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G28: 243394000 ApGruffydd-Gwynedd

243394000. Owain-Cyfeiliog ap Gruffydd  & 243394001. Gwenlian verch Owain-Gwynedd

Bef. 1128, Owain born in Wales, s/o §Gruffudd ap Maredudd.
1128, Owain’s father died; his uncle Madog ap Maredudd succeeding.
~1145, Gwenlian born in Wales, d/o 79958920. King Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd & 486788003. Christina verch Goronwy.
1149, Madog ap Maredudd gave Cyfeiliog to his nephews Owain Cyfeiliog and Meurig. [Near the end of the year.] Owain’s share of his inheritiance formed the principality of southern Powys, later called Powys Wenwynwyn.
1153, owain attacked by Rhys ap Gruffydd.
1156, Owain freed his brother Meurig ab Gruffydd who was  being held captive at Maelor. [Owain either wrote, or had written by the court poet, “The Drinking Horn of Owain”, the story of this raid.]
1160, On the death of Madog ap Maredudd, Owain, holding Cyfeiliog, became the ruler of most of southern Powys.
1162, Howel ab Leuaf of Arwystli invaded the cantref of Cyfeiliog and captured Tafalwern castle.
1162, Owain invaded Arwystli, defeated Hywel, and rebuilt Talfolwern Castle. (S) Domen Fawr, Tafolwern.
1163, Owain joined with Owain Fychan [his cousin, s/o Madog ap Maredudd] to capture and destroy the royal castle of Carreghofa.
1165, Owain allied with other Welsh princes under Owain Gwynedd against the expedition into Wales by the English in the Berwyn area.
1166, Owain joined with Owain Fychan to drive Iorwerth Coch from Mochnant, which they divided between them.
1167, Owain was again a supporter of English rule.
1167, Owain attacked by Owain Gwynedd and Rhys ap Gruffydd who seized the commote of Caereinion [which Owain soon regained with the help of the English.]
1170, Owain established the Cistercian monastery of Strata Marcella. (S) Sheriffs of Montomeryshire, Lloyd, 1876, P362.
1173, Owain supported English activities in the area. [Rebellion was widespread because of the rebellion of the sons of King Henry.]
1177, Owain attended King Henry of England’s council at Oxford.
1188, Owain excommunicated for failing to support the 3rd crusade. [Owain refused to Baldwin, archbishop of Canterbury, in his recruiting in Wales.]
1195, Owan gave up rule to his son Gwenwynwyn and retired to the abbey of Strata Marcella.
1197, Owain-Cyfeiliog ap Gruffydd, Prince of Powys died; buried at Strata Marcella.
(S) Medieval Wales, Walker, 1990, P91. (S) History of Wales, V2, Lloyd, 1912. (S) Welsh Biography Online.

Family notes:

·         Gruffudd ap Maredudd, s/o Maredudd ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn & Hunydd verch Eunydd.
·         Owain married 2nd a d/o Rhys ap Gruffydd.

Child of Qwain and Gwenlian:
i. Gwenwynwyn ap Owain-Cyfeiliog (121697000), born ~1160 in Wales.