without full security for his loyal behavior.
2/15/1222, King Henry was at Hereford where a truce was made between Llewelyn, prince of Wales, and Fulk son of Warin and Thomas Corbet; with safe conduct given to the prince’s wife. (S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1879, P245.
Bef. 3/1223, Fulk removed all his horses and live-stock from Whittington castle [which was soon besieged by Lewellyn.]
1223, An assize of darrein presentment between Robert le Vavassor, qu., and Fulk son of Warin, def. (S) Record Series, V85, 1933, P106.
10/9/1223, Fulk given full seizin of the land and castle of Whittington.
10/13/1225, Fulk pardoned an amercement of 5 marks imposed by the Justicies of the Forest.
Bef. 1/1226, Maud died.
1/1226, Theobald Walter suing William Pantulf and Hawise his wife for Norborough manor, Leicester; and suing Fulk fitz Warin for Edelinton manor, Yorkshire.
1226, Fulk married Angharad, d/o Madoc ap Griffin & Isota ?. [A letter from W. de Lascy to Hubert de Burgh urged the marriage.]
9/1/1227, King Henry III granted to Fulk fitz Warin an annual fair at Cheping-Lamborn manor in Berkshire.
1228, Attorney of Peter son of Herebert against Fulk son of Warin, concerning the manor of Stanton, Wilts. (S) Annual Rpt. of the Dep. Keeper, 1862, P50.
4/1229, Fulk fitz Warin in a lawsuit with Philip de Burwardsley; and suing Peter fitz Herbert for half the manor of Staunton, Wiltshire [which he won].
10/3/1229, Fulk fitz Warin at the King’s court at Westminster.
1/15/1230, Gift to Fulk son of Warin and his heirs of the king’s park of Aleweston, in agumentation of the land which he holds of the king in Aleweston. (S) CChRs.
4/20/1230, Fulk at Portsmouth embarking with King Henry. King Henry, with his brother Richard, Earl of Cornwall, and with the help of Mauclerc, Count of Brittany, invaded Brittany in hopes of recovering Normandy. They established their camp at Nantes, and captured a small castle.
10/1230, King Henry abandoned his invasion and returned to England.
4/1231, Fulk involved in a plea. (S) The King and His Courts, Turner, 1968, P152.
2/4/1233, Fulk fitz Warin gave the king 600 marks for the custody of the lands and heirs of William Pantulf.
5/15/1234, Fulk required to provide a knight for foreign service to aid the Earl of Bretagne.
12/24/1234, Fulk fitz Warin’s founding of Alberbury priory, Shropshire, confirmed by King Henry.
1236, Philip de Burwardesley holds two carucates in Ashley of Fulk fitz Warin by the rent of a soar hawk yearly. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, 1909, P251.
7/26/1236, Fulk appointed an arbitrator of the truce in Wales between King Henry and Lewellyn.
11/9/1236, Association of … and Henry de Audithelegh with Hervey de Stafford and Fulk son of Warin to receive and make amends for attacks committed in the time of the truce between the king and L. prince of Abberfrau. (S) CPRs.
1237, Fulk fitz Warin guardian of Maud Pantulf [his granddaughter], heiress of Wem, accounted to the crown of the year and waste.
3/8/1238, Fulk summoned a great baron to Oxford to consult with King Henry about Lewelly and his son David.
By 1241 Fulk died.
(S) Hist. of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster, V5, 1893, P295. (S) Life of James Duke of Ormond, Carte, 1851. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V7, Eyton, 1858.

Family notes:

·         1170, Fulk’s grandfather of the same name died.
·         1176, Fulk’s father Fulk amerced for forest-trespass.
·         11/6/1194, Hawise de Dinant names her husband as Fulk fitz Warin, and Hugh de Plugenai names his wife as Sibil in a mort d’ancestre.
·         Robert le Vavasour, s/o William le Vavsour.
·         1197, Robert Vavasour deputy sheriff of Theobald Walter.
·         Maud de Valoignes d/o Theobald de Valoines, Lord of Parham.

Child of Theobald and Maud:
i. Theobald le Botiller (94559106), born ~1195 in England.

[Multiple genealogies; one giving this Theobald as a nephew of the above Theobald.]

Child of Fulk and Maud:
i. Fulk Fitz Warin (47281870), born ~1215 in England.