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G29: 319832116 Moreville-Beauchamp

319832116. Hugh de Moreville & 319832117. Beatrice de Beauchamp

Hugh from Morville, near Valognes, Normandy.
1115, Hugh attached to the court of David, Earl of Cumberland.
1116, Hugh a witness to the “Inquisitio Davidis” relating to the see of Glasgow.
Hugh married Beatrice. (S) The Scottish house of Roger, Rogers, 1875, P9.
Aft. 1123, Charter of Thirlestane granted by Hugh de Moreville to Elsi (Aelfsige), son of Winter, in exchange for his lands of ‘Newintonia’ for the yearly payment of 3 marks, excepting the foreign service that pertains to the king.
1131, Hugh a land proprietor of Huntingdon, Northampton, and Rutland, excused from the payment of “Danegeld”. His name immediately follows that of King David in the pipe rolls.
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.
1139, A son of Hugh de Moreville, the constable, with 4 other sons of Scot leaders were sent to King Stephen as hostages associated with a peace agreement with King David.
Bef. 11/1140, Hugh appointed constable of King David and received a fief at Lauderdale.
1140-1151, Bishop Robert of St Andrews announces an agreement between the mother church of Ednam and the chapel of Longnewton, made before him and Hugh [de Moreville] the constable.
1140, Hugh, Constable of Scotland, supported King David in an [unsuccessful] attempt to impose on the church of Durham a Scotch clerk as Bishop.
11/1/1140-6/12/1152, Hugh the perambulator of a grant of King David to St. Mary’s abbey at Newbattle.
1141, Hugh de Morville granted the barony of Appleby, Westmorland during King David’s Scottish occupation of northern England. (S) Medieval Scotland, Barrow, 1998, P90.
1150-1152, Hugh and wife Beatrice founded the Premonastratensian abbey of Dryburgh on the Tweed.
11/10/1150-6/12/1152, Henry, earl of Northumbria, has granted donations of alms in Dryburgh, which Hugh de Moreville and Beatrice de Beauchamp gave to Dryburgh Abbey.
11/11/1150-1159, Robert, bishop of St Andrews, declares that he has received Dryburgh Abbey, which Hugh de Moreville has founded, in full blessing of St Andrew and himself, and has granted, at request of Hugh, all alms and donations which he and Beatrice de Beauchamp, his wife, have assigned and given.
Bef. 5/24/1153, B[eatrice] de Beauchamp notifies her lord, David, king of Scotland, his heirs, and Richard de Moreville her son and all his heirs, that she has given and granted to Dryburgh Abbey the church of Bozeat (Northants), her free dowry.
5/1153, Malcom IV succeeded as King of Scotland.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
1158, Hugh de Moreville and his son Hugh de Moreville both witness a charter of King Malcolm of Scotland. (S) Notes & Queries, White, 1870, P158.
1162, Hugh died as a monk at Dryburgh; his son Richard succeeded him as Constable of Scotland.
(S) Court, Household and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) People of Medieval Scotland.
Family notes:
·         Hugh had lands at Bozeat, Northamptonshire, and Whissendine, Rutland.

Children of Hugh and Beatrice:
i. Richard de Morville (159916058), born ~1120 in Cumberland, England.
ii. Malcom de Morville, born ? in England.

1174, Malcom was killed in a hunting accident by Adolph de St. Martin. The St. Martin family made a significant gift to a church of the Morville family to atone for the death. [Malcolm buried in Leicester abbey.]

iii. Johanna de Morville, born ? in England.

Johanna married Richard de Germin.

iv. Hugh de Morville (94564646), born ~1135, in England.
v. Ada de Moreville (243396617), born ~1140 in England.

vi. Maud de Morville (39979281), born ~1145 in Scotland.